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Teaching of christian rosenkruetz: The true nature of a human being by Hank Geda

Teaching of christian rosenkruetz: The true nature of a human being

A human beings true nature is effortless love and effortless connection to gods.  These gifts are often misinterpreted and twisted in their representation.  The true nature of gods isnt different except that they are aware of it and use it to create life.  Human beings live a challenging life in the third dimension but are greatly rewarded by having the opportunity to connect with earth.  Humans place themselves in great danger giving their powers away.  There are beings brainwashing them and creating fear and seperation in them using passed trauma experiences.  The earth is experiencing the same so can't be relied on as a positive influence.  When the hollow earth beings heal earths schism balance will return to the whole planet.  A new planet might be created with the essence of the earth causing the surface to disappear.
Knowing i received

Humans need to wake up to their true nature before its to late.  Humans need to stop using twisted forms of love to control and manipulate others.  Humanity needs to unite and stop the beings from manipulating them and the planet.  The planet gives everything humans need unconditionally and most humans dont even say thankyou to mother earth.  The least they could do is tell her thankyou.  Instead they are to busy trying to gain power over others and limitting what the planet offers to everyone.

How can i use this in everyday life
It is a good thing to remember our true nature everyday so we do not become lost to illusion and distortion.  It is also a good way to form bonds with others and ourselves.  It helps you connect to the gods amidst all the turmoil of the illusion and distortion.

How do you understand the statement: The true nature of the human being is effortless love and effortless connection to gods.  There are many wrong interpretations and twisted representations of those two great gifts.
We should have no effort with love or connecting to gods.  People create false interpretations and twisted representations of this.  One example is conditional love used for manipulation and or control.  The other thing people do is believe low beings are gods another twisted representation of a great gift.
How do you understand love?
Love is an energetic bond.  Its like when you really want to be there for yourself and others helping in anyway possible.  Its like caring but much deeper and more vast like the infinite of cosmos.

How can we go about loving ourselves and others?
We can achieve this by taking very good care of ourselves like keeping our bodies healthy through diet and exercise.  It is also good to be honest and truthful with yourself and to never give up on yourself.  Also we can love ourselves by growing and fufilling our divine plan.  We can love others by helping them on their path and lending a kind hand.  It helps to set an example for others of how to love yourself when they are struggling to achieve the same.  We can love ourselves by believing in ourselves without doubting.  We can love others by sending our light to them.
If these are two different practices what are the differences?
Loving ourselves is more about individual growth than collective.  Loving others is more about unity with the collective whole.

Can you describe your way of loving yourself and others?  What are your experiences?

I use to not love myself at a point in my life.  Use to drink till i blacked out and sometimes would consume harmful substances that hurt the body.  I eventually realized what am i doing to myself?  I realised how much i had been destroying myself physically, emotionally, mentally.  It made my heart sad with how much damage i did to this precious gift of the body.  Then i stopped all these bad things and i started loving myself again.  I worked very hard to make myself healthy again.  I still struggle with emotional and mental wounds from all that ive been through but im working to heal all that.  A way that i love others is by forgiving them when they hurt me in some way.  I realize that when someone damages another its more of a reflection of their relationship with themselves.  I do what i can to help others and be there for them.  I thought i was in love with a girl before her name was jennifer.  I was excited and introduced her to a bunch of what i thought were friends.  She used to spend a lot of time with me and i was going to ask her to be in a relationship.  Long story short she was talking to a used to be friend of mine a whole bunch and it hurt my heart.  Things got really messed up and i dont talk to that friend or her anymore.  I don't think they even realized or cared how much damage they did to me.  He manipulated her and filled her mind with lies about me.  It took me awhile to forgive them and let go of that aggression and pain.  I dont regret it either it made me a stronger person.

Christian says that there are many wrong interpretations and twisted representations of love.  Have you experienced that in your life?
Yes i have.  Ive had people say they love me as a way to manipulate or control me in some way.
What effect can this have to you and others?

Its very damaging to everyone involved.  It also creates space for distortion and fragmentation to grow in.  It makes people not love themselves sometimes.
How can we achieve connection to the gods?

By opening ourselves to receive the cosmic light.  By emptying ourselves of all thought being in a state of peace connecting to our true selves.
How do you communicate with the gods?

Sometimes i think i can achieve energetic communication with them but i am not certain about this yet.  Energetic communication seems to be the best way to communicate with them.  Sometimes when i meditate i tell them in my mind how much i love them and how thankful i am for their guidance and assistance.  I also thank them for truth.

I wanted to ask you how do you communicate with gods?

Wisdom of Thoth:  The difference of the growth of the beings in the lower and higher planes.

The growth in higher planes is different than what is experienced in lower planes.  The gods growth is related to their ability to connect to the source and become its creative tool.  People who reincarnate on earth go through life studying one lesson most of time and it shows up in their lives on numerous occasions.  All energetic points receive and transmit light this affects the growth of creation.  We are connected to multiple microcosms and macrocosms so our growth affects parts of creation as well as the whole.  The gods are connected to the high source receiving its light.  Because we exist in the lower realms we receive a lower form of the high light.  The cosmic light will help you maintain life and growth.  In the astral plane beings are only concerned about growth and connecting to the rest of the cosmos.  On earth astral beings grow through taking a role and being in a situation where other people around them are taking different roles.
The knowing i received
I can see how the cosmic light moves through all the realms adjusting and taking different forms to accomodate the various frequencies and vibrations.  I can see how the gods growth is different from all the other astral beings.  They are much closer to the source and work with its light directly where as we are all working with lower forms of the high light.  It is also clear that growth isnt just personal but affects different parts of creation.
How can i use this in everyday life?
I can use this in everyday life by helping me to achieve better growth.  It is also a good reference point as to where i stand in the collective growth of creation.  It helps us to see what form of the cosmic light we receive existing in the lower realms.  Its a good way to see the path the cosmic light takes to reach me and a reminder of the lessons we are here to learn on earth.
The other teaching you sent me wisdom of Thoth the cause of earths current state of distortion and fragmentation had the same words as the teaching before prior to it in the email you sent me.  If you could send it to me i will gladly work on it thanks for your time.
Love and light