Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: The connection between physical and astral body

Unity and growth shape the astral existence of all beings. Life on Earth is fragmented and offers limited growth. Beings are either asleep or confused and their existence is very problematic. There are more people on Earth who have started to wake up as the light of the gods is approaching the planet.

My children on Earth have started to wake up and they try to understand the connection between their physicality and their astral body. This shows that you have already started to understand the connection between the astral and the physical and you are looking for confirmation or a more comprehensive answer. Your astral body is the core of your being; it is the plane where most evolution is taking place. The astral plane is your home and there you spend the longest period of your existence. In that state you receive guidance from your higher-self and divine intervention from your creation code. Your astral body is aware of your purpose and growth cycles; cosmic truth and wisdom goes through the astral body in the form of energy and this is why it is in a process of constant purification and transformation. Unity and growth shape the astral existence of all beings. Life on Earth is fragmented and offers limited growth. Beings are either asleep or confused and their existence is very problematic.

The time has come that people on Earth have to wake up and connect to their astral body. This connection is necessary in order to unblock the path of light which will allow growth on the physical plane. If Earth did not suffer from fragmentation and distortion, human beings will naturally be able to connect to their astral body and experience part of the growth that takes place there. The physical body is a lower vibrational reality and is unable to grow to the same degree as the astral body. When you connect to your true-self on Earth you connect to a lower form of your astral body. Your astral body exists in you; you can always experience an expression of it in your physical plane and you are affected by its growth. You are one with your astral body and all the other parts of your being are connected to form one unit of light. You are light which we also call energy and because you exist in a multidimensional space, this unit of light takes many forms in different realms simultaneously.

Your being is a sea of light expanding from continent to continent but it is also a single drop. This is the greatness of our source able to create many levels of growth and evolution. Accepting your multidimensional self it is a step towards growth. Now we want you to live as a multi-dimensional being and experience life on Earth connecting your physicality with your astral growth. When you take this route you will feel the detachment from all artificiality and you will gain strength and knowledge beyond boundaries. Your connection with your astral body will start to be established and clarity will take over confusion and limitation. If you wish to be a child of Thoth you have to focus on this connection and make it possible for you and others.

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