Monday, 31 May 2021

Why don't you change? by krishnamurti

You've heard all this, you as a human being. Why don't you change? What prevents you? If each one of us ask that question - not verbally, of nearly intellectually, as an entertainment - but ask the question most seriously and deeply, what's your answer? What's your answer to this problem, that human beings has lived this way for millennia upon millennia, why haven't they changed? Why haven't you, who are listening now, why haven't you changed? You know, if you don't change, once the consequences are, you'll be national, nationalistic, you'ld be tribal, insular, isolated, and therefor having no relationship globally...fighting, fighting, fighting. Building up more and more arms, to destroy each other. Now, why don't you, if you're all serious in this matter, why don't you ask yourself that question? Why am I, a human being, who have been through all this, why haven't I changed?: What would be your answer? Either you're not serious, you want to live a very, very superficial live, and that superficiality temporally satisfies you....or you really don't care? As there always will be immediate pleasures, immediate satisfactions, you really don't care. You don't care for your children if they're murdered, if you would really don't have no deep love and affection for them . If you had, you'ld prefent all wars. So apparently, none of these things mean anything to you? Or probably you're so deeply conditioned, psychological (of course we are biological conditioned, that is the full matter, all together) but psychological conditioned and one is not aware of it, and you ca... unless that, that there is freedom from that conditioning, you'll go on this way. After all, live is what? One global unity movement. So, in a same way our consciousness is commen to all mankind. Now, if I radically change, surely it effects the rest of the consciousness of men. Now, why don't you change?

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Wisdom of Astaroth: Your True-Self will Become Known to you

The intention of the cosmic light is to travel to all beings and give them the clarity they need to continue with their growth and fulfil their purpose. The cosmic light is the extension of our Source that connects to all beings in all planes; this is how unity is experienced in the cosmos. In higher planes, there is a great movement of energies, connecting to the cosmic light and also connecting to other beings and energetic forms. The movement supports growth and creation. All human beings are naturally connected to the cosmic light and part of their purpose is to grow and create but often the blockages in them restrict those abilities; human beings are not even aware or understand that they can create and grow. People on Earth focus on illusionary success criteria or negativity and limitation in them or others. They accept limitation as truth and they live a life of limitation. They also try to convince others by judging and criticising them; they see it as their duty to infect people with limitation and take them on a diversion. Some may ask: Why human beings cannot connect to truth and why do they go against their purpose? It has to do with being passive, not taking responsibility of their own lives; in this state they trust illusion more than truth. Illusion is a stranger that knocks their door and being in a hypnotic state, they will open the door to receive whatever stands there in front of them. Truth is not a visitor, an external force or an intruder. Truth is part of your being and is waiting for you to connect to it. People do not know truth because they exist in a fragmented state. If they are able to experience unity and balance in all parts of their physical and energetic existence on Earth then they will be able to see truth and understand the importance of growth and connection to the cosmos and how it can be achieved. The first step to connect to your true-self is to disconnect from distortion and be in a state of peace and then connect to your whole being, experience unity and allow the cosmic light to go through you. You will receive healing and knowing and your true-self will become known to you.

Wisdom of Thoth

Everything on Earth is distorted. There is no truth in people’s actions, beliefs and motivation. Truth is an unpleasant companion for most Earthlings because it reminds them of their inability to walk their path and fulfil their purpose. People are kept prisoners of a man-made illusion. Most of them are isolated from Earth and the natural laws and have a false impression that they are superior. In reality, they are prisoners and are kept away from the beauty, harmony and wisdom of the divine creation that exists on Earth. Truth can transform you, empower you, guide you and give you enormous strength. When you accept the truth, you are able to connect to your higher-self and then everything becomes clear. When you accept truth as your only companion, all doors open and you are suddenly in front of the grace of the gods. _________________________________________________________ Taken from the book "Wisdom of Thoth" Done by communication between Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Saturday, 29 May 2021

Wisdom of Thoth

There is a constant movement of energy and this is responsible for creating and maintaining life on Earth. All beings are open to the cosmic evolution which is supporting their own growth and vice versa. The lower planes staying distant form the highly productive astral plane. The cosmic growth has very little effect on them and as a result their growth is very low. The cosmos seems to have a very complex structure, mainly because of its vastness and the multiple reflections of it, co-existing at the same time. Life moves in a circular movement of growth and this movement is repeated. Every successful repetition traverses the astral body to a higher vibrational state. When a body is in a process of evolution, it is going to receive and generate more light. All beings are connected to a large group of astral beings. Your creation code is also communicating with their creation codes. -Thoth-

Friday, 28 May 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The mystery of Birth

--------------------------------- All beings in all planes consist of their creation code. This part of their being is the highest part energetically and is connected to the light of our source. The creation code consists of all expected growth and evolution that one may have. Everything that you are and going to become when you transform is recorded in your creation code including reincarnations. Before you reincarnate you exist in the astral plane. At the right moment, according to your creation code, you are going to be chosen to reincarnate or to exist in a certain plane. The astral being becomes aware of the reincarnation, its purpose and a general life plan. Then it goes through preparation in order to join the body that is created in the womb. The unity between the female and the male parts can not produce a child if the energy of the astral being is not able to enter the unity of the male seed and the female egg. The physical body grows like a plant coming out of a seed; this is a natural process and is related to Earth’s way to create. For Earth, the birth of a plant, an animal or a human being follows the same process of creation. The physical body that grows in the womb attracts the light of the astral being and tries to help the energy find its way and connect to the physical body that starts to form. This is the true mystery of birth and is a complex process depending on many different factors. The parents are also involved in this divine unity and there is a great transformation taking place that affects everybody's growth. Often the energy of the astral being is supported by guides who are able to connect to the physical body and prepare the unity that is about to take place. If the astral being is not able to connect to the physical body then the fetus dies either before the birth or straight after. This is a brief explanation of the birth of a human being. (Extract from the book "Fountain Source of High Wisdom-Sacred Book of Thoth")

Wisdom of Astaroth: The Ego


Wisdom of Thoth: The toxic invasion

There are people on Earth who are supporting the idea of poisonous substances entering the body and allowing pollution to enter all parts oft here being. Many people on Earth are not aware that the food they eat, the water they drink, the air they breathe, and even their actions and thoughts are polluted by forces of destruction and illusion. Some of you have started to wake up and want to disconnect from destruction and illusion and create better life conditions for yourselves and others. This is a good step forward for the people who live in societies that restrict them from the following growth. People who have lived in a state of illusion and have been disconnected from truth, the intent to accuse certain groups or forces of bringing destruction but they never observe themselves supporting illusion. This way they allow it to grow in them and others. It is important for all human beings to benourished by Earth and protect themselves from all toxic substances, to guide others to do the same and live a life with toxins, There are people on Earth that are not affected by the toxic invasion, the illusion and the distortion that thrives in your western society. There are groups of people that are connected to Earth and live in peace with everything that exists. They are not suffering from pollution and they constantly experiencere generation in themselves and the planet. Are you ready to disconnect formall illusion and follow the footsteps of the groups mentioned? By being a channel of cosmic light you can regenerate your whole being and help others do the same including the whole planet. Earth and her creation are able to sustain life because they are constantly transforming, growing, and evolving. For this to happen in a more effective way, Earth and her creation need to connect to the cosmic light, purify themselves from all imbalances, transform into a new being and transmit the light of the cosmos to the planet and her creation. If you are able to achieve this task which is a fundamental cosmic law then all fear, destruction, manipulation, and pollution will disappear. There is not darkness when the sun shines; there are no imbalances when you compleat a purification process; there is no fear when you know your purpose; there is not anxiety when you are creating truth and growth in others. Your being is ,the microcosm that affects the macrocosm; therefore you have to focus on its growth and start a process of purification.

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Wisdom of Thoth: Manipulation on Earth

Thoth is painting a picture of Earth’s beautiful lands and the countless animals and plants that inhabited the planet in the golden age. Earth was a planet of balance, harmony, and abundance and an ideal home for high vibrational races that could appreciate her treasures and wish to enhance her beauty. Most visitors who arrived on the planet tried to get all Earth’s resources, kill and destroy animals and plants and alter Earth’s natural laws; she is still suffering from people in control who try to constantly dismantle her and block her light. Egypt and all its neighbouring areas were the most fertile and rich. There were no deserts in North and Central Africa; it was a land full of precious stones, gold, and natural beauty. The animals and plants came in millions of shapes and colors and people had a great lifestyle and diet. The gods who were on Earth at that time were impressed by the variety and beauty of creation on the planet and we all hoped that Earth will be maintained this way and never lose her first beauty. We were also satisfied with the balance between all species. The first visitors on Earth received a wonderful gift and we thought they will appreciate their new home and enhance its beauty. But as you all know, things did not go according to plan. The Earth was seen as a colony but also as an enemy. Most visitors tried to get all Earth’s resources, killing and destroying animals and plants, altering the Earth’s systems, and generally making her dysfunctional. Earth is still suffering from people in control who try to dismantle her. I know that they are wasting their time. They do not have any real power; their power is based on manipulation. I know what manipulation is; there are demi-gods and lower spirits who use manipulation to attract, what they believe to be light. These entities always support and being supported by other manipulators and they all live the fantasy of being superior. In realms of high consciousness, the weak are immediately seen and truth prevails. However, on Earth’s low vibration, the manipulators have found their perfect home, where they can breathe, multiply and control all aspects of human life. Low vibrational realms are infested by the cockroaches of manipulation and people have to join them and become one with them or distance themselves from them and then they become out-cast. Your society is infected by something that many of you worship and respect as ideal and perfect. We do not want to point the finger, we want to awaken people and make them take responsibility for their own lives. Fear is the manipulators’ weapon as well as disinformation. Being afraid to live your life and be truly happy is something that you have accepted as reality. Happiness, creation, love and so many other blocks of a fulfilled life are with you and should not be taken away. Never give your power away; use it to create. ________________________________________________________ Taken from the book "Fountain Source of High Wisdom Sacred- Book of Thoth". Done by communication between Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam.

Pantheon of Aeternam membershib

PANTHEON OF AETERNAM MEMBERSHIP I am here to help you create a space of peace, so you can focus on finding your true self and learn to connect to others with purity and unconditional love. If you are wondering about your purpose, you should connect to Earth; her energies will reveal to you that your special abilities and unique gifts that exist in your physical body can help you fulfill your purpose. The truth that you carry can connect you to Earth and your purpose in this reincarnation but it can also connect you to the high light of the cosmos and the cosmic growth. The truth in you is not a belief or an idea; it is a living being that can connect you with Earth and her high light that is her golden era as well as the infinite cosmic growth. Contact us:

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Symptoms of Imbalance by Hank Geda

It is important to understand that purification can support your health. There are many forms of purification and they all link with each other. Purification can target imbalances that were created long time ago and still exist in you, taking different forms. These imbalances are creating schisms within your being and lead to physical illnesses as well as a polluted mind. When your mind is suffering from distortion, the body can become affected too. When human beings are not focusing on their wellbeing and allow dangerous substances to enter their being instead of Earth's nourishment, then there are imbalances in you that are affecting your mind. Having no clarity, no understanding of your purpose, no ability to connect to Earth and the cosmos are all symptoms of imbalance. If you are not able to heal yourself and heal others then you need to purify yourself, disconnect from distortion and bring healing into your being. Many of you are convinced that you are suffering, you are lost and you are helpless; this is communication coming from a fragmented mind. You are able to connect to high forces and bring healing into your being. These high forces are the Earth being a Goddess creator and the high cosmic creative force that supports life and maintains balance in the cosmos. Healing is something you seek and experience; it is not an idea or a thought. Connecting to everything that you are, accepting your imbalances and disconnecting from them is your path of growth. By Pantheon of Aeternam Taken from wisdom of Thoth

Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: purity

Purity is not an abstract idea. You have to experience purity if you want it to be part of your life. You can talk about happiness but it does not mean that you are happy. We do not want you to philosophise and use your mind to create thought-structures because this feeds the illusion and often is used for manipulation. We want you to experience purity because there is no other driving force in you. With purity you become your true-self and everything that you were instructed to accomplish in this life time is going to be accomplished naturally. There are people on Earth who find life hard; they struggle; they are under constant pressure; they believe that they never get what they want. These are signs of separation from purity. There is a simple way, a way of success for every single being on Earth leading to their true purpose. It can only be done if you allow purity to be your driving force. -Thoth-

Friday, 21 May 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Teaching about the moon.

Earth has created the moon to be Earth’s body out of the body. The purpose of the moon is supportive of Earth's growth. There were upheavals in the galaxy a long time ago. The galaxy was bigger with many suns and had to separate and form smaller galaxies in order to protect life forms and greater electromagnetic fields. During this transformation, the moon was created and was used as a protector and stabilizer of Earth's energies. Its position and movement brought balance to other planets in the galaxy. When the new galaxy was formed the moon continued to support Earth's growth. Astral races will travel to the galaxy to explore Earth; they landed on the moon and made bases there. The intention of these races, the way they entered Earth's atmospheres, and the imbalances that they brought to the planet, generated new energy. This energy attracted low beings who wanted to enter the planet. Earth became a polluted space and also the moon became a polluted space and often exchanged negative energies. Earth being a creator of life is going to purify and grow and this may affect the moon and its electromagnetic field.

Questions and answers from order members

Question: I would like to know what Thoth has to say about people who have mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, regarding the need for medication. Is there any other way to help them? Or is finding a dose and type of medication that works for them the best we can expect? And what really causes the mind to “break” in such a way? Answer: All diseases on Earth are man-made. Human beings suffer from blockages and imbalances which restrict the light to go through and naturally heal the whole being. These blockages affect different parts of the physical body and there are people whose mind is affected. People with psychological problems experience Earth’s schism and most of the time are unable to accept illusion as reality. Normal people accept all forms of illusion and they are able to follow the path of artificiality and be part of the social structure. Your mental doctors call this healthy behaviour. There is another reason why some people have mental problems and this has to do with their contact with lower spirits. Lower spirits are feeding from people’s energies and they exist in the aura of a being. If you want to help people you should connect to your true-self by healing your imbalances and blockages and then spread to cosmic light to others. All people on Earth suffer from the same disease; some of you have already seen the symptoms but many of you ignore the signs. Connecting to the light of the cosmos you can heal yourself and others who connect to you.

Wisdom of Thoth: The search for high Knowledge

Thoth is teaching us that our most precious wisdom is our true-self and when we are able to make the connection with our true-self the light of the cosmos will reach you in great abundance. It is the light of the gods that will bring the new golden era on Earth. The light of the gods is now received by a number of people on Earth. We have started to plant our seeds of truth and now as the seeds are growing, the people start wondering about their existence and purpose of Earth. When you are part of the illusion you can not be happy or fulfilled Therefore you are kept busy, fighting imaginary problems, needs, and going against your purpose. When one goes against his purpose it is like reaching a dead end. For your growth you have to follow one path and if you divert you are lost. Truth and growth are connected to your path and only if you follow it you can reach them. People who start to awake, have many questions and have an immense desire for learning and searching for truth. You may be attracted to different teachers, books and other sources of information. But I have to warn you that this can also be a diversion from your true goal which is your purpose. The gods do not want to control your life. We do not want you to rely on us and accept our gifts passively. Our light will heal your blindness and wake you up to Earth's true state but then you have to go through a transformation and accept growth as a natural process. We share our light with all beings, this is our duty. But the process of growth depends on their efforts and understanding of the natural and cosmic laws. You have been created to produce and transmit light and you do this when you are connected to your true-self and your path leads you to your purpose. The search for high knowledge is another diversion from your true goal which is yourself and your growth. You growth is related to the way you experience life and your creation. If you are looking for inspiration you have again to look at yourself. It should be very interesting to study everything that you are and what you can be when you are free. You should have great desire to know your tools and qualities and how you can use them to fulfil your purpose and support others. The most precious hidden truth is your true-self. When you master this then the light of the cosmos will reach you in great abundance and you will be enlightened. You will be ready to follow a new process of growth. It is the light of the gods that will bring the new golden era on Earth. Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Wisdom of Thoth: The beginning of life on planet Mars. (new teaching)

The Earth belongs to a galaxy and co-creates with many planets in order to maintain life and her connection with the astral plane. All planets in the galaxy have a unique existence and path. They were not created to co-exist; they did not carry the same light when they were created; the beings that exist on them were not part of the same growth process. Many of these planets were created on different subplanes and others were part of planets that were partly destroyed. Earth has also experienced many transformations that affected her physical body in many ways. There are planets that were colonized by many astral beings. The living beings that were part of the planet were either extinct or a small portion of them lived isolated in the inner parts of their planet. Mars was a planet that was created in the lower subplanes. The physical body of Mars did not grow to experience a golden era. However, the planet created resources that made it an attractive destination for astral travelers. Mars was not protected by energy fields that would restrict astral travelers from landing and exploring the landscapes. This gave them an opportunity to visit, create bases, explore ways to manipulate the planet's resources and elements as well as relocating. Because of its easy access and its unprotected areas, many astral visitors were attracted and had to fight with others who tried to establish themselves there. Some of these astral travelers created civilizations on Mars. The wars destroyed parts of the planet and a plan for regeneration and rebirth was for the planet to split in two and the part that carries the core would enter a planetary group " similar to a galaxy" and start its renewal process, connecting to the light and supporting its growth and transformation. --------------------------------------------------------- Farewell to Mars: God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Teaching of Christian Rosenkreutz: The Perfection of Earth

The Gods’ dream for creation is to restore Earth to her golden age by purifying her from all trauma, distortion and fragmentation. Once the elements of stagnation and imbalance are removed, the precious flower of light and wisdom that Earth once was will be revealed. Earth will be reborn from within and enter a new cycle of growth. She was created to exist for eternity and protect her creation to complete its life cycle. But as Earth loses control of her power and allows distortion to take over, the gods will have to intervene, connecting Earth to cosmic wisdom, healing and reminding her to exist as a creator once again. Through your eyes, I can see the green valleys and the rivers and the seas of Earth during the golden era. Through you, my star, I can travel to the days when Earth was the temple of gods. During the golden era, Earth had the gods as her fathers and there was so much love and perfection on Earth which was reflected in space. Earth was a priestess in the Gods’ temple; she was an oracle.During the golden era, planet Earth was an open school for masters. The term “mystery school” was adopted at a later time when darkness and distortion took over Earth and blindfolded her.I speak of the golden age because I was told that we have to make people aware of its existence in the past, present and future. Earth has undergone many great transformations over time since she was created. Some say that she will destroyed and replaced by a new planet which will be healthier and more active as a creator. This idea is not the most popular.What most gods want is to strip all darkness, distortion and pain which cause further separation from Earth. The removal of everything that is stagnant, poisonous and sick will reveal the true precious flower of light and wisdom that the Earth once was. I am talking about rebirth from within. There is a similarity with phoenix’s rebirth; through death comes life. Death is never the end; it is only a high point in the cycle of existence where beings enter a new cycle of life.Earth’s life cycles are not the same as the life cycles of the beings who inhabit her surface. She is a creator God and was created to exist for eternity and protect her creation in order to complete its life cycle. But as Earth continues to lose control of her power, the gods will create ways to protect her and maintain stability which in turn affects the overall growth of the galaxy. They will intervene by sharing with her the cosmic light of gnosis and healing, while teaching the importance of self-love and loving others as a reminder of its purpose to live like a creator. Re-creating Earth is a popular idea and will mark the end of a cycle. Death, as a renewal, is inevitable and all beings that will choose to stay on Earth will go through the same process. Many beings will leave Earth before the process begins.This is a magnificent time, for the Earth’s evolution. She will finally return to her first steps and a new opportunity will be given to her. This renewal will result in a much stronger Earth as she will progress. With the knowledge of all of her experiences and skills acquired over the eons while acquiring a new essence or in other words her true essence being magnified. If this is the future of Earth what is our role and how can we prepare for it? They are only two ways to help humans prepare for Earth’s divine transformation: through love and gnosis. These are the tools which can help humans escape the illusion and enter the world of cosmic creation. I am a cosmic truth and a divine act and this is all that I need to know. Questions1. Can you write in your own words what you learned from this teaching?2. What do you understand as Earth's golden age?3. Can you explain the following phrase: What most gods want is to strip all darkness, distortion and pain which cause further separation from Earth. The removal of everything that is stagnant, poisonous and sick will reveal the true precious flower of light and wisdom that the Earth once was. I am talking about rebirth from within. There is a similarity with phoenix’s rebirth; through death comes life. Death is never the end; it is only a high point in the cycle of existence where beings enter a new cycle of life. 4. How can we support Earth's growth? Love and Light Robbert-jan

An encounter with Goddess Hecate and with Robbert-jan Rozenkruis

More than 8 years ago on a breezy summer night with a full moon, I was studying in my room upstairs. At a certain moment I looked outside and I was surprised to see something very strange in my garden. I looked closer and I saw a very tall, beautiful woman with pitch black long hair surrounded by light, staring at me. She came through the bushes, standing there, inviting me to connect to her. I was amazed, speechless!!! I had an inner knowing that she was Hecate she came to me as a mother to look for her son. I stayed looking out of my window staring at her for about ten minutes. Then she made a sign with her hand, asking me to come down. I went down the stairs to the garden and when I stood in front of her she pushed me with a great energetic force down on my knees right in front of her. I was told by her that she came to tell me that big changes are going to come for me and the gods had chosen me to be their messenger. She also told me she was my guide from young age and protecter goddess. After a bright white light flashed in my eyes she was gone. This was a miracle! A couple of weeks later I met Barbara and our beautiful journey started. In the place where Hecate appeared in the bushes there is still a cove from her astral energy. I showed this to Barbara when she visited me. I am inspired to share this with you, celebrating my journey and path being a messenger of Thoth. Much love Robbert-jan.