Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wisdom of Thoth: The gift of freedom & Help each other to grow


There are people on Earth who have been looking for the tree of wisdom, the elixir of life and the hidden treasures left behind by their ancestors. 

I am here with you to reveal that treasures are available to all. We are all united and we can all receive and transmit light in order to create growth in all realms. When you open up to the light of the cosmos you are connecting to the creative power of the Gods that comes through you. The light of the gods is an extension of our Source. Releasing old blockages and allowing the light to go through is not a theory or an interesting experiment. It is the reason for being alive and completing this life cycle. People at first find it hard to take part in artificial and illusionary exercises that are forced on them but then they accept them as truth. Accepting illusion as truth can be part of your every day life. This brings a growth of needs, wants and fears that keep you prisoner of limitation. One may ask: if I am chained by illusion how can I connect to truth? When you realise that illusion is not connected to growth and therefore it does not exist, you will start to receive clarity. When you understand that you allow it to take a form, multiply and control your life then you can give the gift of freedom and truth to yourself. When you wake up you will stand at the crossroads and you will be called to chose the path that brings true fulfilment. 

You can create your own life, you can find support and you can achieve to fulfil your purpose. Your purpose on Earth is related to your cosmic purpose therefore cosmic creation supports your growth on Earth. You are not a soldier against the great army of illusion. You are a transmitter, receiver and producer of energy whose existence is supported by the high light of our Source and the whole cosmic creation. If you open up yourself to cosmic truth and see your essence as an extension of it then you are opening up to growth possibilities that are beyond your mind and your physical body. This is your opportunity to connect to our Source and transform in order to reach its light. If you are looking for treasures you should look with your connection with the cosmos. How can you achieve this connection? What is the link between your being and the cosmos? What is the path that will lead you to the understanding that you are an extension of the light of our Source?This is the quest you need to take in order to discover high treasures. 

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam


In healthy communities all people should be supported in order to receive and transmit light. It seems that people experience life differently because of the way they are brought up, their social expectations and the way they relate to illusion. It seems to you that people have many choices and therefore they have different imbalances that affect their life in a certain way.

I see people on Earth suffering from the same disease. This is their inability to connect fully to their true-self because of the many layers of fragmentation and distortion in them. If you ask why do humans suffer from this disease, I can say to you that it is a disease that has affected Earth from the time her vibration was lowered and Golden Era was ended. Not being able to continue with her growth and become a High Creator God, she experienced schisms which affected certain parts of her creation. Artificiality and illusion are man made diseases and they were created due to distortion and fragmentation in human beings. We want to empower humanity by assisting them to connect to the light of the cosmos and become aware of their true-self. One may ask: why do we want this to happen? You can be lost in a sea of illusion and artificiality if you are not able to connect to your true-self. The light of the Gods is surrounding Earth and we are creating channels of light that will bring clarity and knowing on Earth and her creation. 

When you are able to receive the light, you will transform and your growth will be able to affect the growth of others. All of you together you can connect to Earth and allow the cosmic light to travel through you and reach Earth and her creation. You can assist the planet transform and go through a rebirth. All human beings have imbalances and blockages. You all suffer from fragmentation and distortion and you all have to allow the cosmic light to go through you and resolve all limitation. When you all connect and help each other to grow then the light will be received by many and transformation will be immense.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

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This author has the ability to communicate, exchange energy between her and the gods and allow this energy to be transformed into information.She had the gift from birth because this was going to be her contribution to the plan of divine creation.
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We are the messengers of the Gods. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods Of the pleroma. And we want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of the earth and her inhabitants.

True self-value is linked to purity, the gathering and distribution of High Light, the knowing of your essence, your tools and purpose, the fight to complete the task given to you by the High Gods and the Divine Creator and if you exist on the Earth plane you have also to be tuned to the planet and its natural laws.  All human beings are able to contribute to Earth’s energy. All human beings have the potential to acquire more light, connect to Earth’s and astral energies, experience the divine self and study mastery. All human beings have the basic tools which can help them to see themselves as part of the divine plan and creation and apply their individual 
qualities to support the divine plan.
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