Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Wisdom of Astaroth: Be a Warrior and Save the Earth

Earth is suffering from distortion which is caused by the planet’s trauma and disability to cope as a creator. Barbara you are the beloved daughter of Thoth and he will always share with you his wisdom and love for planet Earth. I can hear him talking about you with great admiration and I say to him “she is my daughter too”.
Now listen to me. I want to warn you that Earth is heading for a major meltdown. You may not become a witness of this calamity in your current lifetime but will happen soon after. Your role is to wake people up to return to the old wisdom which were based on spirituality, creation and sharing the fruit with all. In the old times of wisdom all people knew all. Truth was a natural and social law. All people were free and always felt the need to share and build bridges of love with others. These are Earth’s true vibrations. There is distortion on the planet which is caused by the trauma of Earth and her disability to cope as a creator. But there is also the artificial distortion which is caused by certain species that are currently on Earth. These species do not belong here but they found themselves on the planet and now they are behaving like thieves and abusers of the maiden. They wish to leave but they are trapped here and the only way to survive is to alter the vibrations of the planet, confuse all Earth beings, deceive them, take all their resources and eventually run away.

The Earth cannot help herself. We cannot assist her if she does not understand and accept our intentions. We have decided to allow Earth to follow her destiny. We predict though that she is heading towards a meltdown and perhaps then we will be able to return and assist her.
There is hope. We are ready to help the beings of Earth to find their way. We want to share with them, through you, tools which can help them. My most valuable tool is my sword which is made from the black sacred stone and silver. I always hold it, sway it in the air. This way I call my enemies for battle. I have no fear and I will attack first because I know I am the winner. I will give you the gift of bravery and the gift of the true warrior spirit, the one that can help you win the battle.
The gift of bravery needs to be carried by somebody who is truthful and wise. You must know what your target is and before you act you should know the outcome. It is all about knowing and acting fast. If you wish to take this to a higher level, I will say to you that your power as a creator should be able to determine the battle and the outcome.
My gifts never go to spiteful, coward types because they are already dead and buried. Who wants to fight with a dead man?

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Pantheon of Aeternam membership

Pantheon of Aeternam was created in 2014 by Barbara and Robbert-jan. Our unity has supported our project and offered great healing to both of us. We both came from very different backgrounds and we miraculously connected. It happened naturally that we connected to the light of Thoth and this great force helped us to heal and understand our path. We know our purpose now and this is to connect to the light of Thoth and spread it to Earth and humanity. This will trigger purification, growth and transformation for all humanit

What is Pantheon of Aeternam?
At first Pantheon of Aeternam was our sacred place to connect to the light of Thoth, receive guidance and healing. We received teachings, we were able to communicate, asking questions about our own growth as well as many other subjects such as cosmic wisdom, the purpose, growth and transformation of Earth and humanity. The connection with the energy of Thoth became stronger We needed to purify and grow in order to support each other and start working on a project.
We were instructed to create Pantheon of Aeternam, teaching humanity unity and truth.
Our work is to connect with humanity and with their light, clear all illusion and fragmentation and restore the peace that once existed on Earth during the golden era. Humans need to know how Earth was created and what her purpose is. We are all linked with Earth’s growth and it is important to unite in order to save the planet and her whole creation
How do we receive teachings?
We do not perform any rituals, we do not connect to Thoth certain times/days in a certain room or at a specific high energy spot.
We do not use crystals, we do not draw symbols. We are a pure channel of Thoth’s energy and the connection is instant, direct and can take place any time whenever want to offer healing and knowing to Earth and humanity.
There is no secret knowledge to be kept for the selected few. All wisdom is revealed to all who are interested in becoming truth. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man- made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods of the pleroma. We want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants. We want to inform people about the creation of planet Earth and her full story of her creation and growth which was hidden for thousands of years. The teachings of the gods will help humanity to connect to the Earth’s energies, be part of the planet and live in harmony with all species. We all have to support Earth and restore her to the most graceful expression of herself, her golden age.
There is a divine plan and a high project of creation which involves the cosmic creative force and humanity and Earth. What we try to accomplish is the coming of a new golden era on Earth. With our teachings we want to restore truth and freedom and bring high growth for all human beings and their mother Earth. Human beings need to know about the distortion on Earth that breeds illusion, artificiality and fragmentation. We have to learn to exist in a space of unity; act with purity and focus on growth. Disconnect from illusionary thoughts, expectations and ideals allow healing to enter our being. This can be achieved when people go through a process of purification and transformation.

Robbert-jan Rozenkruis

Pantheon of Aeternam-Membership

Monday, 23 September 2019

Wisdom of Thoth: Systems of Manipulation

There are human beings who want to be free and in peace. They can create this sensation momentarily when they are in a meditation state. But then they feel that they have to go back to their “reality" and re-experience this complex system of restriction and suppression which supports negativity, limitation and separation from your light and path. It seems that people accept as their true state their limitation; peace in them is only a sensation.
Some of you may ask: how can I escape this; how was this state created; what are the external forces that are supporting it? Human beings were not created to be restricted. They were created to experience the physical body and energy to guide them on their divine plan and fulfil their purpose on Earth. The purpose and divine plan were created before the creation of your physical body. The people who are able to live close to Earth and their societies follow natural and cosmic laws are least affected of the matrix of distortion on Earth. It is interesting that the over populated areas on the planet are created as the powerful basis for the creation and expansion of the matrix. So people in big cities have the illusion that they have a better life style but in reality they are deprived from basic nourishment such as clean water, air, getting your food products directly from Earth and have people who see this as part of their purpose. 
In a city you can have numerous pyramid structure organisations and communities where people are happy to pollute themselves and disconnect from their purpose in order to reach an illusionary reward. There is also another disease that people in the cities, the bases of destruction, suffer from and this is the illusion of time. Time is another restriction and creates a true separation of your whole being were transformation is endless. Another way of manipulation is the creation of an artificial consciousness. Human beings consciousness is the limitation, competitions leading to illusionary rewards, polarities, constant pollution of your being, fear and trauma as well as distorted information regarding truth and knowledge. This artificial consciousness is constantly supported by all organisations who are liked to the ruling elite. There are also individuals that want to have power and influence and they use the same methods to build on to this artificial consciousness. When people are able to see truth they are free are ready to follow their path.

Wisdom of Thoth: Going on a diversion.

Wisdom of Thoth: Going on a diversion.( new teaching ) 
Wisdom of Thoth: Going on a diversion.( new teaching ) 
Human beings are constantly effected by distortion and this is demonstrated in the way they think, act and live their lives. Even when they connect to their own truth after a deep purification process they may still go on a diversion looking for truth elsewhere. Sometimes people blame this to their everyday challenges such as finances, family/relationships, being stuck or confused as well as not having enough support to over come these challenges. 

It is the purpose of all human beings to transform their challenges into opportunities and experience a life of growth. Instead people are supporting these challenges to become black holes and they fall in sinking in a state of absolute weakness and confusion. You can help yourselves by focus on growth instead of the obstacle and give power to growth. 

You are going to love yourself when you connect to seed of truth in you. If you can not see it ask yourself this question: What makes me truly happy? Describe a moment of perfect bliss? If you have to give to others the most precious part of your being what will this be? These questions can be your guide to your truth and help you focus on growth and obstacles. Focus on the beauty of your being will help you grow.