Thursday, 5 May 2022

Wisdom of Thoth: The light of the gods

The gods and their existence fascinated human beings because they wanted to be close to them and connect to their light. All traditions and mythologies see gods as creators, beings with great power that can transform from light to a physical being and have super powers. Perhaps now it is time for religious theories and mythologies to be corrected. The gods are high light created by the intention of the source. The intention of the source has also created the cosmic light that moves through all planes and all beings in order to support eternal life and constant growth. The gods and the cosmic light work together to support the creation of the source. Human beings on Earth have given to gods persona, physicality, character and other beings on other planets have also given characteristics to gods that are related to their own perceptions. All beings in the physical plane need to know that they are light themselves and they can connect to the light of the gods and it is not necessary for the mind to label this connection. Some people may ask can the light of the gods spread to Earth or to other planets. The whole cosmic creation is united by energy fields connected to each other and there are countless energetic and physical bridges for the cosmic light and the light of the gods to enter physical space. The energy bridges are the energy fields and connections that unite the whole creation and the physical bridges are the human beings that consist of energy, light and a physical body. All beings that reincarnate on Earth are bridges for the light to be spread and to create. When human beings understand and experience their purpose, they will become the powerful receivers and transmitters of light.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Wisdom of Thoth: A high state of being

In this present moment go deep into your being, move away from the mind and the layers of distortion and sink into the truth of who you are. Humanity is offered an opportunity to join other light beings on Earth and experience a high state of being that will bring more light to the whole planet and her creation. This opportunity is created by an exchange between Earth's physical and astral body and the growth that is experienced in the astral plane.These exchanges happen often and support not only the Earth's growth but also the growth of all living beings. For these exchanges to be truly beneficial, they have to be completed and experienced by all beings. There are many powerful receivers and transmitters on Earth and these are plants, animals and elements who are able to tune into Earth and experience the opportunities of growth that are offered to her. Humanity is entangled in the layers of distortion that they see as truth and they experience many obstacles to connecting to their being and Earth. You are going to overcome these obstacles. You are going to connect to your being and experience Earth in you. You are going to look at your strong roots that are stretching to the depths of her being and then you are going to see that you are a tree, growing with other trees, experiencing an effortless growth that makes you more powerful every moment. You spread your branches because you love yourself and others; you know that right now you are spreading and receiving light. You are gifted to be and remain pure and this is how you experience life on Earth. In this state, you are going to experience the high state that is coming to Earth right now.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Your true path is a flow of abundance (New teaching)

There are human beings who are able to recognize that their governments, organisations and social structures are restricting them, pushing them into a maze of fear and anxiety and the exit is nowhere to be found. There are people who are worried about restrictions imposed on them. They worry about their ability to maintain peace and connect to their truth. They worry about what is coming and what additional restrictions will affect their lives. In their state of fear they will not stop pointing the finger not only to the people who bring these restrictions but also to the ones who follow them. In a state of fear they can not see themselves. They can not see that they are constantly triggered, moving deeper into the maze of anxiety, experiencing vulnerability and separation that blocks them from being in peace. You may hear them say: how can I be at peace when restrictions take freedoms away ? I will advise these people to slow down, stop thinking, stop fighting. Return into your being, into your state of peace and connect to your true path. Your true path is a flow of abundance, truth and freedom .When you are fighting you are in the mind and the mazes of fear and anxiety. When you are in peace you are following your path and you share your light, supporting life on Earth.

Friday, 19 November 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The current growth cycle of Earth

Human beings should know that Earth is divided into different layers of physical and energetic existence. These different layers are not yet connected to each other because they have different vibrations. They are able to carry the light in their own unique way and this affects the life that is created on the surface as well as the inner parts of the Earth. The distortion that exists on the surface and affects life does not enter the inner parts. It is like a cloud of pollution that can only affect beings that have not fully developed their ability to receive and transmit light and bring powerful transformation to the surface of the Earth. If you were able to travel to the inner parts you will see that there is a greater connection and all living beings are aware of the powerful core and they are open to receive and transmit light with it. For several growth cycles, Earth focused on building bridges for all layers to help them connect and communicate. Some of these bridges are the energies that are coming from the core of the Earth and are reaching living beings on the surface. These living beings are powerful receivers and transmitters of light and support the energies to reach all life. Earth has also created physical bridges by creating new species and nourishing all living beings in order to live a life of abundance. Earth is supporting the powerful receivers and transmitters who experience life on the surface of the planet .They are building these bridges with her and supporting beings that are coming out of their state of distortion. At this present moment Earth is taking many steps to empower living beings and help them see that their purpose is not a pyramid of rewards but is the truth and the true path that they have always carried in them. This path will lead them to Earth, collective growth and show them the way to become co-creators. Truth is not hidden. It is available to all beings and will offer you the most powerful healing leading to a transformation that will support Earth's growth.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Healthy relationships between people

Humans have many worries and anxiety about having relationships with other people. For many people, there is no truth or real joy in relationships. Everything is changing very quickly: people's emotions, expectations, behaviour patterns, their ability to receive and transmit. All these constant changes affect the path and purpose of the union between people. If you start to observe your relationship with others you will see that from the very beginning you were in a fantasy world. You are entering a relationship having no clarity about your true intention, you have no clarity about the other person's true intention and fantasy can create what is missing. When human beings follow fantasies they are going to experience emotional roller coasters, excitement and great disappointment all at once. In the beginning, fantasies will create the perfect relationship in somebody's mind, people are looking at the partners and see the perfection they fantasize about.  When the fantasy and its illusionary expectations start to fade, behaviour patterns, fear and limitations come to the surface and create a different landscape. This can shock human beings and their reaction is to go into the survival mode and the ego. This creates more layers of confusion and separation between people. Some of you may ask how can I experience a loving relationship with others and is this possible on Earth? Your starting point is to love yourself and know who you are. People who do not love or know themself they create relationships that are based on need. They need to be loved by others, they need their attention, their confirmation that they are lovable and often they demand this type of behaviour from their partner. Another behaviour pattern makes people give in order to be liked, do things for others in order to get their approval. This can also lead to a loveless and complicated relationship. Human beings can not create relationships with others if they do not have a relationship with themself. This connection can only be based on truth, a deep understanding of your greatness your unique qualities, your path and your purpose in this lifetime. 

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Are you able to love yourself and your body?

Are you able to love yourself? Are you able to love your body? How do you experience your love and what actions do you take to make your love a reality? Religions have placed heaven far away from the human being's reality. But the heaven of nourishment, joy, abundance, and growth exists around you and you only need to step in and start experiencing it. When heaven is placed further away from human beings' reality, they are left with limitations, fears, imbalances in the body, and the fear of survival. People experience great obstacles, disease, gear schisms, and traumas. They also become blind as to the ways they can love and maintain a healthy body. When you experience the fear of survival your choices will lead you to darker paths. False and destructive criteria take over and natural ways to nourish your body become a forgotten truth. If you are not looking after your body because of ignorance or other reasons that the mind creates, you are allowing imbalances to be created and affect your path. Human beings who are able to escape this limited state will experience that the heaven of abundance, beauty, and greatness is in their being, it surrounds them it is the creative force that supports their life in this present moment. People in the western world experienced a great distance between themselves and nourishment: It is too expensive, it is not practical, can not be found easily, it requires too much time and energy. People in the western world are living beings and they are also surrounded by nourishment. All living beings can connect to Earth and receive. If your physical location does not allow you to experience Earth's creative forces then move to another location. This is your priority, Life is a precious gift. Human beings can experience heaven on Earth at this moment when they come out from their limitation of the mind, the ignorance of their powerfull being, and their self-destruction.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The fundamental element of meditation

Human beings in the western world have discovered meditation, exploring old spiritual traditions. They have created many different types of meditation and each type is linked to a specific form of healing, transformation, or a vehicle to guide them to their true path and unique abilities. This plethora of meditation techniques reflects the countless illusionary choices of modern time. Are these meditations leading to the true path of humanity to exist in harmony, peace in unity with Earth and her creation? The fundamental element of meditation is for people to experience peace and maintain this state. Meditation has no time limit but it is a state that you want to grow and experience constantly. Being able to maintain a state of peace will help you see the obstacles, limitations, worry, and other negative beliefs that are constantly in connection with you. There are human beings who completely ignore the blockages and limitations in their mind; they ignore the fear patterns, their mechanical lifestyle. They accept all this as part of their reality; they are characteristics that many people carry so there are part of human life. When people are asked to experience a state of peace and maintain this state all the imbalances and limitations will come to the surface and will interfere. If people are not able to be in a state of peace they have to observe their limitations. Never abandon this great gift, the gift of peace, because when you fully experience it is going to offer you another gift, the gift of truth. When you know your truth you cannot be entangled in illusion.