Monday, 27 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How can we connect to Earth?

Many people want to connect to Earth, receive her healing and be part of her purpose and growth. But then many of their thoughts and actions turn them against this connection. The mind will explain this as an impossible task; I do not not know how; I do not have time; I need to focus on some important issues now; others do not appreciate my ability to connect to Earth so it will not make me popular; connecting to Earth is not an important skill for growth and advancement. 

The mind can create all these and many more distractions to take you away from your path and purpose: connecting to Earth is your purpose. Some of you may ask how can I achieve this if I am distracted by every day patters that although seems to be important, they are diversions from my truth and purpose. You can connect to Earth if you are able to connect to your whole being and understand that your life form is extension of Earths life form. For this to happen you have to dive into the greatness of your being. 

Loving yourself and healing yourself are qualities that you are going to develop when you are connected to your being. When you make this your every day experience, you will be able to observe your connection with Earth. You can energetically connect to Earth wherever you are and this connection happens when you connect to your own being and see yourself as an open space of countless opportunities of growth. Your physical body can be healed when is connected to Earth's physical body. When you live close to Nature, observe Earth's cycles of growth, plant seeds and nourish your physical body with Earth's creative force will help you to purify your life from every day tasks and patterns that take you on a diversion and align your whole being with Earth's growth.

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