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Wisdom of Thoth: A carrier of Cosmic light, Within the mind & Goddess Earth

 A carrier of Cosmic light 

We are not here to show you how to walk by using your two feet or how to use your hands and other body organs. We are here to make you aware that your physical body is an extension of an astral energy body and all growth and evolution that takes place in both bodies are linked with each other

All human beings carry energy that can not be defined by your five senses. You have a body of energy that exists closely to your physical body and is a gateway to your astral being. Through this energy-body you receive and transmit light. Your purpose is also energy. When human beings state that they want to fulfil their purpose this means that they want to reach to a certain energy state through transformation and raising their consciousness
You create energetically, you communicate energetically, you heal energetically. When you purify and transform you allow energy to clear imbalances and restore your light. When a great creator performs wonders you call this a great talent or charisma. In all cases this being is a receiver of cosmic light and he is able to transmit it through his physical body. The physical body becomes the carrier of cosmic light as well as the transmitter and creator of new life and new energies. In this case we have a unity between all bodies and they all work together according to cosmic laws, achieving growth and evolution. Your physical body is Earth’s creation and when it is united with the astral plane, Earth receives cosmic light. There is a greater unity to be seen and this is our Source whose light has created the astral plane, the creator Gods who are assisting in creating life, the physical body that is Earth’s creation but it is also an extension of an astral body, a higher-self, a creation code and the highest light of our Source. When human beings understand this connection and live according to this truth then the Earth will transform and enter the Golden Era.

Done by communication between God Thoth & The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Within the mind 

There are people on Earth who are waking up and are connected to truth. In order to fully wake up and connect to your true-self you have to seek truth as a whole being. This can be achieved by eliminating the many layers of distortion in you and restore balance in your whole being. 
There are many human beings who are are able to connect to a centre in their being, for example the heart centre and the tool of intuition and this leads them to awakening and enlightenment. However, other parts of their being the mind that is controlled by the social perception are blocking the way to growth. Human beings who suffer from this imbalance they will experience high peaks of enlightenment as well as a constant war between the different and fragmented states within them. Focusing on your intuition and ignoring the mind is not the solution. The mind should not be ignored but tamed. Acceptance of the mind’s abilities is necessary for bring balance in the whole being. Every individual part should experience its own individual growth and part of this growth is its unity with the whole. 
A mind which is not attached to illusion and is not affected by manipulation is an organ of great importance. It is a copious job to observe yourself and detect the work of illusion in you. Disconnecting from the many layers of artificiality is not always an easy task but it is vital in order to achieve growth. When you are able to purify yourself you will realise that all negativity, fear and dissatisfaction was not part of your true self but you were forced to believe that it is true. You will discover that many of your actions and thoughts are not pure and this means that they are implanted in you and were accepted being a product of your true self. You will also discover that your relationships need to be meaningful in order for yourself and others to grow. You will discover a wealth of abilities, talents and skills as well as ways to develop them and use them for growth. There is a wonderful and vast world below the sea surface; this is how I describe your true-self.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Goddess Earth

People on Earth understand Gods as beings or entities that have a form similar to their physical body. They see Gods as male or female that behave like human beings. How do you understand god? If you are able to answer this question then you will understand a lot about your consciousness and your ability to connect to your astral body.
The essence of all beings is energy; energy has different vibration and connects to different energy groups and systems in the cosmos. Certain energy is given the opportunity to have a physical body because it exists in a plane of physicality. If Gods are able to exist in the third dimensional reality they will also have a physical body and they will use it to achieve growth. Earth was created to be a Goddess planet and during her creation she was a high vibrational entity and was able to produce and nourish high vibrational beings. Earth was the home of the Gods and through them she acquired the ability to be a creator Goddess. There are Gods who are created directly from the Source and there are also Gods that are created by the High Creator Gods and go through a long process of transformation and growth to become Gods. Earth was the latter; her creation was a long process of transformation. 
There are certain energetic spots in the cosmos that can be used to create a planet Goddess where elements such as eternal nothingness, the light of of our Source and the essence of the Cosmos can unite and create life. The creation of Earth’s essence is the most important part of the project. When this is created then different elements are connected to the essence and make it grow and transform. What you are able to see, the planet as a physicality, was created by the essence with our light and guidance. An essence of a being is the energy and can exist everywhere in the astral plane. The astral plane does not have the restrictions of your physical world. The God in Earth is her essence not her physicality. Like human beings, Earth is disconnected form her essence and sees herself as a physical being. This is happening because she exists in a low vibrational reality and our task is to connect Earth to her essence and help her transform with the light of our Source. Gods exist in all planes and can take many forms. They are not single entities but vast electromagnetic fields where many energies meet and grow. Earth was created to be a Goddess and this is her essence.

Done by communication between God Thoth and The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

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This author has the ability to communicate, exchange energy between her and the gods and allow this energy to be transformed into information.She had the gift from birth because this was going to be her contribution to the plan of divine creation.
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We are the messengers of the Gods. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods Of the pleroma. And we want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of the earth and her inhabitants.

True self-value is linked to purity, the gathering and distribution of High Light, the knowing of your essence, your tools and purpose, the fight to complete the task given to you by the High Gods and the Divine Creator and if you exist on the Earth plane you have also to be tuned to the planet and its natural laws.  All human beings are able to contribute to Earth’s energy. All human beings have the potential to acquire more light, connect to Earth’s and astral energies, experience the divine self and study mastery. All human beings have the basic tools which can help them to see themselves as part of the divine plan and creation and apply their individual 
qualities to support the divine plan.
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