Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: The Earth-Moon-Sun alignment

The gods’ project on Earth is to assist people realise that they are locked in a low vibrational hypnotic state. When you accept illusion as true and allow it to form your existence, you have given life to artificiality. Escaping the illusion is going to change your life forever and what you will receive is what you need for your growth. Growing and expanding will bring you the balance and harmony most people seek on Earth.

The Earth-moon-sun alignment has brought stability to the galaxy. All creation can now grow to a higher level of vibration because our source is expanding. Our source generates light which is passed to its creation. Then the light is multiplied in order to sustain life and creation transmits the light back to the source. This is what is happening constantly; life generates life. The source is a living being and occupies an energetic space much bigger than its own creation. The nature of its energetic fields is unknown to us. But we can tell you that this high pure light has the ability to feed and multiply in high speeds.

When we receive the light from the source to help us create, we get to a state of great acceleration. In this state we are unable to use our tools or follow an understanding or prior knowledge. We automatically give ourselves up to this high light which creates through us. Before and after creation, we have to go into a transformation and regeneration period. This preparation is necessary in order to collect the light of the source, and allow it to create through us. The source is expanding and there is a transition taking place in its electromagnetic fields. 

The light which is coming from the source to the creator gods is transforming too. Therefore we need to prepare ourselves by expanding and generating the right atmospheres around us. The expansion of the source is affecting the whole creation.
The lower beings have to raise their vibration; growth and evolution should accelerate; connection to higher beings should be accomplished. Earth is not the only planet that growth is very slow or non-existent. We are concerned about Earth for two reasons: we need to maintain a healthy alignment between Earth, moon and sun and we want Earth to reclaim her status as high vibrational being and a creator god. We cannot allow our creation to decrease in growth. 

Our project on Earth is to help people wake up and realise that they are trapped in a low vibrational hypnotic state. It is not hard to escape illusion what is hard is to stop believing in it.

When you accept illusion as true and allow it to form your existence, you have already given yourself up to the enemy. Everything that makes you afraid or having other negative feelings is all an illusion. You are not in danger when you follow your own path and accelerate growth. Escaping illusion is going to change your life forever and what you will receive is what you need for your growth. Growing and expanding will bring you the balance and harmony most people seek on Earth. This is what we plan for you. We can achieve it together.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Locked into fear (new teaching)

Human beings are constantly affected by many forces of pollution. Some of them have become part of their every day routine and nobody is questioning the effect they have: such as contaminated water, processed food and living in isolation from Earth and the light of humanity. For many people satisfaction is consumerism and artificiality.
The type of pollution people chose to experience every day do not want to observe. If you purify yourself from all artificiality, distortion and fear that you experience in your everyday life, you are destroying the foundation that supports the tower of self pollution and collective destruction. If people are complaining for the new layers of pollution added to their lives and still following patterns of pollution they can only achieve to lock themselves into fear and polarity.
Fear is another form of pollution and its purpose is to disconnect humanity from their true power and their divine plan and make them experience an illusionary reality. The true purpose of the creation of the disease that is spreading to certain parts of your civilisation is that all people are locked into fear, and exist in a low vibrational state. - Thoth-

Friday, 27 March 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Astral Body

In this teaching, Thoth describes the process of creation in detail and points out that our true home is in the astral plane and our connection to the source is embedded in our creation code.

The more I look upon you, the more gifts of wisdom I want to share with you. May these graces fall on your head and cover you like a thick cloud.
You are a warrior of the logos. All that you say and do is part of the logos of the High gods. You are the messenger of the gods who gathered the light before this reincarnation and has been reborn on Earth to bring the opposites and make them one. You are here to receive the light and with it you will fight the low vibrational illusion of separation and polarity which has given birth to fear, greediness, survival and death of the real goal which is rebirth and transformation.

All gods want to offer you the present of a polymath: so my gift to you is the following: I want to talk to you about the astral substance which is used to create all beings. This is a substance that can be found throughout the universe, but mainly in the high planes that is used to build the astral body of a being.
It begins by the generation of a being’s creation code which is a result of the High creator gods entering a long period of high consciousness where preparation is taking place in the form of purification and empowerment. When a god connects to the Creator is able to exist in its atmospheres for different lengths of time. This depends on the god and the task.

When the creator gods connect to the High Source they are able to “heal” and empower themselves. It is in these high states of being that we are informed of our creative task, while gathering and eventually becoming the high light that emanates from the Creator. Slowly we withdraw from these higher realms to our normal state but the light remains within us. It is this light that forms the creation code. It is not always necessary to create an astral body immediately. The creation code is extremely powerful and intelligent and can exist on its own in high planes. The creator is surrounded by them in huge numbers.

When it is important for an astral body to be created, we work with the light of the Creator and a substance that exists in the universe. The light will contact the creation code and will decode it from the Whole. Then the creation code will realise its individuality and purpose and will create a model of how the astral body needs to be created in order to fulfil its purpose. In this design we bring the light and the astral substance. Gods influence the creation of the body and attract the right masters and guides who will safeguard and educate it. Not all astral bodies are going to acquire physical bodies.

The growth of the astral being is slow in relation to how time is measured on Earth but its capacity for learning is astounding. It is only when the astral being reincarnates on Earth, that it acquires a physical body to experience the physical reality. On Earth, beings seem to forget their astral existence and this is because they are focusing on the body time-line and the physical reality that surround them. As the physical being grows it becomes ffected by the polarities, the fear for survival and the traumas which affect Earth and her creation.
After their death, most beings are happy to return back to the astral plane where they find their home.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: The connection between physical and astral body

Unity and growth shape the astral existence of all beings. Life on Earth is fragmented and offers limited growth. Beings are either asleep or confused and their existence is very problematic. There are more people on Earth who have started to wake up as the light of the gods is approaching the planet.

My children on Earth have started to wake up and they try to understand the connection between their physicality and their astral body. This shows that you have already started to understand the connection between the astral and the physical and you are looking for confirmation or a more comprehensive answer. Your astral body is the core of your being; it is the plane where most evolution is taking place. The astral plane is your home and there you spend the longest period of your existence. In that state you receive guidance from your higher-self and divine intervention from your creation code. Your astral body is aware of your purpose and growth cycles; cosmic truth and wisdom goes through the astral body in the form of energy and this is why it is in a process of constant purification and transformation. Unity and growth shape the astral existence of all beings. Life on Earth is fragmented and offers limited growth. Beings are either asleep or confused and their existence is very problematic.

The time has come that people on Earth have to wake up and connect to their astral body. This connection is necessary in order to unblock the path of light which will allow growth on the physical plane. If Earth did not suffer from fragmentation and distortion, human beings will naturally be able to connect to their astral body and experience part of the growth that takes place there. The physical body is a lower vibrational reality and is unable to grow to the same degree as the astral body. When you connect to your true-self on Earth you connect to a lower form of your astral body. Your astral body exists in you; you can always experience an expression of it in your physical plane and you are affected by its growth. You are one with your astral body and all the other parts of your being are connected to form one unit of light. You are light which we also call energy and because you exist in a multidimensional space, this unit of light takes many forms in different realms simultaneously.

Your being is a sea of light expanding from continent to continent but it is also a single drop. This is the greatness of our source able to create many levels of growth and evolution. Accepting your multidimensional self it is a step towards growth. Now we want you to live as a multi-dimensional being and experience life on Earth connecting your physicality with your astral growth. When you take this route you will feel the detachment from all artificiality and you will gain strength and knowledge beyond boundaries. Your connection with your astral body will start to be established and clarity will take over confusion and limitation. If you wish to be a child of Thoth you have to focus on this connection and make it possible for you and others.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How to connect to your astral body

Many people on Earth want to experience the high realms and connect to the high light of the cosmos. There are some people who are following unnatural practices that does not bring peace  and unity with their whole being. These practises can encourage them to enter in a maze and experience illusionary growth. This type of growth may seem powerful at first but soon you realise that it is a house of cards like most illusionary beliefs and structures. 

If you are in a maze you can not connect to the light of your being and you can not connect to the high light of the cosmos. First you need to observe yourself, observe your current state, thoughts, actions, beliefs, intention and ways to create your life. A deep observation will help you see if fears and limitation are creating your path or it is the light, the truth and the divine plan that is inviting you to experience an effortless flow. 

Purify from imbalances and diving into your being to connect to your light will be the next step. Creating a space of peace and focusing on truth are steps towards your purpose. When you whole being is focusing on experiencing your divine plan, the connection with the astral body becomes an open path. If you are able to connect to the light within your being you are able to connect to your astral body because it is the same energy. Purification and growth will lead you to experience the beauty of Earth and the creative powers of the cosmos.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Wisdom Of Thoth: The separation and unity of masculine and feminine energies

God Thoth was asked, if one reincarnates as a man will he come back as a man in his next reincarnation. He explains the division and the unity of the masculine and feminine energies in the astral and physical plane. People on Earth have the tendency to classify, divide and emphasise what they understand as opposites. Freedom means that you are not attached to a certain persona including the masculine and feminine energies.

In the astral plane, beings can have feminine or masculine energies as well as the combination of both. Beings that are evolved can produce and transmit different types of energies, masculine or feminine. The high gods have experienced a unity between the two. This unity helps them to create energetic structures and connect to all creation. The polarity between feminine and masculine is experienced by all beings and part of their growth is to achieve unity.

A being that has one type of energy is limited; he is more a carrier of light than a creator. On Earth there is a clear distinction between masculine and feminine and this is demonstrated not only energetically but also in the physical body. People on Earth have the tendency to classify, divide and emphasise what you understand as opposites. So a man has a different look, way of thinking, behaviour, aspirations and life style than a woman. There are certain rules of contact for men and others for women. You also have the ideal man and the ideal woman prototypes. I will encourage the people of the Earth to be open to masculine and feminine energies because their unity will give you the knowledge to become a creator.

I was asked if one reincarnates as a man will he come back as a man in his next reincarnations. It all depends on your growth and evolution. There are astral beings that have masculine energies and reincarnate as a man in order to maintain balance. Other times, an astral being that is starting to merge feminine and masculine energies, may need to reincarnate and have a different sex than in previous incarnations. This may help the being to adjust to new energies and achieve a better union. All beings have a unique path and the astral plane is created to offer countless growth opportunities. Other times your reincarnation depends on your connection with your spirit guides. They are the ones who provide you with a life plan and clarify your purpose and tools. Freedom means that you are not attached to a certain persona including your masculine or feminine attributes. Where there is opposition there is also separation and fragmentation and the purpose of all beings is unity.

Monday, 27 January 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: How can we connect to Earth?

Many people want to connect to Earth, receive her healing and be part of her purpose and growth. But then many of their thoughts and actions turn them against this connection. The mind will explain this as an impossible task; I do not not know how; I do not have time; I need to focus on some important issues now; others do not appreciate my ability to connect to Earth so it will not make me popular; connecting to Earth is not an important skill for growth and advancement. 

The mind can create all these and many more distractions to take you away from your path and purpose: connecting to Earth is your purpose. Some of you may ask how can I achieve this if I am distracted by every day patters that although seems to be important, they are diversions from my truth and purpose. You can connect to Earth if you are able to connect to your whole being and understand that your life form is extension of Earths life form. For this to happen you have to dive into the greatness of your being. 

Loving yourself and healing yourself are qualities that you are going to develop when you are connected to your being. When you make this your every day experience, you will be able to observe your connection with Earth. You can energetically connect to Earth wherever you are and this connection happens when you connect to your own being and see yourself as an open space of countless opportunities of growth. Your physical body can be healed when is connected to Earth's physical body. When you live close to Nature, observe Earth's cycles of growth, plant seeds and nourish your physical body with Earth's creative force will help you to purify your life from every day tasks and patterns that take you on a diversion and align your whole being with Earth's growth.