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Wisdom of The Gods: The process of Dying, The possibilities of Growth is a study of a life time & diminish the limitations of the third dimensional reality

Diminish the limitations of the Third dimensional reality

People on Earth are very surprised when high energies reach them. They often try to block the contact with them or they are using the mind to try to explain and analyse what they experience. 

This is humanity's limitation to be part of the cosmos and receive transformation and healing. If you experience a connection with high energies you should not be suspicious because this way you are blocking the communication. Ideally, do not ask others for an explanation; it is a blessing that you have this experience yourself and you should be fully
open to it. When you have this experience you should connect to it fully; you can meditate or connect to Earth to make the connection more profound. What you receive is for you and will affect your growth. It is important to fully open yourself and diminish the limitations of the third dimensional reality. 

A similar process of growth takes place in the astral plane, where the persona and the ego do not affect the energetic transaction. Then the message is very clear and beings are able to exist in this light and transform. Cosmic light will also travel to other beings connected to you; your transformation does not only affect your growth but also the growth of others. Our Source's creation is a limitless, living organism that is in constant transformation and growth, allowing the light to circulate and multiply. If the light is not able to reach certain planes, life stops to exist. If you are a light carrier and you exist in a low vibrational reality and you have a very important task. You are giving life to a lifeless body and you are creating new growth. Do not hesitate to carry the light and share it without questioning or fear. The cosmic light is your connection with the Source and its messengers the Gods.

Done by communication between God Thoth & The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

The possibilities of growth is a study of a life time

Many of you are wondering about the creation of the different planes: how are they separated and how do they connect with each other? Our task is to raise the vibration of the lower planes and have a better unity between all energetic layers of the cosmos.

 If we achieve it then the cosmic light will circulate in greater speed, transformation will also rise and we will be able to create more complex and greater energetic structures in the cosmos. We don't want Earth and other low vibrational parts of our creation to exist isolated, experiencing a life affected by stagnation. 
We cannot allow devolution to affect the planet and all electromagnetic fields connected to it. Our work and duty is creation and we always connect to life in different planes through creation. Symbolically we are using our ropes of light to pull low vibrational life up and bring it closer to the higher realms. If people on Earth start to wonder about their limitations and obstacles on their way to growth this means that the light of the cosmos is already penetrating through fragmentation and distortion. 
A fragmented human being has many questions and wants answers. So all of you who start to wake up to truth will have many questions and naturally you will try to find answers; this is an important point because you can either follow the quiet voice of truth in you or you may be distracted by the multiple colours, shapes, noise, great promises, total fear or illusion. A person who is awake can easily go back to sleep when he follows a diversion away from his true self. Illusion does not stand on its own but is connected to manipulation and destruction. Having a good understanding of your life on Earth and your possibilities of growth is a study of a life time. 

Done by communication between God Thoth & The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

The Process of Dying

Many of you on Earth want to know what happens at the end of a reincarnation cycle. The process of ending the cycle varies and this is related to the growth achieved during reincarnation; way of death; ability to connect to your astral body and receive guidance. 

Human beings should prepare themselves for the termination of a life cycle and the beginning of a new existence. They should be aware of the purpose and divine plan of their reincarnation and be ready to follow their path. Instead people concentrate on living the illusion which is related to a life of dependence on materialism and survival. There are people on Earth who try to terminate their lives; this is a sign of confusion or self-destruction. There are also people who try to terminate their lives but they are not aware of it. There are people who are giving up their powers to earthly and and non-earthly manipulators and they are convinced that this behaviour is going to give them power. There are also people who die suddenly and unexpectedly; when they die, their soul remains close to the Earth atmospheres for a while; it will need guidance in order to disconnect fully and return to a non-physical state.

Connecting to your truth and purpose does not only assist you on your path but it also helps you to complete the cycle and prepare yourself for a new existence. When one dies, the physical body starts to deteriorate and eventually becomes waste. There is an energetic body which is related to the physical body and this will gradually disconnect and move towards the astral plane. Bodies that have been polluted by stagnation cannot move to high energy spheres but they remain for a long time in an area of purification which has many sub planes of different vibration. Purification helps you to become pure energy and finally move to the astral plane where you can continue with your growth. Most beings who exist in a third dimensional reality go through a similar preparation before they reach the astral plane but for some is longer and more intense. 

Done by communication between Goddess Astaroth & The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam
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This author has the ability to communicate, exchange energy between her and the gods and allow this energy to be transformed into information.
She had the gift from birth because this was going to be her contribution to the plan of divine creation.
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We are the messengers of the Gods. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods Of the pleroma. And we want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of the earth and her inhabitants.

True self-value is linked to purity, the gathering and distribution of High Light, the knowing of your essence, your tools and purpose, the fight to complete the task given to you by the High Gods and the Divine Creator and if you exist on the Earth plane you have also to be tuned to the planet and its natural laws. All human beings are able to contribute to Earth’s energy. All human beings have the potential to acquire more light, connect to Earth’s and astral energies, experience the divine self and study mastery. All human beings have the basic tools which can help them to see themselves as part of the divine plan and creation and apply their individual qualities to support the divine plan.

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