Monday, 11 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: The true-self

Many students of ancient wisdom have studied various teachings and followed different spiritual groups but they have not achieved to meet their true-self. If you are looking for truth, wisdom and growth, dedicate your time to purify yourself from all forms of illusion and take a close look at your true attributes, tools and purpose. When you experience purity in your life you will be guided to acquire a clear understanding of who you are.

The true-self is a flower and grows in your garden among other flowers. There are people who spend years looking for their true-self in books, media, ancient teachings from faraway lands, when all the time their true-self was a flower growing in their garden. Everybody can have access to their true-self because it is part of them. Why do people have the tendency to look for inner truth so far away from themselves? This is because they are looking with their eyes closed and in some cases they do not wish to find anything. 
Most people on Earth are very comfortable living the illusion. The illusion is very versatile; it can take many forms and encourages people to manipulate themselves and others.
We have people who understand that reaching to their true-self and purpose will bring them balance but because they are entangled with illusions will never find their truth. They can be great students of ancient wisdom, they may be involved actively in different spiritual groups as students as well as masters, they may choose spirituality as their life path but they will never meet their true-self. All of you who listen to my words and sincerely look for truth, wisdom and growth, dedicate your time to clean yourselves from all forms of illusion and take a close look of you with a vision of a pure being.

You cannot look at your true-self and think of ambition and profit; the eyes of ambition and profit can only lead you back to illusion. Giving titles to yourself and looking for recognition in the world of illusion is not an act of purity. Thinking yourself as superior makes you a creator of illusion. Following the path of others and disregard your own is the act of the blind and the deaf. Do not give away your ability for growth. Purify yourself, say no to illusion and help others to do the same by demonstrating your own purity. I bring good news to humans; the time has come and there will be more people who will receive and transmit truth.

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