Friday, 19 November 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The current growth cycle of Earth

Human beings should know that Earth is divided into different layers of physical and energetic existence. These different layers are not yet connected to each other because they have different vibrations. They are able to carry the light in their own unique way and this affects the life that is created on the surface as well as the inner parts of the Earth. The distortion that exists on the surface and affects life does not enter the inner parts. It is like a cloud of pollution that can only affect beings that have not fully developed their ability to receive and transmit light and bring powerful transformation to the surface of the Earth. If you were able to travel to the inner parts you will see that there is a greater connection and all living beings are aware of the powerful core and they are open to receive and transmit light with it. For several growth cycles, Earth focused on building bridges for all layers to help them connect and communicate. Some of these bridges are the energies that are coming from the core of the Earth and are reaching living beings on the surface. These living beings are powerful receivers and transmitters of light and support the energies to reach all life. Earth has also created physical bridges by creating new species and nourishing all living beings in order to live a life of abundance. Earth is supporting the powerful receivers and transmitters who experience life on the surface of the planet .They are building these bridges with her and supporting beings that are coming out of their state of distortion. At this present moment Earth is taking many steps to empower living beings and help them see that their purpose is not a pyramid of rewards but is the truth and the true path that they have always carried in them. This path will lead them to Earth, collective growth and show them the way to become co-creators. Truth is not hidden. It is available to all beings and will offer you the most powerful healing leading to a transformation that will support Earth's growth.

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  1. Blessed Be Our Soul Light Wisdom EternalπŸ’œ
    Yes, thankyou,this is Eternal Truth Soul Wisdom.
    My Twin Flame and I are fully engaged with our Inner Earth worlds, and BEings Soul Family of Immortal LOVE consciousness.
    All engaged in this Ressurection cycle of Earth as the surface transitions into HER Golden Age.
    Most 2 leggeds unfortunately are not going to Awaken their Ascension Body thru Earth in this cycle and we Must BE PREPARED to witness so much more falling away and destruction.
    Those of us who know We Are Here to Build the New Earths Temples, Sanctuaries in Mothers New Earths 7 heavens need to come together to Gracefully transit this EPOCH .
    May Your Heart of Love guide you every day.
    Hug Mother Nature.πŸ™πŸŒˆπŸ’ŸπŸŒŽπŸŒ…πŸ’₯🏊‍♂️
    Shantara MU Khalsa.🌷