Sunday, 17 May 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: The coming of the golden Era (new teaching)

We are here to support Earth’s growth; help her to purify and heal schisms; become a true receiver and transmitter of cosmic light and experience creation in high planes. We want to give the same gifts to humanity. We want to enable you to receive and transmit light and be involved in Earth’s heeling and rebirth. At this time. you should prepare for an important role: opening up to the cosmic light, healing yourselves, connecting to your true self and purpose; these are your tools to help you accomplish your task. Many of you are not able to understand your task or see it as part of your growth. Illusionary ideas, needs and wants related to social success, recognition and status, take you away from your purpose. If you wish to start walking towards a fulfilled life, you have to connect to Earth and start an energetic communication with her. She is a creator-planet and she can teach you how to be the creator of your own life and fulfil your purpose. Allow the natural laws to bring balance in your life and you will soon disconnect from artificiality and illusion that exists around you. If you are not able to get nourishment directly from the Earth than you live a life of artificiality and you exist disconnected from her. Are you supporting people to grow? Are you able to receive and transmit light to humanity and Earth? Are you walking the path of truth and purpose, experiencing life on Earth as well as astral growth? This is a challenge for you; It is a challenge for humanity and Earth to fulfil their purpose and the coming of the golden Era.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

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