Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How to connect to your astral body

Many people on Earth want to experience the high realms and connect to the high light of the cosmos. There are some people who are following unnatural practices that does not bring peace  and unity with their whole being. These practises can encourage them to enter in a maze and experience illusionary growth. This type of growth may seem powerful at first but soon you realise that it is a house of cards like most illusionary beliefs and structures. 

If you are in a maze you can not connect to the light of your being and you can not connect to the high light of the cosmos. First you need to observe yourself, observe your current state, thoughts, actions, beliefs, intention and ways to create your life. A deep observation will help you see if fears and limitation are creating your path or it is the light, the truth and the divine plan that is inviting you to experience an effortless flow. 

Purify from imbalances and diving into your being to connect to your light will be the next step. Creating a space of peace and focusing on truth are steps towards your purpose. When you whole being is focusing on experiencing your divine plan, the connection with the astral body becomes an open path. If you are able to connect to the light within your being you are able to connect to your astral body because it is the same energy. Purification and growth will lead you to experience the beauty of Earth and the creative powers of the cosmos.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Wisdom Of Thoth: The separation and unity of masculine and feminine energies

God Thoth was asked, if one reincarnates as a man will he come back as a man in his next reincarnation. He explains the division and the unity of the masculine and feminine energies in the astral and physical plane. People on Earth have the tendency to classify, divide and emphasise what they understand as opposites. Freedom means that you are not attached to a certain persona including the masculine and feminine energies.

In the astral plane, beings can have feminine or masculine energies as well as the combination of both. Beings that are evolved can produce and transmit different types of energies, masculine or feminine. The high gods have experienced a unity between the two. This unity helps them to create energetic structures and connect to all creation. The polarity between feminine and masculine is experienced by all beings and part of their growth is to achieve unity.

A being that has one type of energy is limited; he is more a carrier of light than a creator. On Earth there is a clear distinction between masculine and feminine and this is demonstrated not only energetically but also in the physical body. People on Earth have the tendency to classify, divide and emphasise what you understand as opposites. So a man has a different look, way of thinking, behaviour, aspirations and life style than a woman. There are certain rules of contact for men and others for women. You also have the ideal man and the ideal woman prototypes. I will encourage the people of the Earth to be open to masculine and feminine energies because their unity will give you the knowledge to become a creator.

I was asked if one reincarnates as a man will he come back as a man in his next reincarnations. It all depends on your growth and evolution. There are astral beings that have masculine energies and reincarnate as a man in order to maintain balance. Other times, an astral being that is starting to merge feminine and masculine energies, may need to reincarnate and have a different sex than in previous incarnations. This may help the being to adjust to new energies and achieve a better union. All beings have a unique path and the astral plane is created to offer countless growth opportunities. Other times your reincarnation depends on your connection with your spirit guides. They are the ones who provide you with a life plan and clarify your purpose and tools. Freedom means that you are not attached to a certain persona including your masculine or feminine attributes. Where there is opposition there is also separation and fragmentation and the purpose of all beings is unity.

Monday, 27 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How can we connect to Earth?

Many people want to connect to Earth, receive her healing and be part of her purpose and growth. But then many of their thoughts and actions turn them against this connection. The mind will explain this as an impossible task; I do not not know how; I do not have time; I need to focus on some important issues now; others do not appreciate my ability to connect to Earth so it will not make me popular; connecting to Earth is not an important skill for growth and advancement. 

The mind can create all these and many more distractions to take you away from your path and purpose: connecting to Earth is your purpose. Some of you may ask how can I achieve this if I am distracted by every day patters that although seems to be important, they are diversions from my truth and purpose. You can connect to Earth if you are able to connect to your whole being and understand that your life form is extension of Earths life form. For this to happen you have to dive into the greatness of your being. 

Loving yourself and healing yourself are qualities that you are going to develop when you are connected to your being. When you make this your every day experience, you will be able to observe your connection with Earth. You can energetically connect to Earth wherever you are and this connection happens when you connect to your own being and see yourself as an open space of countless opportunities of growth. Your physical body can be healed when is connected to Earth's physical body. When you live close to Nature, observe Earth's cycles of growth, plant seeds and nourish your physical body with Earth's creative force will help you to purify your life from every day tasks and patterns that take you on a diversion and align your whole being with Earth's growth.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Galaxies

Human beings use the five senses to define and experience the world around them. If they were able to see beyond Earth and galaxy formations then they could understand that the physical body is a microcosm of the cosmos. There are countless galaxies joined together, affecting each other's growth and their movement is synchronised similarly to the movement in your own body and its organs. 

The movement of a single planet supports the movement of all united galaxies. If you were able to see this then you will experience the unity and the movement, bringing life to countless points of cosmic energy. Some of you may ask what is the purpose of this movement? It is the movement of life, growth and rising towards the cosmic purpose. It is a way to attract the cosmic light which is the intention of our Source. It is also a way to support life within the unity of galaxies and the cosmos. Earth’s energies support her movement and unity with other planets in the galaxy. The sun is a high point of energy that guides, nourishes and supports movement and life. When a planet no longer connects to the sun then there is no life in it. All planets that coexist with Earth and move together in a celestial sun dance are living beings that grow and evolve.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Wormholes and Star Gates of Light and Energy

When you allow your own energies to move in your body you will experience purification. Energy is always connecting us to other beings, planets and planes; we have to be in unity with the cosmic light in order to achieve growth and evolution. It is not good enough to stay alive; our main purpose is to grow and with our growth will affect the cosmos.
Everything that exists is light and energy and is constantly moving within the being, within the aura of a being, connecting to other beings, planets, planes and the cosmos. This is how we describe life, a constant flow of energy. Energy is moving in a circular motion and there is a certain pattern that is followed in order to maintain life and growth. When energies are moving in one’s body are clearing, purifying old blockages and imbalances and rejuvenating the body. Energy is always connecting you with other beings, planets and planes and this is because without unity we cannot achieve growth and evolution. 
It is not good enough to stay alive, your main purpose is to grow and with your growth you affect the cosmos. The energy in you creates channels of communication, you can visualise them as tunnels of light, similar to star-gates that exist on different locations on planet Earth. As energy flows from one being to another, it enables communication and connection and with this you exchange energy which is very important for your growth. If people on Earth want to experience an accelerated growth and fulfil their purpose, they have to allow their energy to connect them too many energetic fields not only on Earth but also in the astral plane.
This connection can take many different forms. The energy that flows in you creates a space of connection, a gate, that the energy of other beings can enter. This exchange of energy is going to affect the two bodies, they will experience a flow of two energies moving together and there is a possibility that it will expand to the aura and be shared by others. Another connection can be with your astral body.
Energies form the astral body can flow to your physical body and this can offer guidance, purification and acceleration of growth. Do not forget that the light that you receive is generated in the high planes and travels to the whole creation through different connections and finally reaches you and gives life. If you are a being that your light can connect not only to people around you but can travel through different planes then you are a master and a creator. The energetic points in one’s body as well as the points of the energetic fields of planets and different planes can all be seen as gates of light and energy.
The people of Earth are not aware of the different star gates, entrance points on Earth because they are not third dimensional areas. They are high dimensional areas regulated by the high beings who work for Earth’s stability and growth as directed by the high gods. There are different types of star gates, some of them are divine creation and others were built by beings from other planets who wish to visit Earth. The star gates created by the gods are placed on important points of the Earth’s grid and this corresponds on the star gates on different planets and galaxies. These entrances form an energetic shape which works as a magnet for constant energy flow and balance. The star gates which were created by beings they can be found in secret locations in the physical plane as well as in different planes which mirror the physical Earth. These star gates connect different geographical points on Earth as well as places on other planets and other dimensions.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

What is Pantheon of Aeternam?/ Membership

Pantheon of Aeternam was created in 2014 by Barbara and Robbert-jan. Our unity has supported our project and offered great healing to both of us. We both came from very different backgrounds and we miraculously connected. It happened naturally that we connected to the light of Thoth and this great force helped us to heal and understand our path. We know our purpose now and this is to connect to the light of Thoth and spread it to Earth and humanity. This will trigger purification, growth and transformation for all humanity.
What is Pantheon of Aeternam?
At first Pantheon of Aeternam was our sacred place to connect to the light of Thoth, receive guidance and healing. We received teachings, we were able to communicate, asking questions about our own growth as well as many other subjects such as cosmic wisdom, the purpose, growth and transformation of Earth and humanity. The connection with the energy of Thoth became stronger We needed to purify and grow in order to support each other and start working on a project.
We were instructed to create Pantheon of Aeternam, teaching humanity unity and truth.
Our work is to connect with humanity and with their light, clear all illusion and fragmentation and restore the peace that once existed on Earth during the golden era. Humans need to know how Earth was created and what her purpose is. We are all linked with Earth’s growth and it is important to unite in order to save the planet and her whole creation
How do we receive teachings?
We do not perform any rituals, we do not connect to Thoth certain times/days in a certain room or at a specific high energy spot.We do not use crystals, we do not draw symbols. We are a pure channel of Thoth’s energy and the connection is instant, direct and can take place any time whenever want to offer healing and knowing to Earth and humanity.There is no secret knowledge to be kept for the selected few. All wisdom is revealed to all who are interested in becoming truth. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man- made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods of the pleroma. We want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants. We want to inform people about the creation of planet Earth and her full story of her creation and growth which was hidden for thousands of years. The teachings of gods will help humanity to connect to the Earth’s energies, be part of the planet and live in harmony with all species. We all have to support Earth and restore her to the most graceful expression of herself, her golden age.
There is a divine plan and a high project of creation which involves the cosmic creative force and humanity and Earth. What we try to accomplish is the coming of a new golden era on Earth. With our teachings we want to restore truth and freedom and bring high growth for all human beings and their mother Earth. Human beings need to know about the distortion on Earth that breeds illusion, artificiality and fragmentation. We have to learn to exist in a space of unity; act with purity and focus on growth. Disconnect from illusionary thoughts, expectations and ideals allow healing to enter our being. This can be achieved when people go through a process of purification and transformation.

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Religion, a propaganda tool

In this teaching, Thoth speaks about religions and their use as a manipulation tool and a space of non-growth.

All religions were invented as a political, financial and propaganda tool. Organised religion is not focusing on spirituality and advancement instead they want to control and manipulate the mind, the body and the energy of the masses. All religious books consist of some truth even though they are predominantly fictional stories often irrelevant to the teachings and the historical characters.

All ancient teachings were written symbolically as well as literally and they all contain many layers of understanding and hidden esoteric knowledge. The bible is divided into two parts: the Old Testament and the new. The New Testament is written in a much later date and it was a text which contained hidden occult knowledge but it was mainly used to establish Christianity as the new religion in the west. The religion of Christianity was already formed when the New Testament was written. The Old Testament is a collection of historical and legendary facts and covers a period of thousands of years. If you are looking for truth, the Old Testament stands in a better place than the New Testament. However, the text of the Old Testament has been also misinterpreted; parts of it were lost and additions were made to promote the establishment of that time.

The trinity of Jesus father and Holy Spirit is not your weapon to achieve enlightenment. It is more a concept, a story, followed by many. Christianity, a man made religion, has used the idea of trinity as a symbol to represent certain truths related to the story of a new testament. The purpose of all religions is not holy or sacred and does not support cosmic truth. The Old Testament contains writings from many different authors who were active during a period of thousands of years.

These writings were diaries and included historical as well as spiritual events including contacts with higher beings. They have not survived complete and when they put together in one book there were altered and misinterpreted to feed the social and political structure of the time. Furthermore the writing of the ancient people can be taken literally and metaphorically at the same time. In other words a single sentence has many meanings and reveals many truths if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.