Friday, 25 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Purpose, the Living God

Thoth teaches us freedom and truth. When human beings connect to their true-self they will be able to follow their purpose and have a life full of remarkable and liberating experiences. Human beings should take a step out from their current spot of confusion and start to see life in its true authentic state. We can acquire awareness when we acknowledge the light in us and use it as a guide. There are many people who say “I am looking for the high path” or “I am taking the high path”. What do they really mean with that? Do they mean that their life has some meaning or purpose? Do they mean that they are able to connect to their higher self? These two statements are routes that have a meeting point. Your life needs to be meaningful, full of interesting and liberating experiences in order to understand your purpose which is linked to the higher-self. Why do people move in circles activating multiple layers of negativity, fear and destruction? Is this related to their purpose? What I teach is freedom and truth. You are given everything you need to achieve your purpose. Your creators want you to be happy and have a fulfilled life and this is why you have a purpose. Your purpose is your driving force, your lucky star, the treasure chest you were always looking for. Why do you ignore your true path of freedom and growth and instead you lock yourself in a space of darkness and stagnation? It is the movement that you need in order to have inspiration and motivation. We are asking you to take a step away from your spot and start to see life in many colours and shapes. You creators have given you light and you have to acknowledge its existence in you and use it as a guide and sacred nourishment. Why are you looking elsewhere when you already have the nectar and the ambrosia? It is all very simple and very clear when you step out from your stagnation point. All you have to do is just one step forward. You, who are looking for your purpose, what is your strategy in your quest? For some people, purpose is just a word, an idea. For me purpose is a living being, much higher than the human being itself. A purpose of a being stays the same in all different realms and all reincarnations. It is a part of the higher self and perhaps it is the only part that stays close to the being in all different realms. Your purpose is a versatile instrument which was created with great effort and skill. You can always reach your purpose wherever you are because it is your compass through your whole growth. There are many people who find it hard to connect to their purpose and this is because they cannot accept it. When we can’t accept our purpose, we create many false representations of it, often related to social ideals. These false representations are created by us and function as diversions. Some would ask why people do that, what they have to gain from it. There is nothing to be gained. If you follow your true purpose you follow truth and freedom and this is not promoted by your society. Your society teaches you a life of restriction where the individual has to restrict others too. A life of truth and freedom can only be a wild dream for most people on Earth and this is why they do not accept the true purpose. This happens to most people, even the ones who claim to be awake or aware or even enlightened. I am here to remind you that your life is very important, you should not waist it, you should love yourself, the way your creators love you and you should follow the path of truth and freedom leading to your purpose. Some of you do not believe in gods, when you meet your purpose you will meet your own living god.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Life on the surface of the Earth during the golden era

All human beings should bring Earth’s golden era into their being. This is a powerful way to connect to the essence of Earth and purify from distortion that exists on the surface of the planet. Earth is a multidimensional being that experiences constant transformation and growth. She is a powerful creator and everything that she creates carries the same gifts, qualities, and creative powers. In the golden era, transformation and growth were caused by the high light of the cosmos. Earth’s physical body was in constant transformation. She was created to have an aura or an energy field that extended far beyond the physical body. The beings that Earth created first appeared in the core and they were light beings having an eternal life cycle, supporting Earth’s growth and transformation. The beings that were created carried the light of Earth’s essence and the high light of the Source and were created to receive and transmit light. Earth’s intention has not changed over the years: she always creates receivers and transmitters of light. In the golden era, Earth’s intention was to remain in a state of expansion towards the high planes and have a direct and open connection with the Source. Earth was created to be the seed of a new high plane that could support the expansion of the astral plane.

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: All life exists in divine unity

Human beings know gods through mythology and religion. For many humans, a god has a physical as well as a light form and he or she is concerned about the lives of human beings. When human beings are not able to experience unity, they cannot see that they are part of a living god and this is Earth but they are also part of a high creator and this is the Source. The greatest illusion and suffering that humans experience is their illusionary belief that they exist separately from Earth and if Gods exist, they are only concerned about the human civilization which is superior and therefore in separation from all creation. This belief makes humans receive and transmit illusion, focus on the mind/ego, and experience a life disconnected from their purpose and path. When you connect to Earth and see how effortlessly she can create and nourish all living beings, you will know that she is a god creator following cosmic laws. Earth is connected to the cosmos, she is experiencing cosmic growth and she wants all her creation to exist in unity and create a bridge for the cosmic light to enter her energy field. The purpose of humanity is to become creators and experience their divine plan, the godly plan. When you are able to connect to Earth, connect to the cosmos, follow cosmic laws, and create effortlessly then you experience the high light of the cosmos transforming your being. Some of you may want to know about the gods of the Pleroma. You may also want to ask: can humans be gods? The gods of the pleroma exist in high light and they are able to connect to the Source and create according to the Source’s intention. A simple way to explain the Source and its connection to the gods and the rest of the creation is the following: Imagine a human being that is fully naked, this human being would want to cover himself in order to feel safe, warm, and protected. He may also want to develop some tools to help him create. Then he is going to create his home, his garden, his neighborhood, town, or country. The intention of this being is the light of the Source; the clothes and tools are the gods of the pleroma; his home and garden are the high planes where gods exist and everything else is the rest of the creation. The light of the Source is guiding the gods to create. This light is absolute unity and absolute freedom.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The enormous potential of self

There was a time that gods were able to communicate with the people of Earth and sacred wisdom was passed down to them. It was necessary that the Earth should return to her first phase of growth, her golden era. Gods shared sacred knowledge and high light with the priests and wise men of different communities to help people escape survival and return to effortless growth. The priests created temples that had high energies for people to visit and receive healing, acquire knowledge, restore balance and connect to the gods’ energies. The ceremonies and rituals often took place in rural areas in order to heal Earth from her trauma. The teachings of the gods were communicated to people energetically; musical harmonies and dance were also used, imitating the harmonies of the cosmos. Human beings tried to safeguard sacred knowledge in order to protect it from distortion, destruction and death. Many leaders and practitioners of the arts of manipulation were attracted to this knowledge that they thought would help them empower themselves and connect them to high beings. Many expeditions and wars took place on Earth for people of power to acquire sacred knowledge. The place of The City of Shambhala (Tibet) was a mystery school connected to other mystery schools that existed in the areas of Europe and Asia. Many of those mystery schools were invaded and destroyed and their members had to take sanctuary in remote areas that were less accessible. The people who lived there were students and teachers of cosmic truth. They were all connected to the high energies of Earth and this made it possible for them to connect to the cosmos. All people who lived there understood cosmic truths and they all participated in rituals. Wisdom was not a privilege but a gift to all beings who are able to connect to the light of the cosmos and understand their purpose. The purity and connection that those people were able to experience then are now diminished and altered because they accepted visitors who were against growth. You are asking me if there is an entrance in this area that leads to the hollow Earth. Human beings cannot enter the hollow Earth. You can use telepathy to connect to beings that exist there; you can have visions of it. The first living beings that were created by Earth and experienced the Golden age, they now live in the hollow Earth to protect themselves from destruction. Many people are interested in reading about mystery schools and the knowledge and growth they shared with their members. I will advise you not to follow the illusion by fantasizing about what you cannot experience yourself. Do not divide people into masters and students; you can not be a master if you are not a student. Growth is constant and mastery is an illusion. Everything that exists on Earth and the cosmos is in you and you have to focus on the enormous potential of self. Allow the transformation to take place, allow your light to transform others

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The symptoms of distortion

Thoth teaches us that all different spiritual movements have something in common and this is sensationalism. Their core teachings are built on a fantastic concept which is vaguely proven to work. This is a symptom of distortion on Earth. My words should find a place in the hearts of all human beings, who try desperately to become enlightened. There is great faith in people’s hearts when they are connected to the gods and wish to be free from the burden that they experience on Earth. They are aware that their physicality is not the only way to experience truth and they try to disconnect from the body and connect to the spirit. They have been many different teachers who have misinterpreted ancient wisdom by giving it a modern make- over. These teachers took part in the distortion of truth and filled people with promises that never became reality. All different spiritual movements have something in common and this is sensationalism. There is always a fantastic idea which is vaguely proven to work and all people will believe it, try it, talk about it and then somehow it fades away to be replaced by another idea. This phenomenon is not happening by accident. It is a symptom of distortion on Earth. Due to distortion, nothing really grows and develops and this is why there is not result. Healing that takes place on Earth will not heal the dead. I want people to wake up to the truth and realise that their world is a fantasy. Their power is taken away and ability to communicate with the divine is weak being confused with new spirituality and relevant philosophies and practises. There is a simple way to be enlightened and this means that you will be able to receive your first lesson in cosmic truth when you are true to yourself. It seems like a simple task but for many people on Earth is one of the greatest challenges. Open your eyes and see that everything around you is false, artificial, distorted and has no true purpose. Some people may think that they have no choice but to accept illusion in order to survive. I say that you are all free and you can decide for your own lives. Do not give your power away because if you do you also give away your purpose. I want to see the people of Earth naked without the old garments, standing as true beings to receive the grace and follow their path. These are the beings that will connect to the gods and reach the Pleroma.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Is self-realization just another illusion?

It seems that truth seekers exist in a labyrinth of ideas, words and visuals and they are desperately looking for a way out but without success. There are many beings on Earth who are longing to achieve clarity, connecting to their true purpose, but they are entangled in the web of illusion and limitation. Thoth wants to reach all beings with his light and this is his advice: when people are able to empty their minds from all beliefs, aspirations, needs, suffering, pleasures and longings, they will discover their creator. There are humans on this planet who are experimenting with spirituality and present it as a form of dogma or philosophy. In modern days, people have used many different trends, colourful terms and interesting theories. I am not totally displeased with that because I can see that the inner-self opens the way for new discoveries and truth quests. However in the physical plane all high messages come distorted and eventually lose their true meaning. There are people who think that gods are part of a mythology, a colourful fiction, which became part of certain cultures but nobody explains why? I ask: why did gods have a prominent position in ancient people’s life if they were just fiction? Other theories want people to learn self-empowering techniques and encourage them to stay away from all high beings because they do not exist. But how people will be able to self-realise themselves when they live a distorted life? You do not know your true-self when you are not aware of your purpose which was given to you in the beginning of your reincarnation. There was a force that allowed you to reincarnate for a special purpose and this force has been with you ever since. Looking at the body and not at the mind, you know a small percentage of truth that serves and leads a being. People, animals, plants even planets are living beings created by a cosmic force. I am Thoth a creator god and I can see myself in my creation. There is so much life linked to me and I exist through my creation. I am interested in people who try to discover the truth. I know that they are in a labyrinth, desperately trying to find an exit and be free. I want to share my light; I want to show people the way. But I cannot do this by force; I can only help when I am called. I also know that humans have been manipulated through religious beliefs and distrust the divine element. My advice to you is to empty yourselves from all beliefs, all aspirations, needs, suffering, pleasures and longings. When you really empty yourself you will discover your creator.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The Essence and the Dream of Creation

In this teaching, Thoth explains that one’s essence is the presence of the High Source which nobody can destroy or alter. Intruders and deceivers have no real power over one’s essence and any attempt to destruction would be fleeting and illusionary. Our growth depends on our ability to create and for this to happen we have to recognize and understand our essence and our creation code. The essence of Earth, in the physical plane, can be described as the golden era, a time of high creation. I am Thoth and I wish to speak to you. There is an area on Earth where all elements and energies meet and this can be seen as the seed from where the planet originated. It is a high point on the planet that exists on the surface and its extension is connected to the hollow Earth, which connects the South and the North Pole and all of the meridians both horizontally and vertically. It is a point of high energy; it is the Earth’s essence and is both physical and astral projection. Nobody can enter or come near this point because it is sacred. With this I want to explain to you that those human beings who manipulate Earth’s resources, the ones who have the visitors’ races as their ancestors, have limited power. It is an oxymoron when people try to expose manipulation, yet manage to give it so much importance. Powerful are the beings who balance their actions and thoughts with the creation of the High gods. Beings regain their power when they understand their essence. Nobody can destroy his own essence because it does not belong to them; they have no control over it. One’s essence is the presence of the High Source, created by the High Gods. Therefore you all exist; you were all given a body, mind, heart, soul and spirit to be used as vehicles in order to get to your final pre- destined destination. You were given freedom to choose different paths in order to gain experience and learn lessons from them. Your true life path is a single line without shortcuts and diversions and it is connected to both your essence and creation code. Once this is realized, you will not sway elsewhere. You will know that you have been here all along. All options, questions, uncertainties, dramas and failures in your life will fade. You begin to experience your essence, divine purpose and your existence in all of its forms, physical and astral and you become aligned to your own essence. The sacred area on Earth, where all energies meet, is an unspoiled space of great wisdom and high creation. This is why we know that balance on Earth is already here. We see Earth’s presence by looking at her essence which shows clearly her great potential as a being and a creator god. In the physical plane the essence of Earth can be described as the golden era, a time of high creation. This is the Earth’s dream which is actually a reality and all beings that exist on the planet have the same dream. Gods are also dreaming of the golden era; the essence of the planet, her single line life plan and her creation code connect and begin to exist as a conscious reality, replacing the limited and distorted beliefs that lower beings so often cling to. Gods’ dreams are a creation progress: a dream is a reality/creation in the making. It slowly takes form and finally presents itself alive and ready to follow its path and get to its final destination. Your growth, as a human being will depend on your ability to have dreams of creation. The first lesson in creation is the recognition of our essence and our creation code; they are our driving force and compass which cannot be altered by anything or anybody. When you understand this first lesson and receive the light of knowledge, I will teach you more about cosmic truths.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: What is the source? 

The light in all beings is expanding in order to move to higherplanes and finally connect to the Source. This is how creation grows and regenerates itself. All beings have a natural ability to grow to higher planes and the energy fields and grids support this growth. There is constant communication within your being, between you and your astral body, higher self, and creation code. This communication can be seen as an energy exchange and creates countless opportunities for growth, guiding you on your path. All beings want to connect to the source because they want to renew the starting point of their creation. This can only happen when you connect to your creator and reestablish an energetic communication. Some of you may ask what is the Source? The source is the highest creator light and all cosmic life is sitting on the light of the source. The same way that Earth is supporting her creation. Allowing growth and nourishment to enter her creation, the source creates in a similar way and everything that creates is part of its light. There is no separation between beings that exist in different planes and the source. Some of you want to ask what created the source? The light beings that exist in the astral plane have no beginning or end; they have unlimited opportunities for growth. They can receive and transmit constantly.This constant movement of light that brings life to all beings is the essence of the source. The source is in constant movement, regeneration, and growth and this is why the qualities of its life are constantly being renewed and its existence and ability to create has no beginning or end. People can describe the source as self-created but there is another form of life that is supporting the creation of the source. 

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Meditation event in Queen's Wood London

We are delighted to invite you to a wisdom meeting which will take place in London at Queen's Wood. Our meeting will take place close to Earth’s creation: the plants, trees, flowers, animals, elements and their powerful abilities to receive and transmit light. Connecting to Earth’s energies, accepting Earth as a Goddess planet, you enable yourself to receive her light. Our meetings are held in high vibrational areas to help you open up and connect to the cosmic light. You will achieve clarity that will help you to transform and fulfil your purpose. All mysteries will be revealed, all knowledge will be shared and cosmic unity will be restored on Earth. Cosmic unity will be experienced on Earth by the people who are able to communicate with us. We are all building bridges between the Earth and the Pleroma, we are all transmitting and receiving light and this way we all participate in recreating the Golden Era on Earth.

Wisdom of Thoth: A new state of being

Some people say that everything is collapsing; the old state of being for humans is forced to dissolve and the new path is created to support growth in the whole planet. Human beings have to know that they supported the old and some of them are still holding on to it. There are other people who can not see the new state of being but they can not see the old either. They mechanically follow their everyday patterns and the truth is the illusion and artificiality that is offered to them by the different sources of distortion including manipulation systems. Everything mechanical that determines your understanding of yourself and your life is part of the old. All experiences that created limitations are part of the old. A state of being that restricts you from being peaceful, free, and blissful is part of the old. A life that does not allow you to connect to Earth, experience her abundance, unity, and effortless growth is a life that human beings have experienced for centuries. All this is collapsing right now and you will be asked to enter a state of peace and open yourself to receive the new. Humanity is standing at the crossroads. They are placed in front of a true path but there are also diversions related to the old patterns and beliefs. Enter a space of peace, purify from the old distorted patterns and see your path and Earth's path being's one. Becoming one with Earth is the high growth that will bring a new state of being.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The nature of gods

Thoth explains the nature and purpose of gods and demigods. Some people are wondering about the nature of gods. Are they humanoid, physical beings; do they visit Earth; are they light-beings who has no access to low realms Gods are astral beings and can take many forms. The majority of them cannot enter low realms there fore they are in contact with other astral beings that are able to achieve it. A god is not one being; he has multiple forms and can penetrate many manifestations of reality simultaneously and can take many different forms. They exist in a space without boundaries.Their aim is to possess the most advanced creative tools and take part in complex creative projects. The tool which all gods aspire tohave is the power that makes them eternal and limitless.There are also the demi-gods who are in the process of becominggods as it is reflected on their creation code. They are often the helpers of the gods and they either reincarnate on Earth or other third-dimensional realities or are used as messengers connecting and guiding human beings.You may ask what is the purpose of all this? Gods are themselves high creation. Our source brought life to the universe by creating the gods who are also creators. Our hierarchy is structured with the source at the bottom of the pyramid then the gods and finally all the other species. This shows the eternal and unlimited presence of our creator which consists of everything that exists; its creation known to us is only a small part of its greatness. We are all connected to this great force.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

An order member with Pantheon of Aeternam for almost 6 years gives insights

Hello dear friends, My names is hank and I've been an order member with Pantheon of Aeternam for almost 6 years.I wanted to share with you about the orders newest book Sacred Book of Earth. This is an amazing book and gives a true account of Earth's creation of her physical body and how things came to be the way they are on Earth in the current times. There is also knowledge about how the physical realm was created and the purpose of this creation. Simply put this truly is a Sacred text, a gift from Thoth to help human beings reestablish their connection and communication with our divine mother Earth.Learning the truth of Earth helps us to form a deeper and more complete bond with her as it is meant to be. This book is also a very important guide to helping us realize our own greatness and inner power that comes from the core of our being that is bringing light from the higher planes. Reading this book is a great way to help your own core connect and communicate with the sacred core of Earth which is the seed of Earths divinity. The golden age exists in the core and it is our duty to not only enjoy the splendor of the golden age but to help this light reach all parts of Earth so that the whole planet can re-experience the greatness of the golden era, a time of high creation. Reading the teachings helps us to fulfill this sacred duty bringing freedom, truth and growth to all. This is one of the most powerful books that human beings can read on Earth. Lots of love dear friends and I wish you all the very best. Your friend Hank

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

About Anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders are the most common form of emotional disorder and can affect anyone at any age. Lifestyle changes can be an effective way to relive some of the stress and anxiety you may cope with every day. Most of the natural “remedies” consist of caring for your body, participating in healthy activities, and eliminating unhealthy ones. Here are some ways to lay down a strong foundation for your health, and in the process experience less stress and anxiety: Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Sleep is important for restoration and healing. Getting enough sleep helps to reduce inflammation, curbs cravings for simple sugars and refined carbs, and helps you think more clearly & creatively. Drink 12-16 ounces of water upon waking (and plenty throughout the day). We are very dehydrated when we wake up in the morning - having gone 8 hours without any water! Drinking warm lemon water (with just a pinch of sea salt) before your coffee can help replenish lost electrolytes and stimulate your digestive system (it also sets you up for remembering to drink more water throughout your day!). Spending time outside first thing in the morning helps to reset your circadian rhythm naturally. If you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, this is an amazing tool to get better sleep! Taking a break for each hour of work to stretch or move your body (walks are my favorite). Breaks are essential for our minds to work optimally. Breaks are often seen as disruptors to our productivity, but quite the opposite is true. Research shows that we need to take a break at least every 60 minutes of working on something, and should never multi-task. Our gut health influences everything from our weight, to our mood, to our cognitive ability. It can be the reason for our back pain, the root of our depression, and of course, the cause of our digestive issues. Trillions of microbes are living in the digestive tract, with at least 400 species of bacteria in the gut. This means that there are more bacteria in the gut than the cells throughout the body. These microbes are essential in digesting food, warding off potential pathogens or harmful microorganisms, and synthesizing vitamins. Adding a prebiotic or probiotic supplement to your diet may be a great way to improve your gut health. Prebiotics provide “food” meant to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, while probiotics are live good bacteria. People with bacterial overgrowth, such as SIBO, should not take probiotics. Not all probiotic supplements are high quality or will actually provide benefit. It’s best to consult your healthcare provider when choosing a probiotic or prebiotic supplement to ensure the best health benefit.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

By Hank Geda

How can you connect to the cosmic light? You can achieve to connect with the cosmic light by remaining in a state of peace. This is a limitless state where you allow the being to connect with all your bodies and balance the energies. It is a state of freedom and expansion where you block the distortion from entering the mind and being. It is a state where you can purify yourself and expand towards Earth and the cosmos. What is your understanding of inner peace? This is a pure state that allows you to grow and expand. It is a way for us to purify ourselves and be free from distorted energies. It helps us to experience our path and purpose by allowing us to function energetically the way our creator intended us to. How can you create a space of peace? First, you must empty your mind from all thoughts to come to you. Then you bring your attention to your being your body. Focus on all the details of this gift of the body and explore all its functions and gifts. Become one with your being so that you may become one with Earth and the cosmos. What is your experience creating a space of peace? I feel wholeness, growth, bliss and greatness when I enter a space of peace. It is a time of happiness and great joy, being free from the illusion and distortion. I try to make this my permanent state and be a beacon of light and growth for earth, humanity and the rest of creation. It allows me to experience my whole being and be a perfect receiver and transmitter of cosmic light. What is the limitation of the mind? This is like forcing the eternal nature of your whole being into a small box with no room to grow and almost no space to breathe. It is unnatural and brings distorted energies to one's self and the environment the being exists in that experiences these phenomena. It is false but appears real and casts a veil of illusions. It is a state of fragmentation and distortion. What makes you negative? I try not to be negative but I do know and recall things that made me negative before. I used to be negative when I would dwell on how much suffering I experienced in my life. I would ask myself questions like " why would the creator put me through this?" and then I would get upset. I realized that all this behavior was more or fewer games of the low beings and illusion to trick me into a delusional, distorted and fragmented state to lower my vibration so they can feed on my energies. I also get triggered by other things sometimes but mostly I do not get this way anymore. I sometimes get upset one people around me to transmit low distorted energies to me because I feel like all the hard work I do to purify myself goes to waste but I know this is not true. What triggers negativity in you and how do you maintain peace in your being? Suffering, limitation, distortion, illusion and games of the low beings. They try to create false stories in my mind and trick me into creating a false reality. I can observe all this and I do not create the false realities of suffering anymore. I try to just focus on my being and be happy to be part of Earth's growth, healing and rebirth. I remember all the things I'm grateful for and this helps me maintain peace. What is your understanding of true happiness and fulfillment and how people can achieve it? I'd like to say that this is a state of growth and expansion. This is achieved by remaining in a peaceful state which is the only state that we can be truly happy in. As eternal energy we can enrich ourselves by achieving our goals of fulfilling our divine plan on earth and ascending in the astral plane, transcending cycles of growth and reaching to our higher self and creator. This to me brings us true happiness and fulfillment. What is your true-self and how can you connect to it? The true-self is a lower form of your astral body. It is a connection point for us on Earth to connect with our astral body. To connect with it we have to purify ourselves from all distortion, fragmentation, limitations and illusion. Returning to our pure state we can experience our whole being and all the connections to it including our true-self. Being peaceful and raising our vibration helps us achieve a state where we can connect with our true-self. What is your understanding of the following guidance: “The state of peace can be achieved by all human beings when they are able to block the distortion of the mind.” The distortion of the mind locks a being in a state that brings them limitations, fragmentation, disconnection and leads to the creation of schisms. A distorted state is an unnatural state and disconnects a being from the growth and wholeness that they can experience being their true self. It blocks you from the connections with the cosmos, earth and your whole being. Blocking the distortion of the mind will free your being and energy which brings you much peace. Are you able to observe thought patterns that take you away from your state of peace? Yes, sometimes I can get distracted by different patterns that I'm able to observe. It is all designed by the illusion to low my vibration and trick me into creating distortion. It's always having something to do with negativity and low energies which makes it easier to identify and ignore it. Can you describe your fear patterns? Fear patterns are completely illusionary as well as unnatural. It is not real and it creates distortion. It is mainly used to trick people into manipulating themselves to a distorted state and blocking their connections with true-self, earth and cosmos. Observe a moment in your life that you were forced to act in a way that was destructive to yourself or others. I used to have a drinking problem because I was trying to escape my reality. This created schisms in me and was very destructive. I stopped drinking many years ago and decided I wanted to live a happy and pure life. I discovered later that most of these distorted patterns were being transmitted to me from my environment by other people that carried these patterns which seem to be a family pattern. I was also being destructive to myself by being forced by low beings to create schisms to myself when I was young and too ignorant to understand what I was doing. Why is peace a state of expansion? This is because I return you to your natural state where you are free and being limitless. When you are not blocked, growth is a natural process for eternal energy beings. When you are able to grow this makes you expand which is natural and peace helps you achieve this. How can you dive into your being and create a space of peace? Empty your mind, purify yourself and love every aspect of your being! Instead of being trapped in the mind focus on the wholeness and growth of your being. Society teaches people to stay in the mind and that the mind is superior but then people ignore their body. The body is the greatness of our whole being manifested in a physical form. All of our talents and abilities are stored in this physical manifestation so it should not be ignored but cherished and loved! Lots of love Hank

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