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Dale Decker: The Laya-Centers or "Invisible Passages"

The Laya-Center is the absolute point (or boundary) where substances and forces are dissolved which pass through a portal or channel which serves as an entry way for substances and forces as it leaves a higher plane to enter a plane below it. It also serves as an exit way for substances and forces on the lower plane below the Laya-Center to leave or dissolve to return to the higher plane above the Laya-Center. The Laya-Centers are the disappearing points that serve as circulation channels for the different states of matter and their accompanying forces in which all things are apart of, they act like points of communication between two different states of substance which are like worlds within worlds. The Laya-Centers are not certain locations that crop up here and there as physical locations because they are not composed of physical substance in which we perceive with the five senses. Laya-Centers exist all around us and within us in which atoms and molecules that make up the physical substances around us and within us are constantly passing back and forth through at all times.

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So we have a constant circulation that takes place between the planes and we can perceive this (circulation) with the limited senses (if we are trained to) when the forms of life we are surrounded by pass through the cycles of life and death (a good observation to make) when the forces and substances that compose living beings are brought into existence, to thrive, ripen, and then fade away. The matter and energy of inorganic and organic forms on the physical plane as we know it has come from another state of perception or plane that is not apart of our physical perception (but yet exists simultaneously with the physical plane) in which it enters are field of the physical senses for a certain period and then returns from whence it came. It escapes our perception as it passes through the portal (or boundary) that connects the lower with the higher plane (or the outer with the inner) which is the Laya-enter. The occult student who knows these most sublime processes of natures circulation and transformation of matter and forces on other levels of perception is quite aware that he or she possesses a consciousness that can be guided by their own will-power and imagination (which are the genuine tools of occultism whose mysteries still lie concealed from the masses of present day humanity). They learn to utilize and transfer their consciousness through a Laya-Center and take their perception from the physical plane, pass through its etheric boundaries to plunge it into the astral plane or even go further into more subtle planes that resides within their own inner beings.

When consciousness passes through a Laya-Center (and into the astral plane) a new perception arises which is at the level of the soul with its inner perception, within its own world which is not limited like in the physical world of the five senses. With this process(which is so little understood by the masses of humanity who are constantly passing through a Laya-Center while they sleep to enter the dream world) the student learns to pass back and forth through the Laya-Center that reside within their own beings-they leave the exterior world of the senses through the Laya-Center within their own beings and enter their interior which is the transferral or circulation of consciousness through the channel (Laya-Center, portal, boundary, zero-point, doorway, disappearing-point, etc, etc,.) that connects different levels of perception. When the student learns and masters the occult arts of using their will-power and imagination to actually feel and touch things spiritually with their spiritual hands without actually seeing them with their spiritual eyes they will be ready to fall into an interior darkness of the inner being where the Laya-Center awaits and acts like a magnet that is ever ready to pull the consciousness further away from the physical plane. They are drawn toward the inner portal or invisible doorway which is the Laya-Center (whose boundary stretches across the entire universe and all that it contains) that leads to the astral plane where consciousness becomes conscious of the astral life(in all its subtle splendour) for a temporary period or for as long as the student desires either to master this type of perception or to achieve a personal goal which serves the self and others in a benevolent way. Once these great tasks are fulfilled and the student becomes ready consciousness leaves or dissolves on the astral plane which is swiftly directed back through the Laya-Center to have it return once again to the physical plane with its five sense impressions. This process teaches the student that there is no separation between the inner and outer selves and worlds as they are bound by the Laya-Center that joins them.

Laya is a Sanskrit word which means to dissolve and this is what the occult student learns to master-to dissolve one state of perception to enter another and then travel full circle and dissolve this perception to return to the one left behind and carry on with life (within all its different levels of perception) in this great world of becoming.

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