Thursday, 5 May 2022

Wisdom of Thoth: The light of the gods

The gods and their existence fascinated human beings because they wanted to be close to them and connect to their light. All traditions and mythologies see gods as creators, beings with great power that can transform from light to a physical being and have super powers. Perhaps now it is time for religious theories and mythologies to be corrected. The gods are high light created by the intention of the source. The intention of the source has also created the cosmic light that moves through all planes and all beings in order to support eternal life and constant growth. The gods and the cosmic light work together to support the creation of the source. Human beings on Earth have given to gods persona, physicality, character and other beings on other planets have also given characteristics to gods that are related to their own perceptions. All beings in the physical plane need to know that they are light themselves and they can connect to the light of the gods and it is not necessary for the mind to label this connection. Some people may ask can the light of the gods spread to Earth or to other planets. The whole cosmic creation is united by energy fields connected to each other and there are countless energetic and physical bridges for the cosmic light and the light of the gods to enter physical space. The energy bridges are the energy fields and connections that unite the whole creation and the physical bridges are the human beings that consist of energy, light and a physical body. All beings that reincarnate on Earth are bridges for the light to be spread and to create. When human beings understand and experience their purpose, they will become the powerful receivers and transmitters of light.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Wisdom of Thoth: A high state of being

In this present moment go deep into your being, move away from the mind and the layers of distortion and sink into the truth of who you are. Humanity is offered an opportunity to join other light beings on Earth and experience a high state of being that will bring more light to the whole planet and her creation. This opportunity is created by an exchange between Earth's physical and astral body and the growth that is experienced in the astral plane.These exchanges happen often and support not only the Earth's growth but also the growth of all living beings. For these exchanges to be truly beneficial, they have to be completed and experienced by all beings. There are many powerful receivers and transmitters on Earth and these are plants, animals and elements who are able to tune into Earth and experience the opportunities of growth that are offered to her. Humanity is entangled in the layers of distortion that they see as truth and they experience many obstacles to connecting to their being and Earth. You are going to overcome these obstacles. You are going to connect to your being and experience Earth in you. You are going to look at your strong roots that are stretching to the depths of her being and then you are going to see that you are a tree, growing with other trees, experiencing an effortless growth that makes you more powerful every moment. You spread your branches because you love yourself and others; you know that right now you are spreading and receiving light. You are gifted to be and remain pure and this is how you experience life on Earth. In this state, you are going to experience the high state that is coming to Earth right now.