Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Wisdom of Astaroth: Be a Warrior and Save the Earth

Earth is suffering from distortion which is caused by the planet’s trauma and disability to cope as a creator. Barbara you are the beloved daughter of Thoth and he will always share with you his wisdom and love for planet Earth. I can hear him talking about you with great admiration and I say to him “she is my daughter too”.
Now listen to me. I want to warn you that Earth is heading for a major meltdown. You may not become a witness of this calamity in your current lifetime but will happen soon after. Your role is to wake people up to return to the old wisdom which were based on spirituality, creation and sharing the fruit with all. In the old times of wisdom all people knew all. Truth was a natural and social law. All people were free and always felt the need to share and build bridges of love with others. These are Earth’s true vibrations. There is distortion on the planet which is caused by the trauma of Earth and her disability to cope as a creator. But there is also the artificial distortion which is caused by certain species that are currently on Earth. These species do not belong here but they found themselves on the planet and now they are behaving like thieves and abusers of the maiden. They wish to leave but they are trapped here and the only way to survive is to alter the vibrations of the planet, confuse all Earth beings, deceive them, take all their resources and eventually run away.

The Earth cannot help herself. We cannot assist her if she does not understand and accept our intentions. We have decided to allow Earth to follow her destiny. We predict though that she is heading towards a meltdown and perhaps then we will be able to return and assist her.
There is hope. We are ready to help the beings of Earth to find their way. We want to share with them, through you, tools which can help them. My most valuable tool is my sword which is made from the black sacred stone and silver. I always hold it, sway it in the air. This way I call my enemies for battle. I have no fear and I will attack first because I know I am the winner. I will give you the gift of bravery and the gift of the true warrior spirit, the one that can help you win the battle.
The gift of bravery needs to be carried by somebody who is truthful and wise. You must know what your target is and before you act you should know the outcome. It is all about knowing and acting fast. If you wish to take this to a higher level, I will say to you that your power as a creator should be able to determine the battle and the outcome.
My gifts never go to spiteful, coward types because they are already dead and buried. Who wants to fight with a dead man?

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