Saturday, 21 December 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Religion, a propaganda tool

In this teaching, Thoth speaks about religions and their use as a manipulation tool and a space of non-growth.

All religions were invented as a political, financial and propaganda tool. Organised religion is not focusing on spirituality and advancement instead they want to control and manipulate the mind, the body and the energy of the masses. All religious books consist of some truth even though they are predominantly fictional stories often irrelevant to the teachings and the historical characters.

All ancient teachings were written symbolically as well as literally and they all contain many layers of understanding and hidden esoteric knowledge. The bible is divided into two parts: the Old Testament and the new. The New Testament is written in a much later date and it was a text which contained hidden occult knowledge but it was mainly used to establish Christianity as the new religion in the west. The religion of Christianity was already formed when the New Testament was written. The Old Testament is a collection of historical and legendary facts and covers a period of thousands of years. If you are looking for truth, the Old Testament stands in a better place than the New Testament. However, the text of the Old Testament has been also misinterpreted; parts of it were lost and additions were made to promote the establishment of that time.

The trinity of Jesus father and Holy Spirit is not your weapon to achieve enlightenment. It is more a concept, a story, followed by many. Christianity, a man made religion, has used the idea of trinity as a symbol to represent certain truths related to the story of a new testament. The purpose of all religions is not holy or sacred and does not support cosmic truth. The Old Testament contains writings from many different authors who were active during a period of thousands of years.

These writings were diaries and included historical as well as spiritual events including contacts with higher beings. They have not survived complete and when they put together in one book there were altered and misinterpreted to feed the social and political structure of the time. Furthermore the writing of the ancient people can be taken literally and metaphorically at the same time. In other words a single sentence has many meanings and reveals many truths if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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