Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Earth's purification process

When you connect to Earth, you can experience a feast of sensations, looking at beautiful lands, smell the flowers and trees, hear the natural sounds, taste the healing plants and fruit and touch countless textures in a form of a living being. You are very relaxed and content being in nature, you experience balance within your being, your mind is less active and you exist in unity with Earth and her creation. Earth has a great healing effect on you and this effect can be magnified if your are able to connect to her energies. You can connect to Earth's energies wherever you are. They blend with your aura, they supporting you and nourish you in a energetic level. This is happening because you are part of Earth's energy field and Earth is naturally supporting you to grow and receive the light of the cosmos. 
Everything that Earth creates are energy points in this field. Its core is in the inner Earth and spreads out to the surface and to the aura of the planet. All living beings are receivers and transmitters of light. This brings growth to Earth's field and support her abilities to create. 
Earth is going into a purification process and when this is completed the high energies of the core of the Earth will expand to her whole being and replace the low frequencies and the distortion. You are part of this purification process. Humanity has to connect to the light of the cosmos and this will open a channel for the high energies of the Earth to spread and heal all beings. You should focus on healing yourself, purify from imbalances and become a pure light, a perfect transmitter and receiver of light.

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