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Goddess Astaroth: about Winter solstice & The Birth of Jesus, and the Christmas festival by: Robbert-jan Rozenkruis (an illusionary concept followed by many)

Introduction by God Thoth

 I know that many people on Earth talk about Jesus and they say that he is the son of god.

   I can assure you that our source is a generator of life so enormous and so powerful that has no beginning or end. You have also read in your books, that humans were created to look like god, in other words they have the same form as the only god. Our source does not have a form, even high gods have no form. I can also assure you that Jesus is not a god. He does not exist on the pleroma. I know that he was a human being and had an eminent position in one of the mystery schools and in his early years travelled to many different mystery schools to receive teachings and training. Later he became politically involved and because of that he had many followers and enemies. Jesus was a controversial figure and was used for the creation of the new religion, Christianity. Similarly to a painter who never sold a painting during his life time and then suddenly becomes famous after death, Jesus was not known until Christianity decided to reinvent him; this is why your christian books have many gaps, inaccurate information, and no proof of his life and his background.

  The trinity of Jesus, father and holy spirit is not your weapon to achieve enlightenment. It is more a concept, a story, followed by many. Christianity, a man made religion, has used the idea of trinity as a symbol to represent certain truths related to the story of the new testament. The purpose of all religions is not holy or sacred and does not support cosmic truth.

All religions were invented as a political, financial and general brainwashing and propaganda tool. Organised religion is not focusing on spirituality and advancement but control and manipulate the mind, the body and the energy of the masses. Religions have no power for people's enlightenment because what they believe is all false and fiction. All religious books consist of some truth even though they are fictional stories often irrelevant to the teachings and the historical characters.

  All ancient teachings were written symbolically as well as literally the all contain many layers of understanding and hidden esoteric knowledge. The bible is divided into two parts the old testament and the new testament. The new testament written in a much later date and was a text which contained hidden occult knowledge but it was mainly used to establish Christianity as the new religion in the west. The religion of Christianity was already formed when the new testament was written. The old testament is a collection of historical and legendary facts and covers a period for thousands of years. If you are looking for truth, the old testament stands in a better place than the new testament. However, the text of the old testament has been also misinterpreted, parts of it was lost and additions were made to promote the establishment of that time. 


W I S D O M  O F   A S T A R O T H
Winter solstice

Many people on Earth are gathered to celebrate something that has lost its meaning and purpose. Instead they rely on consumerism which is part of the illusion, to give some meaning to their festivities. 

This is an important time for the Earth's cycle and this was known by many old religions. Many religions use this day to attract people's attention, open them up to their influence and control. It is indeed an important day because Earth is going through a transformation. It is a period of high energies able to give life, bring growth and rebirth.

A way to explain this is by comparing it with the death of a human being and the beginning of a new life cycle. For human beings and for Earth this is a great point of transformation. All imbalances are resolved, being part of the preparation for the creation of a new state, a new birth. You should celebrate that day by connecting to Earth and experience her transformation. Do not waist your energy dealing, with consumerism and over indulging the senses. You should take your family and friends outdoors to connect to Earth and your festivity should be opening up to Earth's transformation. This will bring you healing and growth. There are many beings on Earth who do not understand illusion is and how to disconnect form it. Look at yourself at this time; what is the purpose of your actions; what are you trying to achieve and how can this connect to your growth? If your actions do not bring you growth then they lead you supporting illusion and a life away from your true-self.



       The birth of Jesus, and the Christmas festival

The exact birth-date of Jesus the man, as already stated, is totally unknown, not only as regards the year in which the event occurred, but equally so as regards the day of the month on which it happened. From the earliest time the Christians have been in doubt as to the year and day of the birth of their teacher, but the 25th of December finally in time became accepted as the day of his physical birth.

Now the 25th of December was very evidently intended to be the date of the Winter Solstice, occurring in our times on or about December 21-22, and was from early times in Imperial Rome observed as the day of the new birth of the Sol Invictus or Unconquered Sun, signifying the lowest course of the solar orb in the winter time and the beginning of his return on his northern journey.

Mithras, the Persian divinity, was also given this title of "Unconquered"; and as one of the very earliest Christian writers tells — Justin Martyr (Dialog with Trypho, p. 305) — Mithras was mystically said to have been born in a cave or grotto, as was also Jesus, according to very early and wide-spread orthodox Christian legends. Justin adds: "He was born on the day on which the Sun was born anew, in the stable of Augeas": and, as all know, the Christian gospels which are now considered as canonical say that Jesus was born in a "manger" or in a "stable," because, so the legend runs in the New Testament, there was no room for Joseph and Mary in the inn.

The Venerable Bede, an English chronicler of the island of Britain, his native country, writing in the seventh century of the Christian era, in his book De temporum ratione tells us that the ancient Anglo-Saxons, whom he shortly calls the Angli, "began the year on December the 25th when we now celebrate the birthday of the Lord." He means Jesus, who was his Lord.

"And the very night which is now so holy to us (December 24-5) they called in their own tongue modra necht. Bede has misspelled these Anglo-Saxon words, or followed a dialect; they should be written modra niht.Their meaning is "Night of the Mothers," by reason of the ceremonies, we believe, that they performed in that night-long vigil."

It is obvious that Bede's reference to this mid-winter festival was taken from some ancient non-Christian ritual or ceremony, based on the fact of a divine motherhood, which had its human correspondence in a mystical human birth. It goes without saying that if the sun was symbolized or figurated as being born at a certain season of the year, motherhood was closely involved in the idea back of the ritual — the motherhood very likely of the Celestial Virgin in giving birth to man's greatest friend and illuminator. Some such idea unquestionably must have swayed the minds of the early Christians in fixing upon so definitely a pagan festival as commemorating the birth of their human savior, Jesus, from the woman whom they call Mary the Maiden.

Even as the Christ-child, in the Christian legend, is said to have been born on December 25th, so likewise was the Mithraic divinity said to have been born into human form on that same day of the year, which was the winter solstice. This day, or one a few days thereafter, has been commemorated as the birthday of other religious type-figures also.
The Christmas Festival is in one sense only, a Christian festival. It is based upon something belonging to the Greek and Roman paganism which the Christians took over. It is therefore older than Christianity. It is pagan, to use the popular word.

There were at least three dates when commemorative festivals were held in the early Christian era: on December 25th, on January 6th called the Epiphany, and on the 25th of March — practically the time of the spring equinox. Now, all these dates were based upon astronomical data and facts; and the Christians of about the fifth or sixth century of the Christian era finally chose the date which had been in use for the celebration of the birthday of the Persian god, Mithras — December 25th.

The Mysteries of Antiquity were celebrated at various times of the year — in the spring, in the summer, in the autumn, and at the winter solstice. But the greatest of these mystical celebrations, the greatest of the Mysteries, was that which was in the wintertime, when the sun had reached his southernmost point, and turning, began his return journey northwards.
Beginning with the winter solstice, on December 21st, these most sacred of the ancient Mysteries began. Therein were initiated certain men who had been chosen on account of having perfected a certain preliminary period of training: chosen to go through initiatory trials for the purpose of bringing into manifestation in the man the divine faculties and powers of the inner god.

You may now begin to see how the entire matter of the story of Jesus is all tangled up, partly by those who so arranged the situation and partly by reason of the lack of modern understanding of ancient ways and institutions. We see, therefore, that the Christian story of Jesus is a series of symbolic scriptures written in symbolic form and style, not pretending to be an accurate personal history.

Happy winter solstice to you all

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