Saturday, 25 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Visitors on Earth

Earth in the golden era was a luscious land with the most extraordinary variety of plants and animals, rocks and formations. The gods created mountains of crystal to be used as receivers and transmitters of energy and maintain the planet’s state as a high vibrational being. When travellers from other planets were able to visit Earth, they saw the devices and realised that she was made of the godly elements which gave her a superior position in the godly creation.The gods created mountains of crystal on Earth which brought the high energies on the planet. This led to the planet growing faster and occupying a high astral place; beings were able to feed from the energies, raise their consciousness and become gods themselves. Many of the mountains that existed on Earth were used as transmitters and receivers. The pyramids of Egypt which still exist today were covered with glass; they were only a small device of receiving and collecting information and it was built by visitors from other planets who inhabited the area.The creatures who lived on Earth at the golden era were demigods, gods and their helpers. Earth’s great number of animals and plants are now extinct. Having been on Earth in her early days of creation, I must say that she looks now like a planet of desolation.The beings that came to explore Earth saw all these devices that gods left behind and started to understand their purpose and how to use them. They built many more around the planet. They realised that she was made of the godly elements both in the physical and astral plane and this gave her a great superiority against other planets. All these years, Earth has been robbed by the creatures that walk on her. The ancestors of many humans who are being born on Earth are the visitors.The visitors’ civilizations started to grow. We had predicted that, so we were happy that beings with high intelligence were going to create on Earth. The planet was becoming an even greater magnet forplanetary races to visit study and make it their home. They brought their technologies and started to manipulate the elements, they experimented with genetics and even tried to capture the essence of the planet and take it away to their lands. Earth was a perfect and godly creature and all were attracted by her beauty and her godly grace but there was something that the visitors found odd: why there are not any intelligent beings on Earth who can rule and have power over others, building technologies and claim the planet as theirs?On the other hand, there were other visitors who enjoyed the freedom and the riches of Earth. They built great civilizations and maintained peace and growth on Earth for thousands of years.As Earth was attracting more visitors, it became necessary for them to divide the land and the resources and claim everything they found on Earth as their creation and property. They planted the seeds of greed, destruction and alienation.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: What is a God? (teaching for the new book)

Human beings know gods through mythology and religion. For many humans a god has a physical as well as a light form and he or she is concerned about the lives of the human beings. Human beings can not see that they are part of a living god and this is Earth but they are also part of a high creator and this is the Source. The greatest illusion and suffering that humans experience is their illusionary believe that exist separate from Earth and if Gods exist, they are only concerned about the human civilisation. This belief makes humans receive and transmit illusion, focus on the mind/ego and exist separate from their purpose and path. When you connect to Earth and see how effortlessly she can create and nourish all living beings then you will know that she is a god creator following cosmic laws. Earth is connecting to the cosmos, she is experiencing cosmic growth and she wants all her creation to exist in unity and create a bridge for the cosmic light to enter her energy field. The purpose of humanity is to become creators and experience their divine plan, the godly plan. When you are able to connect to Earth, connect to the cosmos, follow cosmic laws and create effortlessly then you are experiencing the high light of the cosmos transforming your being. Some of you may want to know about the gods of the Pleroma. You may also want to ask: can humans be gods? The gods of the pleroma exist in high light and they are able to connect to the Source and create according the Source's intention. A simple way to explain the Source and its connection to the gods and the rest of the creation is the following: Imagine a being that is fully naked, this being would want to cover himself to keep himself save, warm and protected it. It will also want to develop some tools to help him create. Then he is going to create his home, his garden, his neighbourhood, town or country. The intention of this being is the light of the Source; the clothes and tools are the gods of the pleroma his home and garden is the high planes were gods exist and everything else is the rest of the creation. The light of the Source is guiding the gods to create. This light is the absolute unity and absolute freedom.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Earth's purification process

When you connect to Earth, you can experience a feast of sensations, looking at beautiful lands, smell the flowers and trees, hear the natural sounds, taste the healing plants and fruit and touch countless textures in a form of a living being. You are very relaxed and content being in nature, you experience balance within your being, your mind is less active and you exist in unity with Earth and her creation. Earth has a great healing effect on you and this effect can be magnified if your are able to connect to her energies. You can connect to Earth's energies wherever you are. They blend with your aura, they supporting you and nourish you in a energetic level. This is happening because you are part of Earth's energy field and Earth is naturally supporting you to grow and receive the light of the cosmos. 
Everything that Earth creates are energy points in this field. Its core is in the inner Earth and spreads out to the surface and to the aura of the planet. All living beings are receivers and transmitters of light. This brings growth to Earth's field and support her abilities to create. 
Earth is going into a purification process and when this is completed the high energies of the core of the Earth will expand to her whole being and replace the low frequencies and the distortion. You are part of this purification process. Humanity has to connect to the light of the cosmos and this will open a channel for the high energies of the Earth to spread and heal all beings. You should focus on healing yourself, purify from imbalances and become a pure light, a perfect transmitter and receiver of light.

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: life on the surface of the Earth during the golden era

All human beings that exist in your current era, should bring Earth's golden era in their being. This is a powerful way to connect to the essence of Earth and purify from distortion that exists on the surface of the planet. Earth is a multidimensional being that experiences constant transformation and growth and everything that she creates carries the same qualities. In the golden era transformation and growth were caused by the high light of the cosmos. 
Earth's body was in constant transformation. The surface of the Earth was the product of this transformation. Earth was created to have an aura or an energy field much greater than her semi physical body. The surface of the Earth was part of the energy field so it was non physical. The beings that Earth created were first appeared in the core and they where light beings having an eternal life cycle, supporting Earth's growth and transformation. 
The beings that were created carried the light of Earth's essence and the high light of the Source and were created to receive and transmit light. Earth's intention has not changed over the years: she always creates receivers and transmitters of light. In the golden era, Earth's intention was to remain in a state of expansion towards the high planes and have a direct and open connection with the Source. Earth was created to be the seed of a new high plane that could support the expansion of the astral plane.

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Life in the inner core of the Earth (new teaching)

Earth was created to have a high vibration similar to the astral plane. She is a high creator who has the ability to receive high light and guide her creation to high growth.This is experienced by the beings that exist in the inner Earth. They have their own civilisations that were created when Earth started to experience low vibrational beings entering her atmospheres.
The beings that exist in the inner Earth are experiencing Earth's golden era. Their body, abilities, path and purpose are very different from the human beings that currently exist on the surface of the Earth. These beings carry with them the light of the golden era and making their home in the inner Earth is a great opportunity for them because they connect to Earth's high energies and this shapes their life and purpose.
You may want to ask: do these beings wish to come to the surface of the Earth and are they able to? Human being have the illusion that alien visitors want to invade their lands and interfere in their lives. You must know that the surface of the Earth is a low vibrational part of the planet and if any astral beings wanted to visit Earth they would prefer to enter the inner core.You also have to know that the idea of a spaceship landing on a field or hovering above one of your cities can only exist in your fantasy.
Astral beings can travel to other planes energetically. Their energy is a point of connection and a powerful transformation tool to help them achieve what is important for their growth and the growth of their planet or plane. The beings who exist in the inner Earth are fully aware of their path and Earth's path. They are able to see what is happening in all parts of Earth and they are also able to connect to other astral beings and communicate with them. Your purpose is to get out of your confusion, connect to Earth and focus on your energy to help you create the golden era on the surface of the Earth.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: The idea of the promised land (new teaching)

Human beings are very attracted to the idea of the promised land, a location that can give them all resources they need so they can fulfil their dream of everlasting happiness. This promised land exists and it is in their being: connecting to their whole being, allowing the light to guide them to their path, develop their special abilities, fulfil their purpose and see themselves as receivers and transmitters of light.

If human beings were able to connect to the Earth and the cosmos they would be able to understand the purpose of this life time. They will be able to see that there is a path created for them to help them achieve their purpose effortlessly. Human beings who are suffering from distortion they have no clarity therefore they cannot see their path and their connection with Earth and the cosmos. Instead they follow diversions, taking them to illusionary states, hoping that they can create a wonderful life and fulfil their purpose there.
Many people relocate to the big cities of your western civilisation. They leave their towns and countries behind and enter the big cities in order to grab their own opportunities of success. Big cities were created to attract, control and manipulate a big number of people who are looking for a better life. It is important to know that everything that is created by the rulers focusses on control and to shut down people's true potential for growth. Technology, financial stability, opportunities of success and the many choices that are available to people in the cities they are all a powerful force of destruction.
Currently human beings are being affected by a health crisis that has shaped every aspect of their lives. The people who are suffering the most are the people in the big cities of your western civilisation and this was meant to be this way. The rulers are going to create more of these crisis events in the coming years and again the people in the cities will suffer the most because they are disconnected from Earth. If you wish to step out from the control you have to connect to Earth and allow her to nourish you.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: The Earth-Moon-Sun alignment

The gods’ project on Earth is to assist people realise that they are locked in a low vibrational hypnotic state. When you accept illusion as true and allow it to form your existence, you have given life to artificiality. Escaping the illusion is going to change your life forever and what you will receive is what you need for your growth. Growing and expanding will bring you the balance and harmony most people seek on Earth.

The Earth-moon-sun alignment has brought stability to the galaxy. All creation can now grow to a higher level of vibration because our source is expanding. Our source generates light which is passed to its creation. Then the light is multiplied in order to sustain life and creation transmits the light back to the source. This is what is happening constantly; life generates life. The source is a living being and occupies an energetic space much bigger than its own creation. The nature of its energetic fields is unknown to us. But we can tell you that this high pure light has the ability to feed and multiply in high speeds.

When we receive the light from the source to help us create, we get to a state of great acceleration. In this state we are unable to use our tools or follow an understanding or prior knowledge. We automatically give ourselves up to this high light which creates through us. Before and after creation, we have to go into a transformation and regeneration period. This preparation is necessary in order to collect the light of the source, and allow it to create through us. The source is expanding and there is a transition taking place in its electromagnetic fields. 

The light which is coming from the source to the creator gods is transforming too. Therefore we need to prepare ourselves by expanding and generating the right atmospheres around us. The expansion of the source is affecting the whole creation.
The lower beings have to raise their vibration; growth and evolution should accelerate; connection to higher beings should be accomplished. Earth is not the only planet that growth is very slow or non-existent. We are concerned about Earth for two reasons: we need to maintain a healthy alignment between Earth, moon and sun and we want Earth to reclaim her status as high vibrational being and a creator god. We cannot allow our creation to decrease in growth. 

Our project on Earth is to help people wake up and realise that they are trapped in a low vibrational hypnotic state. It is not hard to escape illusion what is hard is to stop believing in it.

When you accept illusion as true and allow it to form your existence, you have already given yourself up to the enemy. Everything that makes you afraid or having other negative feelings is all an illusion. You are not in danger when you follow your own path and accelerate growth. Escaping illusion is going to change your life forever and what you will receive is what you need for your growth. Growing and expanding will bring you the balance and harmony most people seek on Earth. This is what we plan for you. We can achieve it together.