Friday, 30 July 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The birth of a physical body and the creation of a multidimensional being

Having a life experience on Earth is a seed that goes through countless transformations and is supported by powerful creative forces that not only support its creation but they make a home in this new being. All creative forces that were involved in the creation of your being, exist in you and your whole being is a portal that leads to these powerful life-creators. The end of a life cycle that most human beings understand as the death of the physical body is a process of multiple transformations that lead to transition and purification. All creative forces that supported the birth are going to be present, designing the transition time. One of these forces is the light of your astral body, being supported by the light of the cosmos and empowering Earth's creative forces. The light within your being will be the one that will disconnect from the physical body and energy and allow them to reconnect to Earth and become a layer of her body. This is only one phase of the transition and purification and should be experienced as an effortless flow. All transformations and growth processes should be experienced as a constant and effortless flow that brings more expansion and creates more opportunities for new transformations. A human being should experience joy moving from one cycle of growth to another; even if the life flow takes to the end of a life cycle, joy should not end. This transition will be another wonderful transformation that will lead to another powerful unity and expansion that will grow between the cosmos and Earth

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The first phases of reincarnation

In the first phases of reincarnation, the astral light will enter the multidimensional space that unites Earth and cosmic existence and will support the creation of the physical body. The astral light meets with the powerful light of Earth and opens her up to her ability to create life. The astral light confirms Earth's creative abilities to initiate the formation of a physical body and an energy field around it. The core of the being is the multi-dimensional space that unites Earth and the cosmos; the residence of the astral light within the being. When Earth is called to create the physical body and energy field, she is aware of the being divine plan. She wants to create a physical body that is fully tuned and connected to its divine plan. The divine plan is carried by the astral light and exists in the core of the being. The core will go into processes of transformation and growth and create the truth of the being, its path, and purpose, and countless opportunities of growth and unity with all living beings. Earth will create a body that can carry all these gifts and much more. She will teach the body to a unique movement, an effortless flow that unites not only the parts of a being but all of Earth's creations. She will teach the body to recognize and stay open to receive nourishment as well as to create nourishment for others. Earth wants you to connect to the core of your being and experience the cosmic seed in you; the astral light and the wonderful gifts that are available to you, to support you reach the path of truth and the purpose in this lifetime.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Escape the mind, experience your multidimensional being

The cosmic light in your being is constantly reminding you that you are a multidimensional cosmic being that exists in many planes and experiences many life forms. This is the prime law of your existence that will shape and reveal to you all opportunities of growth and transformation available to you in this lifetime. Human beings who expect the mind to show them all truths exist in confusion and ignorance. They see their patterns of limitation being their path, their struggles are their strength, their doubts are inner calling and their wisdom is their fight to escape survival and confusion. Human beings who experience life in the mind are blocking all tunnels of communication with the light in the core. This limits their opportunities to experience life as a multidimensional being and explore the powerful gifts and abilities that can be stored in their multi-dimensional being. The different dimensional existences can be seen as a series of interconnected rooms. You can only explore these rooms if you empty yourself from the effect of the mind; release thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, expectations, patterns, limitations and the fear of failure. When you move away from the mind and enter the being, you will have to go through a process of purification. You will release the old obstacles and confusion and you will enter a pure and peaceful state that will naturally and effortlessly lead you to the light.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Dogmas and archetype behaviour

When we experience freedom then we can become the creators of our own life. Destroying our connection with the persona and the life style can help us discover our true-self. Structures are necessary when they support truth and growth for all. Do not look at social systems to help you support your evolution. We need communities where people are supported in their evolution, developing their skills, studying true methods and fulfilling their purpose. With our whole existence, we support and complement each other inventing new ways of transmitting and receiving energy. There is a miraculous way of living and this is being detached from beliefs, dogmas and archetypal behaviour. All the above have been created to help you focus and sustain a certain consciousness and life experience. We are asking you now to abandon and destroy the persona and the life style. Our aim is to give everybody the tools they need in order to paint their own authentic picture of themselves and let their true purpose be revealed. We want you to detach yourself from all that you are, right now and connect to your true-self, the one that is known to the masters and gods. For some, this may seem an impossible task because the physical reality has limited possibilities. Also it is very convenient for human beings to follow false securities and be part of false hierarchical structures. How will you feel if all society rules and expectations have no effect in your life? How can this change your life? Is it going to be a positive or a negative experience? Systems are very important when they support truth and growth for all. Your society needs to be organised differently. You need a new system where people are supported in their evolution, developing their skills studying true methods and applying themselves to high work. Nobody should be allowed to interrupt or destruct other people’s progress. Competition is pointless because everybody has their own task and has their own tools and skills. With our work we help and complement each other inventing new ways of transmitting and receiving information. Healthy society is the one which accepts all individual paths and tries to make connections in order to support every one of them. When the individual lives a happy and fulfilled life, being supported and given the opportunity to follow their path and reach their purpose, society expands and grows in balance with the rest of the creation. This is what I would like to give to you: the home of Thoth. (Fountain Source of High Wisdom Sacred Book of Thoth)