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Wisdom of Thoth: Fighting and surrendering to the manipulation of the mind & A diversion from your path of truth

Fighting and surrendering to the manipulation of the mind 

I want to ask humanity a question: Why were you reincarnated on Earth and were given this life cycle? How many of you are able to answer this question connecting to your true-self? My light go through the messengers and many other beings who connect to me and I understand that humanity is chained and cut into pieces. 

There is a force on Earth that wants to alter the consciousness of humanity and through the manipulation of the mind, disconnect humanity from the cosmos. The rulers of the countries that have more influence and control over people are creating law and social rules to force people disconnecting from their true-self, their purpose, growth, natural and cosmic laws and the unity that connects all beings. It seems that there is a hidden agenda and nothing is what it seems. Some of you may ask what is this force that is behind all this and why human beings are allowed it to take away their powers and understanding of themselves? The force is unseen and is not rooted on Earth even though the beings who are involved have existed on Earth. Some of you call them Gods or high beings and without knowing you are allowing them to go through you and control your mind. 
All beings on Earth are affected by this force in different degrees and this is why humanity is locked in a reality that is artificial and illusionary. Some of you may ask can we disconnect from all artificiality and live a pure life with truth, freedom and growth? All of you have a mind and your mind has been affected by illusion, fragmentation and distortion. To be able to come back to your natural state you have to be able to recognise illusion and how it affects your mind and then you have to chose a life path that is connected to your your divine plan. Standing at the cross roads you are becoming a warrior against illusion; you will have to fight with illusionary beliefs such as fear and uncertainty, disconnecting from friends family and colleagues who are supporting illusion, fear of survival.

When you are able to go through all these illusionary thoughts and feelings then you will arrive to a space of truth and you will be ready to follow the path of growth. There are many people who do not want to face illusion in their everyday life and disconnect from it and there are others who are going to battle but they move backwards and forwards, fighting and surrendering to the manipulation of the mind. This is an exhausting exercise that brings confusion. My advise to you is to connect to your true-self, understand your purpose and naturally walk the path of truth being the only path. This way illusion will start evaporate and allow you to win the battle without even fighting.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

 A diversion from your path of truth

Human beings are very concerned about time. Time is a divider, an organiser and can also be a life path for some of you. You are very concerned about what you can achieve in the future and what you have already accomplished in certain periods of time. 

Human beings have invented time and its different divisions. They have created future to be a separate and often distant time in their life cycle. It is interesting to see that people on Earth are not able to organise, divide and predict life beyond their reincarnation and this is because time does not exist in other planes. Human beings are not able to connect to their astral body because they have accepted artificiality as their life path and the only reason of their existence. Time is an artificiality and supports division, fragmentation and disconnecting you from your true-self. 
Growth is a constant process and we are only concerned with what we are able to create right now. You can expand your understanding and connection to the cosmos when you are able to experience growth which is taking place right now; this is how you are able to transform. It is interesting to see that people on Earth are very concerned about the past and future and they focus on planing and evaluating. Human beings call this intelligence, professionalism, success and methodology. The creative mind does not need to rely on the past or the future but it needs to stay focused on the present task, expand and connect to the tools that can help the being achieve the high creation goal. It is about connecting to your true-self, using your tools and developing your ability to grow and create in present time. Human beings are also told that they have to prepare themselves, go through an educational system of many divisions and stages in order to become successful professionals. You should never wait to fulfil your purpose. All of you have this ability and when you all experience this in your everyday life your light becomes stronger and you open yourselves up to become a great receiver and transmitter of energy that can create and experience creation right now. Planning your growth is a limitation and a diversion from your path of truth.

Done by communication between God Thoth & the messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

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