Thursday, 31 October 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Looking at the lives of the people of Earth

By reincarnating on Earth we are given space and resources to grow and in return we are here to provide energy for our own growth, Earth and our connections to all energetic points.
People’s life on Earth is quite different from region to region. Those who live in the big cities are easier manipulated and ready to live the illusion. Cities are made to trap people in a false reality: creating and depending on artificial needs; making life a consumer’s exercise; having no space to live and think freely; promoting slavery/work as the high success; having no access to food that grows locally; disguising limitation with choice. People who live in the city have a harder task to find their true purpose because they are constantly distracted by not only one but many layers of illusion. There are also people on Earth that they strongly believe that they are suffering. They want more money in order to buy more and this way they believe they will be happy. People’s desire for more goods is a disease created by living the illusion and accepting it as truth. Earth has enough food and shelter for all her children.

Earth can give you what you need to grow so why are you complaining? By reincarnating here you are Earth’s child and she can provide for you. She has given you space and resources to grow and you in return provide energy for yourself, your connections and the Earth. One important cosmic law is that we all receive and transmit energy in order to maintain balance in all levels of growth. This is why you have reincarnated on Earth, to be nourished by her energies and also to produce energy which will connect the astral and the Earth plane. Your teachers and leaders should have told you that instead of pushing you to live an artificial life of nothingness.

People who live close to Earth are able to fulfil their purpose. They have been connected to Earth’s energies, they are able to communicate with her and understand the signs, they see themselves as part of Earth’s creation and not as a Superior being and are free from illusion and artificiality. People from the cities enjoy philosophising; people who live close to Earth can only experience the miracle of creation. People in the cities try to eat healthy food; people who live close to Earth can only eat food that comes directly from the Earth. People in the cities make plans and schedules; the people who live close to Earth live in present time and because of that have more opportunities to grow. This is what I have observed looking at the lives of the people of Earth.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Astral families.

It is important for people on Earth to experience unity; unity within their being and unity with the people close to them and all humanity and Earth. Only when you fully experience unity, you are going to heal traumas that you share with family members. It is very common on Earth that people either follow blindly or they are in constant conflict. Both ways create schisms between you and your true purpose and they act as another diversion that takes you away from having a effortless and fulfilled life. One may say: "my family has caused so many problems, I am still suffering from what happened to me and I will never forgive them for this." You have to know that your family in this life time are the people that were chosen to be with you and you had also reincarnated together before. 

In the astral plane you are all light generators, you grow together and you maintain cosmic creation. In this life time, you are together again because you are going to share light with each other. You are going to heal trauma from previous lifetimes. You are going to connect to Earth and support her growth not as a single being but as an energy field; this energy field is part of a greater one that is generated by the whole humanity. You are part of countless micro and macro energy fields and creation structures. 

When you disconnect from distortion you will expience the flow of divine creation moving through all energy fields entering your being and purify your own micro systems of existence in order to move to other energy fields reaching your astral family that has reincarnated on Earth with you.Human beings have to stop generating distortion that affects family members. They have to stop allowing the mind to create patterns of hatred and distrust regarding family members. This is an important learning and can help you share light and become a healer of humanity. 
Done by communication between Thoth & and the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam.