Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wisdom of Thoth: Achieving unity & Earth’s life cycle

Achieving unity 

Earth was created to support the growth and evolution of energy systems in lower planes that are in a transition.
There were parts of the creation that existed in lower planes but were able to develop the ability to receive and transmit light. They were also able to go through a purification and transformation process they will be able to transform into a new being through a rebirth process. For this to happen higher beings or systems have to support and help the rebirth process to take place. This important duty was given to Earth and it was part of her divine plan. First we wanted Earth to become a creator of life that is never lasting and it is a reflection of cosmic creation. 
We wanted Earth to be a creator of high energies that can be attached to a physical body. This way Earth’s creation will experience high energetic structures as well as a physicality. When Earth is able to master creation then she will go on becoming a creator in other systems and other planes. This way she can support growth and evolution and bring the light of our Source to all planes. Earth’s divine plan that was designed by our Source exists and currently shows that Earth went on a diversion and because of this she was not able to fulfil parts of her divine plan. It is our responsibility to support Earth’s growth, connect her to the light and give the ability to her creation to purify and transform. This is why we are here now to help you understand the purpose of your reincarnation on Earth and our duty being the creators and life givers. Earth should not exist in fragmentation but in unity and this is what you all have to achieve in order to fulfil your purpose.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Earth’s life cycle 
There was a time that the inhabitants of Earth were connected to the planet and understood that if they accept themselves as Earth’s creation they will be protected and nourished by high energies. Earth was able to connect to the cosmos and the Source like all creator Gods and this way she was able to receive and transmit high energies in abundance. 
The first visitors understood this and connecting to Earth became their life purpose. When Earth became accessible to many visitors of lower planes, the balance and unity was weakened. There were destructions on the surface of the Earth which caused extreme phenomena to take place on the planet. The creation of Earth was significantly reduced and many parts of it could not be inhabited anymore. 
The planet is in balance when all elements co-exist in a harmonious way and allow creation to flourish. The only beings who remained on Earth after the destructions were the ones who were trapped on the planet and existed in very small groups. With the time they multiplied and were able to inhabit areas that could provide them with nourishment. They did not focus on their connection with Earth and did not understand that Earth was a creator God. Instead they asked for help to beings from other realms. They asked for protection support and to give them the opportunity to rule and conquer. Human beings did not see themselves as part of Earth’s creation but as the conquerers of a planet that lost her power and connection to the Source. This great fragmentation and separation has produced schisms and distortion. What you know as Earth’s history from your scientific and religious books is only as cycle of evolution that is coming to an end.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

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