Friday, 15 January 2021

Buy our new book "Sacred book of Earth"

We are happy to announce that our new book "Sacred Book of Earth" is out now. We are very proud to present this book to you as it is the most powerful and truthful account of Earth’s creation and sets the starting point for humanity to journey back to Earth of the golden era, experience her powerful creative powers, gifts, purpose, path and bring this high point of growth in their present moment. The cosmic wisdom that is shared in this book will take you to a time where physicality did not exist. The only plane where all life was created, was the astral plane. The astral plane is a complex electromagnetic field and its energy occupies the greatest part of the cosmic creation. It is an enormous, multidimensional energy space of transformation which is divided into many sub-planes of various energetic structures. It is the home of our astral body which is our permanent and eternal existence. There was a time that all beings including Earth, experienced life only in the astral plane. The creation of physicality was a transformation of the astral body that was allowed to be experienced by a small number of astral beings. It was seen as a unique creation, leading to an extension of the astral plane. The astral beings that chose to experience this unique transformation, became the planets that were called to form star systems and create life themselves, connecting to the gods and the Light of the Source. Earth was a high receiver and transmitter of light. She supported her transformation and growth cycles by receiving and transmitting cosmic light and becoming a high creator. When she completed her transformation, becoming the physical planet, she went through a growth cycle that is called the golden era. In the golden era, Earth carried the highest light; her physicality and astral existence were fully connected and carried the same light. Her creation, animals, plants, and other living beings were part of the same unity, existing in the same light. There were no polarities, distortion, fear, or limitation on Earth during the golden era, only constant growth. Earth remained in a high state of growth even when other planets and their creation had started to experience distortion and schisms. Earth supported the growth of all living beings in this new physical plane, by sharing light, supporting and building energy fields, allowing the cosmic light to connect and support life. The book will show you how and why Earth’s golden era came to an end. You will read about the transformations that Earth and other planets had to experience during these turbulent times and how this affected their creation. The price of the book is £13.50 +shipping. You can send an email to: Best Wishes, Robbert-jan Rozenkruis
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