Sunday, 18 July 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The first phases of reincarnation

In the first phases of reincarnation, the astral light will enter the multidimensional space that unites Earth and cosmic existence and will support the creation of the physical body. The astral light meets with the powerful light of Earth and opens her up to her ability to create life. The astral light confirms Earth's creative abilities to initiate the formation of a physical body and an energy field around it. The core of the being is the multi-dimensional space that unites Earth and the cosmos; the residence of the astral light within the being. When Earth is called to create the physical body and energy field, she is aware of the being divine plan. She wants to create a physical body that is fully tuned and connected to its divine plan. The divine plan is carried by the astral light and exists in the core of the being. The core will go into processes of transformation and growth and create the truth of the being, its path, and purpose, and countless opportunities of growth and unity with all living beings. Earth will create a body that can carry all these gifts and much more. She will teach the body to a unique movement, an effortless flow that unites not only the parts of a being but all of Earth's creations. She will teach the body to recognize and stay open to receive nourishment as well as to create nourishment for others. Earth wants you to connect to the core of your being and experience the cosmic seed in you; the astral light and the wonderful gifts that are available to you, to support you reach the path of truth and the purpose in this lifetime.

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