Thursday, 19 December 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Searching for high knowledge

Thoth teaches us that our most precious wisdom is our true-self and when we are able to make the connection the light of the cosmos will reach us in great abundance. It is the light of the gods that will bring the new golden era on Earth.

The light of the gods is now received by a number of people of Earth. We have started to 
plant our seeds of truth and as the seeds are growing, the people start wondering about their existence and purpose on Earth. When you are part of the illusion you cannot be happy or fulfilled. Therefore you are kept busy, fighting imaginary problems, needs, and going against your purpose. When one goes against his purpose it is like reaching a dead end. For your growth you have to follow one path and if you try to divert you are lost.
Truth and growth are connected to your path and you can only reach them if you follow your path. People who start to awake have many questions; they have an immense desire for learning and searching for truth. You may be attracted to different teachers, books and other sources of information. But I have to warn you that this can also be a diversion from your true goal which is your purpose.

The gods do not want to control your life. We do not want you to rely on us and accept our gifts passively. Our light will heal your blindness and wake you up to Earth’s true state but then it will be your task to go through a transformation and accept growth as a natural process. We share our light with all beings, this is our duty. But the process of growth depends on their efforts and understanding of the natural and cosmic laws. You have been created to produce and transmit light and you do this when you are connected to your true-self.

The search for high knowledge is another diversion from your true goal which is yourself and your growth. You growth is related to the way you experience life and your ability to create. If you are looking for inspiration you have again to look at yourself. It should be very interesting to study everything that you are and what you can be when you are free. You should have great desire to know your tools and qualities and how you can use them to fulfil your purpose and support others. The most precious hidden truth is your true- self. When you master this then the light of the cosmos will reach you in great abundance and you will become enlightened. It is the light of the gods that will bring the new golden era on Earth.

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