Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Wisdom Of Thoth: The downfall of Earth

Humanity is going towards a dark period of instability and suffering in many different levels. But this crucial time you will have the opportunity to escape from what is collapsing and go through a transformation which will bring truth and wholeness in your life. All Earth’s sufferings are caused by the high level of destruction and fragmentation. People who are giving up their power and stopping their growth are going to suffer from the imbalances in their body, mind and connections to the astral body and light. When you allow others to pollute you and you don’t react, you will have to face the consequences.
Nothing is safe when you, your family, friends and neighbours follow the path of illusion and insist on the new members of society to do the same. We are trying to warn you and give you a chance to escape what is coming to you. We want people to stand up and step back from the illusion. Connect with each other, support and teach each other truths and wisdom. If you have a better understanding about balanced life on Earth you have to share it with your friends and family. Truth can create miraculous bonds and everything will fall in its right place. We are here with you to support you. We want you to bring change to all people who connect with you and to others who don’t even know you.

Listen to me; I am not trying to entertain you. I am proposing a very important agreement with you. We all have to work against the illness that has taken over the Earth. We have to unite and connect to the light of our source which is the life giver. When you are connected to life you will wake up and look for truth which is a great tool for growth. Human beings are not aware that behind closed doors there are beings that are planning total destruction and they are convinced that the downfall of Earth is evolution. You are not going to make the plans reality by walking the path they have created for you. You must know that at the end of this path is the destruction of human race. We are calling you now and we are asking you to disconnect from all artificialities. Your true-self is precious and has the high light you seek; this is the only path for evolution.

In an ideal community people should not have to deal with schedules, diaries, daily tasks and appointment lists. In an ideal society you should be allowed to work the times that you are fully productive and have time to go through your own process of transformation and growth. When you undertake any type of work you should be prepared and well equipped to do it to a high standard.

An expression of distortion on planet Earth is when people are forced to perform certain tasks without support or preparation time. This leads to a poor performance which will affect the lives and work of all people connected to this one person. I also see on Earth that poor performance is the norm; perfection is unknown because people are behaving like surviving slaves. I want you to look at yourselves and observe the patterns I already mentioned in your life and the life of others. Are you in the right state to be perfect in what you do and be part of perfection? Do you understand perfection and how it is linked to your life and work? Can you see what is blocking you from escaping the survival mode and entering the creator state? What is the impact of your life style in you and the people close to you?
When you behave like slaves, you lose you humanity; the only way to freedom is through you. You have to remain a slave for your family, for social and financial success, to attract others, to follow what others do. 

They are people who think that being a slave will bring them freedom and happiness. The result of all this is an imbalanced life full of disease, confusion and dissatisfaction. You are diseased if you allow yourself to become a slave; your true nature and purpose is to be free and connect to cosmic laws. You can go against the plan of slavery any time you wish. You just have to wake up to the understanding that most people’s lives are formed by a contagious disease called illusion. You have the power to escape; remember that illusion has no life or true power over you. Now is the time that people on Earth have to take responsibility for their lives and wake up to a new and meaningful existence. If you are seeking enlightenment, fighting illusion is your first challenge.

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