Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Wisdom Of Thoth: The downfall of Earth

Humanity is going towards a dark period of instability and suffering in many different levels. But this crucial time you will have the opportunity to escape from what is collapsing and go through a transformation which will bring truth and wholeness in your life. All Earth’s sufferings are caused by the high level of destruction and fragmentation. People who are giving up their power and stopping their growth are going to suffer from the imbalances in their body, mind and connections to the astral body and light. When you allow others to pollute you and you don’t react, you will have to face the consequences.
Nothing is safe when you, your family, friends and neighbours follow the path of illusion and insist on the new members of society to do the same. We are trying to warn you and give you a chance to escape what is coming to you. We want people to stand up and step back from the illusion. Connect with each other, support and teach each other truths and wisdom. If you have a better understanding about balanced life on Earth you have to share it with your friends and family. Truth can create miraculous bonds and everything will fall in its right place. We are here with you to support you. We want you to bring change to all people who connect with you and to others who don’t even know you.

Listen to me; I am not trying to entertain you. I am proposing a very important agreement with you. We all have to work against the illness that has taken over the Earth. We have to unite and connect to the light of our source which is the life giver. When you are connected to life you will wake up and look for truth which is a great tool for growth. Human beings are not aware that behind closed doors there are beings that are planning total destruction and they are convinced that the downfall of Earth is evolution. You are not going to make the plans reality by walking the path they have created for you. You must know that at the end of this path is the destruction of human race. We are calling you now and we are asking you to disconnect from all artificialities. Your true-self is precious and has the high light you seek; this is the only path for evolution.

In an ideal community people should not have to deal with schedules, diaries, daily tasks and appointment lists. In an ideal society you should be allowed to work the times that you are fully productive and have time to go through your own process of transformation and growth. When you undertake any type of work you should be prepared and well equipped to do it to a high standard.

An expression of distortion on planet Earth is when people are forced to perform certain tasks without support or preparation time. This leads to a poor performance which will affect the lives and work of all people connected to this one person. I also see on Earth that poor performance is the norm; perfection is unknown because people are behaving like surviving slaves. I want you to look at yourselves and observe the patterns I already mentioned in your life and the life of others. Are you in the right state to be perfect in what you do and be part of perfection? Do you understand perfection and how it is linked to your life and work? Can you see what is blocking you from escaping the survival mode and entering the creator state? What is the impact of your life style in you and the people close to you?
When you behave like slaves, you lose you humanity; the only way to freedom is through you. You have to remain a slave for your family, for social and financial success, to attract others, to follow what others do. 

They are people who think that being a slave will bring them freedom and happiness. The result of all this is an imbalanced life full of disease, confusion and dissatisfaction. You are diseased if you allow yourself to become a slave; your true nature and purpose is to be free and connect to cosmic laws. You can go against the plan of slavery any time you wish. You just have to wake up to the understanding that most people’s lives are formed by a contagious disease called illusion. You have the power to escape; remember that illusion has no life or true power over you. Now is the time that people on Earth have to take responsibility for their lives and wake up to a new and meaningful existence. If you are seeking enlightenment, fighting illusion is your first challenge.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Disinformation on Earth about gods and Creation

In this teaching, Thoth explains the creation of Earth.

I am Thoth the god of wisdom, the great creator and the master of mysteries. I am here in front of you, sharing my light, which is my true essence. I am the highest god-creator connected to Earth’s birth and this is why I am here with you right now, trying to connect and through you establish a communication with Earth. All different beings have a unique energetic structure as well as purpose and the people of Earth have used symbolism and allegory to explain this. The messengers and wisdom keepers always used the bird as their symbol. I presented myself to the priests of antiquity as a being that had human and bird characteristics and they recorded that with great accuracy.

My helpers energetically resemble birds and this is because they are in constant transformation, receiving divine knowledge. My purpose is to constantly transcend to higher realms, reaching our source and become one of its greatest helpers. Birds do not have a life on the surface of the planet or underground but they fly in higher spheres. It seems that they are not affected by the limitations of physical space and they are able to travel across faraway lands and choose their own home. My essence is the greatest freedom to help you expand towards the source. If people need a symbol or a visual representation to describe me, the bird is the most accurate one. All mammals were created to support Earth’s growth. Most of them have long life cycles and rely on Earth’s nourishment as well as the cosmic light of the higher realms to support their growth. Having children, creating communities, work towards the well-being of the community by producing and sharing are important elements of the essence of mammals.

Earth has a similar essence, creating countless species and producing enough nourishment and protection for all of them. Earth supports healthy communities that are able to grow following the natural laws. Earth wants to be involved in your communities, she wants to offer her light but she also wants from you to generate light and feed the whole planet. These are the natural laws and Earth was created to fulfil her purpose of a god-creator-planet, supporting the light of her beings.

Earth was the home of the gods and this made her an extremely precious planet god.
What you know now as Enki and Enlil, are the leaders of a warrior star race that came to colonise Earth sometime after the golden era. Their coming on the planet had a great impact because they created the first civilisations. I understand that there is a great confusion on Earth regarding the creation of the planet and research has not brought light but new layers of illusion. I am God Thoth, a creator God of the Pleroma. My light is an open channel for the source to create through me.

I create life on Earth where beings from the lower spheres experimenting with genetics and eventually bring chaos. Like many other visitors, Enki and Enlil were very impressed with the creative qualities of the planet and they tried to break the code of creation by experimenting with genetics. What they achieved is not more impressive than your present cloning. In later times, people on Earth saw them as gods and wanted to connect and receive power from them. This was one of the schisms that took place on Earth and at the same time the dark arts of distortion started to establish.

All human beings do not belong to an Earth race. Their ancestors are the visitors that came to the planet at the end the golden era. There are beings from other realms that control the so called rulers of Earth and through them try to loot all Earth’s resources including her own essence. This has caused great destruction on the planet and all beings have been affected by many imbalances.

For very long time humans tried to communicate with what they called gods and they created relevant mythology to keep them alive in their mind and practises. Astarte was the goddess of fertility and war in people’s mythology and the same goddess was worshipped in many locations and were given similar names. What ancient people worshipped were the high dimensional beings that came to Earth. In some cases, the gods of the Pleroma connected to members of priesthood, mystery schools and wisdom centres and gave them direct knowledge.

I am Thoth and I am the creator of Earth. I connect to the source and I am the highest light in Earth’s lineage. My father is our source. Astaroth is also a high goddess and has multiple tasks in order to bring balance and stability in our source’s vast creation. There is disinformation on Earth about gods and the creation of Earth and this is the result of fragmentation. We want to share cosmic information with you but it is important to clear your mind from ideas and concentrate on what you truly are in this reincarnation. If you are looking for true power you have to connect to your true-self and claims back all your power and tools given to you by our source. You will not get power if you connect to spirits; you will have theopposite result. Understand yourself and bring clarity and truth; this will bring you everlasting power and wisdom.

There is a lot of information, practises and beliefs on Earth and this shows that illusion can take many forms and be multiplied in order to shape your reality. You will never connect to your true-self which is your connection to your astral body and growth beyond the Earth boundaries, if you are looking for truth out of you. You have to return to your own being and observe your actions, thoughts, reactions, beliefs, patterns, fears and creation. You are in an important stage in

your life that you need to purify yourself and this way not only you will connect to your true being but you will also heal yourself. Many people find this task very difficult because they have been convinced that truth exists away from them. People do not have the ability to connect to their own life experiences and this is how blockages are created. Clarity will come back to you when the cosmic light can come through you and create growth and healing in you. We are here to help all humanity.

Magic and ritual magic will not bring you close to gods. It will bring you close to lower entities that are not in a process of growth and often want to absorb your energy and have power over you. You will grow when you connect to yourself and understand your true value, tools and path. It may be interesting to read books and participate in different projects but this is not the direct way to connect to you. The gods do not wish to infect human beings with fear and paranoia. This will not help them to grow but they will get more attached to illusion. We want to present the true picture of Earth’s growth and try to wake up the people who have ears to hear our word. We see that people find it very hard to disconnect from negativity and most of the time are looking for truth and wisdom in the dark. We want them to be balanced, to have clarity and to have a fulfilled and healthy life.

The first step to growth is to know yourself and then you will know your purpose. Growth is a natural process and all beings are designed to experience it. When you don’t experience growth then you have allowed blockages and imbalances to disconnect you from the divine design and you are also disconnected from the cosmic light that can create and bring harmony in you. Our messengers have developed a natural way to communicate with us. It is communication through telepathy. Our energies go through them and they are able to translate them into word.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: The Mayan calendar

Ancient civilisations have been transforming to new civilisations over the years and they were able to carry the old wisdom. This can be seen in the mythology: there is a continuation of god like characters and heroes appearing in many civilisations. Archaeology in modern times has totally misunderstood many aspects of these civilisations. The Mayan calendar is a knowing given to much older civilizations and the Mayans wanted to make a record of this by creating the Mayan calendar. 

The Mayans themselves were trying to save this ancient wisdom and gave their own interpretation. The Mayan calendar has to do with Earth's life cycles and astronomy and they believed that at the end of Earth's life cycle that is approaching, divine intervention will return to Earth. This was their own interpretation of the coming of the golden Era.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Understanding love

Thoth teaches us that if we wish to explore love we have to start with loving ourselves and connect to our purpose and cosmic light. Thoth advises us not to love each other but to become one with each other because this is the cosmic law followed by all creation.

We want to educate people to make them understand the purpose behind the creation of Earth. There are forces on Earth who are trying to convince you that the present moment is the highest moment in history and as an example they use the achievements in technology and science. I can tell you that you are entering a new phase of what you call dark ages. You are losing your humanity and every single aspect of your life is going to be controlled and manipulated.

What you experience now is not evolution and advancement but another blindfold, another illness, another suffering. Soon you will be programed to have certain feelings, goals, aspirations; you lives will be programmed from birth and you will live the illusion created for you by others. Soon nobody will want to wake up and live a terrifying nightmare. The majority of people on Earth will have no option but give themselves up to the creators of their dream. The light that was given to us when our creation code was formed will be circulated in us. We generate, spread and multiply the light that was given to us by the creator. This is an important cosmic law which helps everything that exists to stay alive, evolve and connected with the rest of the creation and the creator itself. So as you can see we are all creators.

The seed which is able to transform to a plant and then take the form of a tall tree is also a creator. In your physical plane and specifically on Earth, you talk about love, heart connections and healing related to them. Love is not a Divine property. It is an emotion that is misleading and vague. Love is a primitive form of connection. If you accept yourself being a physical being experiencing the physical reality and nothing more, love is a great guide to a giving and receiving relationship. It is a challenge for humans to feel love for themselves because most of the times the understanding of love is related to a transaction and a deal making.

If you wish to explore love and you find yourselves going up the very first steps of perfection, you should consider loving yourselves. Your love should take you on a true discovery of your purpose and a true expression of your light. We are not going to advise you to love each other but to become one with each other because this is the cosmic law we all follow.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Why is it important to connect to Earth?

Human beings are encouraged to believe in theories and not to experience their own life and the life of Earth. Your religions and the experts in mythology, history and science and spirituality want you to believe in their theories but non of them encourage you to experience and connect to Earth. When you connect to Earth you become aware of your purpose and you are going to use your physical body to receive and transmit light in order to balance Earth’s energies. When you connect to information and see it as an opportunity for entering the pyramid and climbing up to the top then the power that you seek becomes your limitation. 

When you connect to Earth you are able to understand your purpose and experience it in your every day life; you understand your unique abilities and you use them fulfil your purpose; experience unity with everything that exists and understand that your growth is part of the cosmic growth. If you are not able to understand Earth's evolution and connect to her golden era it is because you are not able to connect to her light and do not allow her to nourish you and help you develop your abilities. When you connect to Earth you will be able to experience her golden era and make it reality for all her creation.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: A space of restriction.

There is an increasing number of human beings on Earth that exist to work: they wake up to go to work; they dress and have a certain appearance suitable to their work environment; they talk with people about work; they plan their lives supporting work restrictions and limitations. If you ask people why do they do this, they will say because I need the money and the financial security. 

You have to go deep into your being and connect to your true-self. This way you will observe that you are restricting your light and forcing yourself to life in a box when all the riches of the Earth and the cosmos are available to you a job that restricts your growth is going to take all your time and energy, it will take you away from your true abilities and your path and will disconnect you from your natural ability to create your own life according to your divine plan. 

When human beings are restricted they can be easily manipulated to live in a fearful state, looking forward to illusionary rewards. When you are able to create your own life and this is your main focus then you will not be tired of it, you will not need a break or weekend away. Growth is a constant flow that will be experienced by your being and transmitted to your creation. You can never be tired receiving precious gifts and this is a life that you can have when you disconnect from your space of restriction.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Discovering Ancient Civilisation

Human beings want to know about their ancient history and they want to understand the different civilisations. They think that they can understand this by surviving monuments and other objects that where found and now stored in museums. Human beings are also try to understand these old civilisations by studying mythology and certain symbolic depictions or ancient doctrines that where produced many years later. The conclusions made by your historians and archaeologists are often misleading because most of the true evidence is lost or misinterpreted. 

A great way to connect to ancient civilisations is by connecting to the energies of the Earth, traveling and making roots in the place were the human civilisation flourished. Earth will teach you about her past and the past of humanity and will allow you to enter previous life times and re-experience historical events, human behaviour, achievements and failures. For this to happen you have to become a pure channel of light and allow Earth to communicate with you, heal you and nourish you. You will allow Earth to receive your light, supporting her growth and as a reward you will receive Earth's nourishment, knowing and healing. This connection will bring you closer to your purpose.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Perfect partners or twin flames.

All beings exist in unity in the cosmos. This how they grow, receive and transmit light and support life in our Sources creation. The cosmos consists of many energy fields of different sizes that can be seen as the microcosm within the macrocosm. Energy beings in the astral plane are connected to other astral beings and their energy field is part of a greater energy structure that supports and feeds from their light. When an astral being reincarnates on earth, his astral family reincarnates with him or her. The ones the remain in the astral plane they become the guide from the beings that choose to reincarnate. Your family members on earth, friends, partners or acquaintances carry the light of your astral family. One of you may ask: Why human beings can not find the right partner or what happens when one fields connected to another human being but the relationship does not work? Do not blame yourself and your connection to other human beings but you should look at the level of the distortion in your life and the life of your partner as well as your family and friends. 

When people focus on the persona, the ego and the social expectations the connection becomes blurry and distorted. When astral beings reincarnate on earth are lost in a jungle of illusion and if they accept this as truth they exist in separation from their purpose and the connection with the astral plane. This affects all aspects of their lives including their connection to other beings. Purifying yourself and clearing the distortion, will give you the opportunity to become a fertile land for growth, unity, transformation. The next step will unable you to become a creator of a joyful and effortless life of purpose and unity with your astral family on Earth as well as the rest of humanity.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Honesty and purity

In this teaching, Thoth shows us the way to connect to our true-self by striping all exterior of artificiality and connecting to our true- selves with honesty and compassion. When you are able to perform an act of kindness or wisdom, you will receive the fruit of this act. With every act of compassion you open yourself to cosmic light and you allow it to flow through others and create enlightenment.

If you think that you are lost, you will probably try to search for clues to help you find your way. Do not waste your time looking away from you but try to connect to yourself with honesty and compassion. If people are focussing on unwrapping themselves from all external artificiality then they will instantly walk the path of truth and wisdom and inspire others to do the same.

Ask yourself: what do you want to receive and what do you want to give in this life time? Most people are going to follow the social expectations and they will answer: “I want to have money”, “I want to have power” and “I want to have attention from other people”. Others who call themselves spiritual they will have a similar reaction: “I want to be a master”, “I want to have power”, “I want to have money”, “I want to have followers who believe in my every word”. A truly enlightened being will answer with honesty and purity. An enlightened person is going to think of the one thing that can give and receive: I can connect to my friend who needs me and I can give this person my full attention and what I want to receive is the happiness and warmth that he/she can give me in return.

You give and receive an act of kindness or wisdom to the people or situations close to you; what you are looking to receive is the fruit of this act. Then you need to ask yourself how can I become more useful to others and create bonds of compassion and enlightenment? What tools do I have and how can I use them effectively? When you answer the questions above, never exaggerate or underestimate yourself or the circumstances. You should stop criticising and passing the blame to others when you can learn from everybody. People will not connect to the true-self, understand their purpose or become enlightened if they don’t experience life as pure and compassionate beings. All these people who are obsessed to be on the top of the social pyramid of success they will be very disappointed to find out that their quest is an illusion.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: The sun

The sun is a high vibrational point in the galaxy and a great receiver and transmitter of light. This is how the sun is able to create a strong electro magnetic field, giving life to all beings who connect to it but also allow them to grow and become transmitters of light. In your galaxy, the sun is the highest vibrational space and it is interesting that the beings of Earth can not enter this space. Your scientists will explain this by pointing out the high temperature and the sun’s hot plasma that is burning like the core of the Earth. All these are stories without knowing and explanations without truth. 

The sun has a more direct connection to the Source and this is strengthened by its connection to other suns. Human beings are not able to see how the sun exists in the high vibrational fields of other suns, connecting to the source. But they can see the growth that takes place on Earth when the sun rays reach the planet. People feel revitalised in a warm sunny day. There is a sense of freedom, renewal and rebirth connecting to the sun that helps you see life as a wonderful exercise of growth. There are many people who have reincarnated on Earth and they have also experienced the golden era in previous reincarnations. When Earth was a high vibrational planet she was closer to the sun. Earth’s physicality enjoyed the high temperatures that allowed immense growth. The ice age and the division of the year into seasons shows Earth’s imbalances.


Wisdom of Thoth: Teaching about the moon.

Earth has created the moon to be Earth’s body out of the body. The purpose of the moon is supportive to Earth's growth. There were upheavals in the galaxy long time ago. The galaxy was bigger with many suns and had to separate and form smaller galaxies in order to protect life forms and greater electromagnetic fields. During this transformation the moon was created and was used as a protector and stabiliser of Earth's energies. Its position and movement brought balance to other planets in the galaxy. 

When the new galaxy was formed the moon continued to support Earth's growth. Astral races will travel to the galaxy to explore Earth; they landed on the moon and made bases there. The intention of these races, the way they entered Earth's atmospheres and the imbalances that they brought to the planet, generated a new energy . This energy attracted low beings who wanted enter the planet. Earth became a polluted space and also the moon became a polluted space and often exchanged negative energies. Earth being a creator of life is going to purify and grow and this my effect the moon it’s energies too.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: The true-self

Many students of ancient wisdom have studied various teachings and followed different spiritual groups but they have not achieved to meet their true-self. If you are looking for truth, wisdom and growth, dedicate your time to purify yourself from all forms of illusion and take a close look at your true attributes, tools and purpose. When you experience purity in your life you will be guided to acquire a clear understanding of who you are.

The true-self is a flower and grows in your garden among other flowers. There are people who spend years looking for their true-self in books, media, ancient teachings from faraway lands, when all the time their true-self was a flower growing in their garden. Everybody can have access to their true-self because it is part of them. Why do people have the tendency to look for inner truth so far away from themselves? This is because they are looking with their eyes closed and in some cases they do not wish to find anything. 
Most people on Earth are very comfortable living the illusion. The illusion is very versatile; it can take many forms and encourages people to manipulate themselves and others.
We have people who understand that reaching to their true-self and purpose will bring them balance but because they are entangled with illusions will never find their truth. They can be great students of ancient wisdom, they may be involved actively in different spiritual groups as students as well as masters, they may choose spirituality as their life path but they will never meet their true-self. All of you who listen to my words and sincerely look for truth, wisdom and growth, dedicate your time to clean yourselves from all forms of illusion and take a close look of you with a vision of a pure being.

You cannot look at your true-self and think of ambition and profit; the eyes of ambition and profit can only lead you back to illusion. Giving titles to yourself and looking for recognition in the world of illusion is not an act of purity. Thinking yourself as superior makes you a creator of illusion. Following the path of others and disregard your own is the act of the blind and the deaf. Do not give away your ability for growth. Purify yourself, say no to illusion and help others to do the same by demonstrating your own purity. I bring good news to humans; the time has come and there will be more people who will receive and transmit truth.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: The creation of Earth

This teaching offers a detailed account of Earth’s creation and the golden era.
In this teaching, Thoth explains that initially Earth was not created for low vibrational being such as humans; it was the home of the gods, their helpers and other high beings. For the creation of planet Earth, the gods worked, forming the astral substance and maintaining her movement or rotation. Before the creation of Earth there were many imbalances which affected many planets of the galaxy. Some of them went out of rotation and balance, others moved away and others were completely destroyed.

We wanted to create a planet that is also a high creator god and has the ability to maintain and create life. This was our intention when we created Earth. At first, Earth was a planetary body with very few faculties. There was no life. Then we inhabited Earth’s aura and from there we injected life in her. It was the light of our creator and source which came through us and spread on Earth, not only on the surface but also in the core and her aura.
Then we saw life emerging. Her alignment with the other planets was stabilised and her rotation was regular. Water started to cover big parts of the Earth and new life started to emerge first in the water. Volcanic eruptions took place due to extreme contrasts in temperature and the lava created the first fertile lands. All planets when they are first born have an enormous ability to create life on them and this is their survival mechanism.
When the planet was fully grown we made her our residence. At this stage we intervened by helping and teaching Earth to create or we used our light to create on Earth and make it a proper home for the gods and their helpers. 

Many gods were involved in Earth’s creation. In the beginning of the golden era, Earth was fully grown and was becoming a creator god as well as a high vibrational planet responsible for raising the vibration of the galaxy that she belonged to. The richness and variety of plants, animals and resources was enormous. Earth, during the golden age, was more powerful and full of life than any other time. The animal kingdom had a wide range of species of an immense number of forms. They were high vibrational beings and lived in perfect balance with their environment. The whole Earth was a civilisation created by the gods who lived on the planet.

When the gods decided to leave and give Earth free will in order to become a high god, intelligent beings from different planets made their appearance. Many visitors were attracted to Earth’s riches; some of them were low vibrational beings who were able to penetrate Earth’s protection, land on the planet and create civilisations. These are your ancestors. High vibrational beings also remained on Earth and saw themselves as the guardians of the planet. They understood the divine logos related to Earth’s creation, the planet’s purpose and decided to stay there and become the link between gods andEarth. These beings moved to the hollow Earth and they are still the guardians of the planet. The other races remained on Earth, created civilisations and experienced chaos and evolution.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Living the Illusion

Truth is a straight route without diversions, short cuts and embellishment. We are looking for true knowledge but we continue to pollute ourselves with ignorance and self-destruction. The journey of clarity, truth and empowerment starts from within and guides us to our purpose. We have to walk our path with our eyes and ears open and consciously experience growth.
Cosmic consciousness is an understanding that has no boundaries. It is the understanding of all that exists; all different expressions of what exists in all different planes and universes. People on Earth have a very limited understanding, consciousness, which does not even include what they can see and experience on planet Earth.

People are kept prisoners of a man-made illusion. Most of them are isolated from nature and the natural laws and have a false impression that they are superior. In reality they are prisoners and are kept away from the beauty, harmony and wisdom of the divine creation that exists on Earth.
The illusion of freedom is seen in people who are obsessed with wealth that keeps them prisoners to their work and end up dying young; children who grow up unnourished, already prisoners of education and technology; academics whose narrow views brainwash the youth; and scientists who go against people and nature to prove their superiority. When you live in the illusion, it is impossible to have the light of truth and wisdom. People on Earth have multiple illusions. They experience the artificial life pattern and they add to it the illusion of spirituality. Teachers create a language in order to communicate ideas that often are taken by ancient civilisations and preach messages either of doom or of great positivity. These are the two ways you can use to brainwash people and attract them to follow your spiritual dogma. This has happened for many years on Earth and people are now suffering from a long period of manipulation and distortion of truth.
There are people who try very hard to become enlightened using all different techniques taught by different teachers but they do not seem to succeed. I will reveal to you an easier way: first look at your life, what is very important to you, you true love and passion, keep it and cultivate it. What makes you unhappy, tired and weak and gives you no motivation you should abandon. Never be afraid of changing your life if truth is leading your way. The next step is to become one with nature and observe the greatness of the divine creation in front of your eyes. Experience the great harmony which characterises the work of the gods and how everything fits beautifully together. When one realises the perfection which is displayed in nature and truly understands it he has already received enlightenment.

Wisdom of Thoth: A pure source of wisdom

We can all escape our current state and enjoy a balanced life if we connect to Earth and the natural laws. For this to happen we have to disconnect from all forms of illusion.
I am Thoth, the high creator god who exists in the Pleroma. I am in constant transformation and this allows me to receive the high light of the creator and bring life to the cosmos. This is my divine purpose. My connection to other beings or energetic fields is related to my ability to bring life.
My creation is vast and my work is very intricate and often indescribable to beings from other realms. All beings receive a certain amount of energy and this is related to their state of growth and their purpose. Energy is information. Truth is pure energy and people on Earth need to become familiar with truth in their minds and in everyday lives.
It is interesting that people on Earth do not understand the workings of the universe. They believe that they can become gods and have access to the energies that surrounds gods. I will call this ignorance. I will also say that people on Earth try to escape their fragmentation and lack of balance and truth by fantasising themselves as something superhuman, alien or in this case a god. I am not surprised about this; it is a sign of deep fragmentation and illusion.
My energy cannot be seen in one of your books, historical information or any other written record. My energy can be seen in nature and the natural laws that help Earth to stay alive and carry on with her creative tasks. I am not a story, a character or a builder of man-made temples and ancient cities on Earth. I am the life bringer instructed by our source to maintain life. I want to communicate with you and this is my teaching and a pure source of wisdom.
I am here with you now because of my bond with Earth and my responsibility for her well-being and growth. I am not here to impress humans with the knowledge that I can share because this will only feed their ego and their illusionary state. I am here to wake them up from their deep sleep, show them truth and what they can do to reach truth.
Reaching truth is a very simple process but it can be challenging for people who are fragmented and rely on fantasy to ease their pain from imbalances and distortion. I bring good news to all those that have ears to listen to my word. You can all escape your current state; you can all enjoy a balanced life; you can all connect to Earth and the natural laws. You can purify yourselves and transform to your true-self. The only thing you have to do is to disconnect from the collective illusion but also from your personal illusion.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Awake and expand your purity

We exist to fulfil our purpose and this is how we all grow. Connecting to our true-self will help us understand our purpose and our tools. It is important that you safeguard your truth and do not let others to pull you into the illusion with their criticism and negativity. Let your light guide you and others; enjoy a balanced life unknown to many and bring this gift to others.
My messengers on Earth were chosen by the gods. When this was communicated to them they instantly opened themselves to it and allowed us to guide them and show them their path. They did not resist, they were not afraid or suspicious; they accepted the duty given to them gracefully. Through them I am now able to connect to Earth and her creation. I am able to observe life on the planet and try to understand why the people of Earth are disconnected

from the grace of the golden era. Through my messengers I am able to communicate and pass my light to you. My light goes through them, as purity expands pushing away distortion and illusion. Now I am standing closer to Earth and my light wants to go to every one of you. You are all chosen so let my light go through you. It is not me who does not want to reach and meet you; it is you who are not able to recognise truth in you. I am present and my voice is loud and clear. If you have not heard it already it means that distortion has taken over you.

The people, who are awake, have to fight to help humanity wake up. It is a challenge but it is also a duty. When you are awake and able to listen to my words clearly, you will be given the great task: fighting the planet’s big sleep. You can do this by believing and trusting your own light, rediscovering your tools and working with them fearlessly. Truth is a clear path without obstacles and limitations. When you walk on this path you are empowered because you have connected to your true-self and you have understood what your duty is. All of you who are awake should have no fear because you are connected not only to me but to the whole cosmic creation. Your duty is your greatest passion.
You exist to fulfil your duty and this is how we all evolve. Don’t be afraid to experience life as your true-self. Do not try to convince everybody with words and statements but you can convince all people with your light. It is important that you safeguard your truth; do not let others pull you into the illusion with their criticism and negativity. Arguing can only create strong polarities and wider schisms. Let your light guide you and others; enjoy a balanced life unknown to many. 
The light that I am sharing with you is pure and is sent to awake and expand your purity.