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Wisdom of Thoth: The Creation of Earth & How did humans come to Earth?



                              Taken from Fountain source of high wisdom, The sacred book of Thoth

This teaching offers a detailed account of Earth’s creation and the golden era. 

In this teaching, Thoth explains that initially Earth was not created for low vibrational being such as humans; it was the home of the gods, their helpers and other high beings. For the creation of planet Earth, the gods worked, forming the astral substance and maintaining her movement or rotation. Before the creation of Earth there were many imbalances which affected many planets of the galaxy. Some of them went out of rotation and balance, others moved away and others were completely destroyed. 

We wanted to create a planet that is also a high creator god and has the ability to maintain and create life. This was our intention when we created Earth. At first, Earth was a planetary body with very few faculties. There was no life. Then we inhabited Earth's aura and from there we injected life in her. It was the light of our creator and source which came through us and spread on Earth, not only on the surface but also in the core and her aura.

Then we saw life emerging. Her alignment with the other planets was stabilised and her rotation was regular. Water started to cover big parts of the Earth and new life started to emerge first in the water. Volcanic eruptions took place due to extreme contrasts in temperature and the lava created the first fertile lands. All planets when they are first born have an enormous ability to create life on them and this is their survival mechanism. 

When the planet was fully grown we made her our residence. At this stage we intervened by helping and teaching Earth to create or we used our light to create on Earth and make it a proper home for the gods and their helpers. Many gods were involved in Earth's creation. In the beginning of the golden era, Earth was fully grown and was becoming a creator god as well as a high vibrational planet responsible for raising the vibration of the galaxy that she belonged to. The richness and variety of plants, animals and resources was enormous. Earth, during the golden age, was more powerful and full of life than any other time. The animal kingdom had a wide range of species of an immense number of forms. They were high vibrational beings and lived in perfect balance with their environment. The whole Earth was a civilisation created by the gods who lived on the planet. 

When the gods decided to leave and give Earth free will in order to become a high god, intelligent beings from different planets made their appearance. Many visitors were attracted to Earth's riches; some of them were low vibrational beings who were able to penetrate Earth's protection, land on the planet and create civilisations. These are your ancestors. High vibrational beings also remained on Earth and saw themselves as the guardians of the planet. They understood the divine logos related to Earth's creation, the planet's purpose and decided to stay there and become the link between gods and Earth. These beings moved to the hollow Earth and they are still the guardians of the planet. The other races remained on Earth, created civilisations and experienced chaos and evolution. 

Done by communication between God Thoth, Barbara & Robbert-jan Rozenkruis



                             Taken from Fountain source of high wisdom, The sacred book of Thoth

This teaching discusses the invasion that took place on Earth by beings of high and low energy. During the golden age, all beings, animals and plants lived in harmony with each other and stay connected to the energies of the planet. All beings contributed to the overall growth of the whole being, Earth. When the planet was colonized by the intruders, the balance and harmony on the planet were interrupted. Earth became a colony and the alien forces became the rulers.    

It was decided by the gods to create a barrier around Earth in order to keep low beings away. This was an energetic vibrational barrier which was visible and did not allow low vibrational beings to enter Earth. However, there were beings that were able to penetrate by cutting through the barrier. These were high dimensional beings that did not follow the gods' rules and as they penetrated the Earth’s atmospheres they made space for lower dimensional beings to enter and land on the planet. This is how it started and Earth was quickly colonised by many races; these are your ancestors.

During the golden age, the only beings who lived on Earth were the gods and their helpers who were demi-gods. All beings, animals and plants lived in harmony with each other. There was no competition; they did not have the feelings of survival and fear and enjoyed an undisturbed life cycle, a life without death. When these other beings colonised Earth, they did not respect the natural laws and did everything they could to sabotage them. In the beginning they were overwhelmed by the diversity of life that could be found on the planet. Soon they made a plan and tried to steal Earth’s riches. 

The news, that Earth was the most precious jewel of the galaxy, moved fast and many races decided to visit the planet. They tried to colonize the planet by using high technological weapons; the atomic bomb that was used in recent years was a primitive weapon in comparison with the weapons used then. Gods were concerned about the future of Earth.

Earth was going to be ruled by a portion of humanity that did not belong to her creation; there were not her children, there were simply her enemy. When you see people on Earth being brutally selfish and unkind do not be surprised. They came here to destroy the planet and her creation. They are trapped here on a planet that does not recognize them and does not want to feed them with the mother's energy. They are suffering too. They are suffering because their ancestors penetrated the godly atmospheres and came to loot the riches that were given to Earth by the gods.

Done by communication between Christian Rosenkreutz, Barbara & Robbert-jan Rozenkruis

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