Thursday, 14 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Perfect partners or twin flames.

All beings exist in unity in the cosmos. This how they grow, receive and transmit light and support life in our Sources creation. The cosmos consists of many energy fields of different sizes that can be seen as the microcosm within the macrocosm. Energy beings in the astral plane are connected to other astral beings and their energy field is part of a greater energy structure that supports and feeds from their light. When an astral being reincarnates on earth, his astral family reincarnates with him or her. The ones the remain in the astral plane they become the guide from the beings that choose to reincarnate. Your family members on earth, friends, partners or acquaintances carry the light of your astral family. One of you may ask: Why human beings can not find the right partner or what happens when one fields connected to another human being but the relationship does not work? Do not blame yourself and your connection to other human beings but you should look at the level of the distortion in your life and the life of your partner as well as your family and friends. 

When people focus on the persona, the ego and the social expectations the connection becomes blurry and distorted. When astral beings reincarnate on earth are lost in a jungle of illusion and if they accept this as truth they exist in separation from their purpose and the connection with the astral plane. This affects all aspects of their lives including their connection to other beings. Purifying yourself and clearing the distortion, will give you the opportunity to become a fertile land for growth, unity, transformation. The next step will unable you to become a creator of a joyful and effortless life of purpose and unity with your astral family on Earth as well as the rest of humanity.

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