Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How to connect to your astral body

Many people on Earth want to experience the high realms and connect to the high light of the cosmos. There are some people who are following unnatural practices that does not bring peace  and unity with their whole being. These practises can encourage them to enter in a maze and experience illusionary growth. This type of growth may seem powerful at first but soon you realise that it is a house of cards like most illusionary beliefs and structures. 

If you are in a maze you can not connect to the light of your being and you can not connect to the high light of the cosmos. First you need to observe yourself, observe your current state, thoughts, actions, beliefs, intention and ways to create your life. A deep observation will help you see if fears and limitation are creating your path or it is the light, the truth and the divine plan that is inviting you to experience an effortless flow. 

Purify from imbalances and diving into your being to connect to your light will be the next step. Creating a space of peace and focusing on truth are steps towards your purpose. When you whole being is focusing on experiencing your divine plan, the connection with the astral body becomes an open path. If you are able to connect to the light within your being you are able to connect to your astral body because it is the same energy. Purification and growth will lead you to experience the beauty of Earth and the creative powers of the cosmos.

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