Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wisdom of the Gods: Earth’s purification & Separation and polarity

Earth’s purification 
Earth has been going through a long process of purification which seems to be interrupted because of the great schisms that took place very long time ago. 
Our Source has allowed us to support Earth to complete her purification in order to transform to a goddess of high light and re-experience her golden era. You have to understand that Earth’s cycles of growth are much longer than what you experience as a human being on Earth and may take thousand of years. It is important that you are supporting Earth’s purification by receiving, transmitting cosmic light and teaching new generations to do the same. This way you will create a constant flow of energy between the cosmos and Earth which will support her growth and evolution. 
When humanity wakes up and is able to connect to the cosmos and become a transmitter and receiver of light, Earth will experience her connection to the Source and will follow the path of truth, leading to her purpose. When this happens all lower energies that are creating a low frequency matrix on Earth will have to be vanished and all human beings who are supporting this will eighter purify and grow with Earth or will will leave the planet. A high vibrational planet can not sustain fragmentation, distortion and destruction. 
Some of you are wondering about disasters such as earthquakes. These disasters are caused by the greed of human beings to posses more Earth’s resources. Certain human beings do not understand that Earth is not a possession that will bring them more wealth and power over humanity but she is a living goddess and a creator of life and was created according to cosmic laws and with the light of our Source. If human beings helped Earth to purify the whole planet could regain balance and what you call Earth disasters will occur to support growth; it will be an interaction between the inner core and the surface which will bring to Earth more abilities to create life. Humanity should wake up to this challenge, supporting Earth to transform and enter a cycle of growth.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam
Separation and polarity 

In lower planes, separation and polarity are apparent and are often viewed as natural laws. 
You understand yourselves being a single unit of physicality and energy that came to Earth to exist and function as one single being. This is happening because transformation and growth are not constant and the connection with the cosmic light does not always lead to transformation. Your understanding of higher planes and the beings who exist there is related to what you experience in your reality. You accept a masculine or feminine god with a physical form that is surrounded by physical objects or Earth like nature. You imagine that high beings have technology and physical needs as well as personality and character. The high gods of the pleroma are a unity that is able to connect to the source and brings its light to the cosmos. They can not be seen or touched; I can simply describe them as an unseen electromagnetic field who’s purpose is to create. This electromagnetic field does not experience creation by expanding but by connecting to the cosmos and transmitting light to it in order for the cosmos to expand. 
There are beings who exist in high planes and they are going into a transformation in order to connect to the gods’ energy field. These beings exist on a lower plane and have special duties; often they are the connectors that help the cosmic light to travel to all planes. The gods’ field can not be broken or altered; it is one being connecting to the source. When this takes place, the being becomes part of the source and as the cosmos is connected to the gods the whole creation becomes part of the source. I have to explain that everything that exists is created by the light of our source and this connection can not be diminished because if it does then life will stop. When the Gods connect to the source, all creation codes are being energised and the connection between the source and all beings in all planes becomes stronger. The creation gods are part of our source's existence and this is how all creation is connected to the high light and is able to transform.

Done by communication between Goddess Astaroth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

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This author has the ability to communicate, exchange energy between her and the gods and allow this energy to be transformed into information. She had the gift from birth because this was going to be her contribution to the plan of divine creation.
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We are the messengers of the Gods. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods Of the pleroma. And we want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of the earth and her inhabitants.

True self-value is linked to purity, the gathering and distribution of High Light, the knowing of your essence, your tools and purpose, the fight to complete the task given to you by the High Gods and the Divine Creator and if you exist on the Earth plane you have also to be tuned to the planet and its natural laws. All human beings are able to contribute to Earth’s energy. All human beings have the potential to acquire more light, connect to Earth’s and astral energies, experience the divine self and study mastery. All human beings have the basic tools which can help them to see themselves as part of the divine plan and creation and apply their individual qualities to support the divine plan.

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