Monday, 27 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How can we connect to Earth?

Many people want to connect to Earth, receive her healing and be part of her purpose and growth. But then many of their thoughts and actions turn them against this connection. The mind will explain this as an impossible task; I do not not know how; I do not have time; I need to focus on some important issues now; others do not appreciate my ability to connect to Earth so it will not make me popular; connecting to Earth is not an important skill for growth and advancement. 

The mind can create all these and many more distractions to take you away from your path and purpose: connecting to Earth is your purpose. Some of you may ask how can I achieve this if I am distracted by every day patters that although seems to be important, they are diversions from my truth and purpose. You can connect to Earth if you are able to connect to your whole being and understand that your life form is extension of Earths life form. For this to happen you have to dive into the greatness of your being. 

Loving yourself and healing yourself are qualities that you are going to develop when you are connected to your being. When you make this your every day experience, you will be able to observe your connection with Earth. You can energetically connect to Earth wherever you are and this connection happens when you connect to your own being and see yourself as an open space of countless opportunities of growth. Your physical body can be healed when is connected to Earth's physical body. When you live close to Nature, observe Earth's cycles of growth, plant seeds and nourish your physical body with Earth's creative force will help you to purify your life from every day tasks and patterns that take you on a diversion and align your whole being with Earth's growth.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Galaxies

Human beings use the five senses to define and experience the world around them. If they were able to see beyond Earth and galaxy formations then they could understand that the physical body is a microcosm of the cosmos. There are countless galaxies joined together, affecting each other's growth and their movement is synchronised similarly to the movement in your own body and its organs. 

The movement of a single planet supports the movement of all united galaxies. If you were able to see this then you will experience the unity and the movement, bringing life to countless points of cosmic energy. Some of you may ask what is the purpose of this movement? It is the movement of life, growth and rising towards the cosmic purpose. It is a way to attract the cosmic light which is the intention of our Source. It is also a way to support life within the unity of galaxies and the cosmos. Earth’s energies support her movement and unity with other planets in the galaxy. The sun is a high point of energy that guides, nourishes and supports movement and life. When a planet no longer connects to the sun then there is no life in it. All planets that coexist with Earth and move together in a celestial sun dance are living beings that grow and evolve.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Wormholes and Star Gates of Light and Energy

When you allow your own energies to move in your body you will experience purification. Energy is always connecting us to other beings, planets and planes; we have to be in unity with the cosmic light in order to achieve growth and evolution. It is not good enough to stay alive; our main purpose is to grow and with our growth will affect the cosmos.
Everything that exists is light and energy and is constantly moving within the being, within the aura of a being, connecting to other beings, planets, planes and the cosmos. This is how we describe life, a constant flow of energy. Energy is moving in a circular motion and there is a certain pattern that is followed in order to maintain life and growth. When energies are moving in one’s body are clearing, purifying old blockages and imbalances and rejuvenating the body. Energy is always connecting you with other beings, planets and planes and this is because without unity we cannot achieve growth and evolution. 
It is not good enough to stay alive, your main purpose is to grow and with your growth you affect the cosmos. The energy in you creates channels of communication, you can visualise them as tunnels of light, similar to star-gates that exist on different locations on planet Earth. As energy flows from one being to another, it enables communication and connection and with this you exchange energy which is very important for your growth. If people on Earth want to experience an accelerated growth and fulfil their purpose, they have to allow their energy to connect them too many energetic fields not only on Earth but also in the astral plane.
This connection can take many different forms. The energy that flows in you creates a space of connection, a gate, that the energy of other beings can enter. This exchange of energy is going to affect the two bodies, they will experience a flow of two energies moving together and there is a possibility that it will expand to the aura and be shared by others. Another connection can be with your astral body.
Energies form the astral body can flow to your physical body and this can offer guidance, purification and acceleration of growth. Do not forget that the light that you receive is generated in the high planes and travels to the whole creation through different connections and finally reaches you and gives life. If you are a being that your light can connect not only to people around you but can travel through different planes then you are a master and a creator. The energetic points in one’s body as well as the points of the energetic fields of planets and different planes can all be seen as gates of light and energy.
The people of Earth are not aware of the different star gates, entrance points on Earth because they are not third dimensional areas. They are high dimensional areas regulated by the high beings who work for Earth’s stability and growth as directed by the high gods. There are different types of star gates, some of them are divine creation and others were built by beings from other planets who wish to visit Earth. The star gates created by the gods are placed on important points of the Earth’s grid and this corresponds on the star gates on different planets and galaxies. These entrances form an energetic shape which works as a magnet for constant energy flow and balance. The star gates which were created by beings they can be found in secret locations in the physical plane as well as in different planes which mirror the physical Earth. These star gates connect different geographical points on Earth as well as places on other planets and other dimensions.