Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Understanding love

Thoth teaches us that if we wish to explore love we have to start with loving ourselves and connect to our purpose and cosmic light. Thoth advises us not to love each other but to become one with each other because this is the cosmic law followed by all creation.

We want to educate people to make them understand the purpose behind the creation of Earth. There are forces on Earth who are trying to convince you that the present moment is the highest moment in history and as an example they use the achievements in technology and science. I can tell you that you are entering a new phase of what you call dark ages. You are losing your humanity and every single aspect of your life is going to be controlled and manipulated.

What you experience now is not evolution and advancement but another blindfold, another illness, another suffering. Soon you will be programed to have certain feelings, goals, aspirations; you lives will be programmed from birth and you will live the illusion created for you by others. Soon nobody will want to wake up and live a terrifying nightmare. The majority of people on Earth will have no option but give themselves up to the creators of their dream. The light that was given to us when our creation code was formed will be circulated in us. We generate, spread and multiply the light that was given to us by the creator. This is an important cosmic law which helps everything that exists to stay alive, evolve and connected with the rest of the creation and the creator itself. So as you can see we are all creators.

The seed which is able to transform to a plant and then take the form of a tall tree is also a creator. In your physical plane and specifically on Earth, you talk about love, heart connections and healing related to them. Love is not a Divine property. It is an emotion that is misleading and vague. Love is a primitive form of connection. If you accept yourself being a physical being experiencing the physical reality and nothing more, love is a great guide to a giving and receiving relationship. It is a challenge for humans to feel love for themselves because most of the times the understanding of love is related to a transaction and a deal making.

If you wish to explore love and you find yourselves going up the very first steps of perfection, you should consider loving yourselves. Your love should take you on a true discovery of your purpose and a true expression of your light. We are not going to advise you to love each other but to become one with each other because this is the cosmic law we all follow.

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