Friday, 20 August 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Civilizations on other planets

Some of you have wondered about civilizations on other planets and if these civilizations are supported by gods and in what way?On Earth, mythology and the existence of gods, have created many colorful stories. People of all regions, in all different eras, have created stories that made clear the existence of gods and their participation in Earth's growth. You have to remember that if human beings were able to connect to the high light of the cosmos and the powerful energies of the Earth were inspired to create a new narrative, a new story to try to define their experiences. Civilizations of humanoid beings exist in many planets and astral systems and naturally, they have created their own narrative regarding divine intervention. Similar to Earth, humanoid beings that had experiences connecting to powerful forces became the authors of this narrative and social mechanisms will shape it according to these races' consciousness. Beings who carry a high vibration, do not rely on the narrative to define the connection with gods and cosmic creation. It happens through their being; they are open to receive and transmit light. Every single being has this ability and it is not being restricted by social mechanisms. The gods are carriers and transmitters of high light and the light that moves through them reaches every single being in the whole cosmic creation. The cosmic creation exists in unity; there are no separations or polarities. All beings carry life in them so they naturally have the ability to connect to the cosmic forces of creation and be supported by the high light of the Source. 

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