Saturday, 14 December 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: How can I experience my path?

People on Earth find it hard to clearly see their path and follow it. The true path is exists in them from the beginning of their reincarnation. When you have clarity and you are able to avoid all distractions and diversions you will be able the one follow the path that its starting point is at the core of your being. 

Some people may ask: if my path is already created how can I be a creator of my life? When you accept your path and you leave your space of confusion, you are creating a life of truth and growth. You are able to see the countless opportunities to help you fulfil your purpose and you make them your stepping stones to an effortless life. You are using your gifts, you develop your unique abilities in order to share your light, connect to Earth and support other people's growth. You see yourself as a part of a fast and powerful energy field were you constantly receive and transmit light. You are being that is fully supported and you support all life. This is what you will experience when you follow your path. 

If you are somebody who is currently looking at the crossroads not knowing what path to take, you should not follow other people's path thinking that this way you escape the inferiority, coming to a superior position. Do not follow people or paths that promise you illusion in a enlightenment package. You can only grow if you connect to the path that already exists in you and allow it to unfold. Your first experience will be to remain in a state of peace and start a process of purification leading to growth.

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