Sunday, 3 May 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Discovering Ancient Civilizations

Human beings want to know about their ancient history and the different civilisations. They think that they can understand this by observing the surviving monuments and other objects that can be found and stored in museums. Human beings also trying to understand these old civilisations by studying the mythology and certain symbolic depictions or ancient doctrines that were produced many years later. The conclusions made by your historians and archaeologists are often misleading because most of the true evidence is lost or misinterpreted. A great way to connect to ancient civilisations is by connecting to the energies of the Earth, traveling and making roots in the places where the human civilisation flourished.Earth will teach you about her past and the past of humanity and will allow you to enter previous life times and re-experience historical events, human behaviour, achievements and failures. For this to happen you have to become a pure channel of light and allow Earth to communicate with you, heal you and nourish you.You will allow Earth to receive your light, supporting her growth and as a reward you will receive Earth’s nourishment, knowing and healing. This connection will bring you closer to your purpose.

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