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A discussion with Dale Decker : About the Etheric body.

About the Etheric body and what happens to it when it is prematurely separated from the Physical body in un-natural deaths of persons and how it effects those who are still living.

I am always quite busy with my esoteric work when I am off from my regular job. All my time off is devoted to it- working with my two different astral projection techniques and studying the fourfold etheric aspects that are a part of our living earth in so many ways that would require the writing of a large book to cover only a small fraction of its diversities in human beings, our planet, and the universe. Such diversities would be how these etheric aspects play a role in the heredity of a person, the circulation of it through our living planet which has its roles in the functions of all its kingdoms and the earth-organism in its entirety along with how these same etheric forces have their varied roles to play in and on other celestial bodies in our solar system and beyond for example. All these aspects of the esoteric knowledge regarding the ethers have been known, studied and observed by myself in a wide variety of ways that can be and is observed by the averaged individual(without them being aware of the etheric) and the other aspects are not so easy to identify and can only be revealed by special instruction like how the etheric as its effects on the migrations of animals in their appropriate environments to how these same forces have meteorological effects in the atmosphere of our planet. Some of these functions are recognised by the so called scientific minded but they are at a loss in understanding the hidden aspects(the etheric) that are the driving forces behind it all. As a result of working with astral projection the astral body unfolds and we are able to perceive a different perception of our world.

As a beneficial result of being capable of utilizing the astral body is that we learn to follow the path that leads from the physical into the spiritual. When we perfect the operation of astral projection we learn that the astral body has its dwelling in a world that is constantly transforming like our own concrete physical plane and as we do this the qualities and quantities that stir and stair our physical senses disappear and a new perception of our consciousness unfolds with all its forms, beings and events in an astral condition and environment that is intimately connected with the physical via the etheric forces. When this work is carried out we experience a great change in our own perception and we are then able to identify(even with our physical senses) how the astral plane is effecting and changing the physical plane. The averaged person knows very little about these planes of perception that they are a part of as they can only receive short vague glimpses of it during their sleeping hours if they are capable enough to have their sense apparatus temporarily shut down to enter a blurry dream and upon awakening be plunged back into the sense world without even having any idea of the significance of this intimate connection between their inner and outer worlds in which they are so involved in and which plays many roles in their entire lives from birth to death. When we carry out an astral journey we feel as if we were outside our physical body and that we are able to look back at our physical bodies and our physical life without the use of any techniques of visualization and as we improve at perceiving this inner reality our perception grows within it and our whole being there expands and becomes a world in itself and our perception grows to the size of a whole world and we can then see are ourselves there in this world(even without doing astral projection) and realize that this world is within our own selves and that we can grow in the astral world just like we grow in the physical world and when we are able to realize this we are learning to live within the forces(astral and etheric) of our living earth in which we are all apart of regardless of how much many think that they are separated from it. A true spiritual perception is learning how to perceive the unbroken bond of our interior and exterior environments which can only be understood by a direct experience which is my work as a projector.

When the physical body dies its elements return to its appropriate regions of the earth. The other subtle bodies like the etheric and astral body along with the ego remain united for a short time until the etheric body separates from the others and returns to its proper regions in the etheric realms. After death the ego and astral body pass through their afterlife experiences(which iam sure you are familiar with) that occur between death and a new birth. When someone dies an un-natural death their etheric bodies are quite different in its make-up compared to someone who dies naturally of old age. The etheric body that is released from the physical body and separated from the astral body and the ego as the result of premature death may have preserved the life of the physical body for a much greater period if the accidental death did not occur and as a result of premature death the etheric body that becomes separated is still permeated with the living forces that would have prolonged the life of the physical body until an advanced old age. During an incarnation the physical body grows older and older but this aging process works in the opposite direction with the etheric body as it becomes younger as it becomes more subtle and refined when the physical body has aged. When it enters the body at birth it is considered to be old because it is more compact and full of living forces which will be contributed to the sustainment of the physical body throughout a persons life. When the etheric body is released from the physical body it carries its remaining living forces and it expands and returns to its proper regions in the four different etheric planes between the astral and the physical planes which surround our globe in the shapes of spheres. These etheric bodies with their living forces can cause impressions on the etheric bodies that still maintain physical bodies of those who are still living and can be utilized by anyone who is aware of the many manifestations that can take place as a result of accidental deaths of persons whom the specially instructed living person was acquainted with or not. When we are born the etheric body is already within us as it is a cosmic force which shines with a great luminescence within the interior of the body and is visible to those who have attain etheric vision and when this etheric body has to be released from the physical body because of somebody passing especially at a young age it becomes an intermediary between the interior and exterior levels that a living person is a part of and they receive impressions from these etheric bodies that fill the etheric atmospheres. Usually these impressions are ones that inspire and help those who are still living in so many ways such as healing the physical body or inspiring the astral body in ways that no averaged person could ever comprehend. The etheric bodies of the prematurely departed fill the atmosphere and they can flow into the physical bodies of the living in many ways such as in the inhalation of the lungs and entire body via the pore system of the skin and have an effect on the astral bodies of the living. The etheric body and the astral body that enters a physical body contains a wide variety of forces and these forces are gradually used up during physical life without any interference from premature death. These forces can be used especially if they already have passed through a living person who has departed the physical body and even more so if they died at a young age. It is important for the evolution of humanity that these unused etheric forces be utilized...

You do not have to be an intellectual to understand the teachings. Your brain will block your understanding. You have to let go of all conditioning, logic, past knowledge and even the society definition of you. A great student does not try to explain the teaching with his mind. Instead he allows the teaching to connect him to wisdom. The students who approach these teachings with purity are going to connect to the cosmic wisdom without making any effort. The people who are using old methods to judge and explain are not going to see the full potential of the teaching. They will read it like any book that had no real effect. Forget all that you know and approach this work with purity, humility and oneness. The teachings are keys to higher dimensions and if you approach with a narrow mind it is like you lost the key.
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