Saturday, 23 July 2016

Wisdom of Thoth: Allow Earth's healing to reach you and be part of her creation & Our Source’s Intention

Allow Earth's healing to reach you and be part of her creation 

Some of you may ask: Why many human beings cannot connect to Earth and they keep on bringing imbalances and destruction?
Earth has grown to be afraid of her own intention. She has allowed beings that are not part of her creation to connect to her energies, use her resources and become part of the life that exists in her. Accepting alien energies was what led Earth to schisms and major imbalances. When Earth’s balances were affected then polarities were created that brought fragmentation and distortion. Earth lost her place in the high realms and her ability to connect to the cosmic light was limited. For Earth to move on to a higher vibrational reality she will need to detach herself from all alien existence and create a stronger connection with everything that exists in her. The same fight that blocks Earth’s growth is also experienced by humans, animals, plants and other elements. Many animals and plants are already extinct and the human beings are sacrificing themselves in order to get power and control over the planet’s recourses. 
There is a strong belief in humans; they are all fighting for ownership. This idea is illusionary. It is taking over people’s minds because beings that do not exist on Earth want to take over people’s minds. Many human beings were reincarnated to heal Earth. Many of you were created to be Earth’s receiver and transmitter of energy and heal the planet and humanity. Some of you experienced her Golden age and you are coming back to prepare Earth to experience her new golden era. I want to help humanity disconnect from illusion and give them clarity to fulfil their purpose. I want them to see Earth not as a piece of land that can buy or sell but as a powerful goddess that can create life and can connect directly to the Source. Allow Earth's healing to reach you and be part of her creation.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Our Source’s Intention 

The cosmic light is our Source’s intention to bring everlasting life and growth to all creation.
The Gods do not produce it; their purpose is to direct it and make it spread to all planes, reaching all energy points. We connect to the Source by receiving the cosmic light and allow it to create and maintain life through our being. The Source is unseen and everything related to its birth and existence is not known to us. This is because our Source is not a being but is a cosmic force. We know that this force is an open and unstoppable flow of energy that constantly generates itself in a speed, quantity and quality that can not be experienced in any realm. The Gods exist to reach our Source’s high light and experience unity with it. Our purpose is to exist in the highest plane, connecting to the cosmic light and maintaining life through out the cosmos. 
I want you now to look at your purpose and observe your connection to the cosmic light, the Gods and the Source. If you are looking for truth you should accept that the unity in the cosmos is responsible for your own life and growth. Our Source's intention is our purpose, a purpose that is shared by all beings in all planes. This is why we are united and our existence supports the existence of the cosmos. When this becomes your reality you will be able to disconnect from illusion and fragmentation and have meaningful lives. Connecting to Earth can bring you peace and clarity; this is because you are allowing the cosmic light to go through you and connect to the planet and her creation. Connecting to Earth with pure intention you are able to exchange energy and experience healing. Unity with Earth and humanity is an important task for all those people who have reincarnated on the planet. This will lead you to your own growth.

Done by communication by God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Focusing on gratitude will always keep you in a good balanced state. Often times many people are constanly suffering because they are always focused on lack, and this doesnt have to be this way. People can start to be aware when they realize all the abundance around them and realizing what they can do to help abundance continually perpetuate itself.


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This author has the ability to communicate, exchange energy between her and the gods and allow this energy to be transformed into information. She had the gift from birth because this was going to be her contribution to the plan of divine creation.
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We are the messengers of the Gods. We do not teach dogma, philosophy or other man made theory. We teach ageless wisdom and cosmic truth given to us by the High Gods Of the pleroma. And we want to inform people about the existence of gods, the different realms, the cosmic laws and all activity that is going on for the benefit of the earth and her inhabitants.

True self-value is linked to purity, the gathering and distribution of High Light, the knowing of your essence, your tools and purpose, the fight to complete the task given to you by the High Gods and the Divine Creator and if you exist on the Earth plane you have also to be tuned to the planet and its natural laws. All human beings are able to contribute to Earth’s energy. All human beings have the potential to acquire more light, connect to Earth’s and astral energies, experience the divine self and study mastery. All human beings have the basic tools which can help them to see themselves as part of the divine plan and creation and apply their individual qualities to support the divine plan.

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