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THE DEADLY CURRENTS OF THE WINDAGO By Dale Decker The complete story

This is a story of some historical events of a tragedy that had taken place over a century ago in Northern Canada. These events are well documented in Canadian and American newspapers that were circulated at that time. It is a horrendous and grotesque tale that has an occult significance that may serve as a warning for students who are journeying down the path of the occult mysteries.

It is an occult scientists lesson that is aimed at teaching the untrained about the dangers of traversing through the lower regions of the astral plane and encountering its kindred inhabitants. It is rare but any individual no matter what their social position maybe, whether he or she has been initiated into the arcane sciences or not; such a story of the events that will be described does not lie outside the realm of possibility. This is the story of Swift Runner and his horrible fate.

Swift Runner was an aboriginal of the Cree tribe who was born at an unknown date during the early nineteenth century somewhere in Northern Canada, possibly Northern Alberta. Not much can be said about the earlier part of his life because there are no surviving records. So we shall assume that his childhood and adolescence seemed to be averaged for growing up in the Cree tribe as he was most likely taught the Cree traditions of living that have been passed down for untold millennia. 

According to some of the remaining records as an adult he was six-foot three with a morbid and somewhat startling appearance. He had a turbulent life dealing with the white-man's poison* which would get him into all sorts of trouble. He also lived the married life and had five children and he supported them by being a trader with the Hudson's Bay Company and a guide for the North West Mounted Police. 

Swift Runner's life was quite common amongst the Cree in those days, but that was about to change.

* alcohol. Whiskey was what got Swift Runner into trouble. Alcohol was unknown to the aboriginal tribes of North America before the European settlers set foot on the continent.

During the harsh cold winter of 1878-79 Swift Runner and his family which also included his brother and mother lived in a secluded cabin. This was a time period of famine that ravaged these northern Cree people, along with the icy grip of the polar winter.

As starvation set in the averaged man that Swift Runner had become was beginning to change and transform, something had entered his consciousness, an unseen force grew within him with such a malignance which is unspeakable by most of today's standards.

Swift Runner fell into a deep psychosis(as the psychologist's term it) and began to suffer from many delusions and violent outbursts. His nightly dreams were permeated with the horrid images of the one who was to take his family away from him and him away from himself.

As the bone chilling winter continued on the transformed Swift Runner ended up murdering his entire family by shooting and bludgeoning them to death. He dismembered their corpses, cooked them, and consumed them, there was even evidence to show that he removed marrow from their bones for consumption. 

His campsite was the scene of an atrocity. As the winter of 1879 came to an end he emerged from the wilderness as if nothing had ever happened. The strange force had departed his consciousness. 

Suspicion grew amongst his other family members and they became concerned about his missing family because he could not give a truthful story about their whereabouts. So they became worried and decided to notify the North West Mounted Police who were a young police force at that time.

Inspector Severe Gagnon began his investigation into their disappearance and sent a small group of his force to Swift Runner's camp. As they encountered Swift Runner at his camp they questioned him about his families whereabouts and he first showed them a small grave near his camp where one of his young sons was buried. 

Swift Runner calmly explained to them that he died of starvation, the police opened the grave and found the bones undisturbed and this corroborated his story. As the police investigated further they found more human bones scattered around the campsite and it was then that Swift Runner confessed and gave the details of what happened to the rest of his family.

Swift Runner described to the police force that he was haunted by a spirit that he called the Windago and that it permeated his nightmares and it drove him to devour the people around him-his family. 

He described how the spirit possessed him slowly but surely until he finally became the Windago itself and how it commanded one of his sons to kill and dismember his younger brother. It was later proven that Swift Runner murdered his wife and the rest of his family for the purpose of cannibalising their remains.

He was arrested and taken along with the mutilated remains to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. He was convicted and his trial took place on the 8th of August 1879. Swift Runner openly admitted his guilt, but the judge and jury did not accept his Windago tale and they sentenced him to death by hanging.

The gallows were built in Fort Saskatchewan on the cold stormy mourning of the 20th of December 1879 as Swift Runner was being led to them. The execution was delayed for over thirty minutes as Sheriff Edouard Richard had been delayed by the winter snow storm, the hangman who went by the name Rogers appeared nervous as this was his first execution.

As Swift Runner awaited his dire fate he sat near one of the bonfires, chatting, laughing, and snacking on a paste of dry lean meat and melted fat with the thick noose around his neck. He calmly stated to the others: " i could kill myself with a tomahawk(axe) and save the hangman the trouble". He was offered to have a priest present before his execution; but he refused it, saying: " the white man has ruined me,
i don't think their God could amount to much".... A crowd had gathered around the gallows to witness his execution, he was tied to the gallows and just before the execution he was given the opportunity to give last words to the crowd. He admitted his guilt and thanked his captors for taking care of him while in custody, he also grew irritated with the hangman for making him wait in the cold. At 7:30am the trap door swung open and Swift Runner swiftly dropped five feet, he died without a struggle. The body was cut down and buried outside the fort.

The Windago*or spirit that tormented and drove Swift Runner to commit his atrocious acts was and is known as an entity with many different variations in its description in many different North American aboriginal cultures. The majority of the tribes describe the Windago's as invisible supernatural beings that have spiritual power, they describe them as having the appearance of a giant stature, 

with skin the colour of ash, pushed back eye-sockets, bloody lips, emancipated bodies, along with the odour of rotting flesh which was a sign of their presence.

*they are also called weendigo, witiko, waindigo, windiga, and wihtikow

The natives also confirm that the Windago spirits are capable of entering the bodies of the greedy, the hungry, and the blood-thirsty who prayed upon innocence. It is quite common among their stories that these spirits begin their manifestation in the dream-life of their victims and from that point the horrid retrogression of the victim begins as a madness and craving for the consumption of dead corpses. 

The outcome of such conditions for the Windago victims was usually suicide or penalties of death. The lucky ones were healed by traditional shamanic healers and the medical practises of the early European settlers and colonialists. There were even ancient ceremonial dances, costume wearing, drum-beating among the different tribal cultures during times of hardship to warn of the Windago threat.

Early twentieth century psychology had even considered the phenomenon of this condition to be a mental disorder or syndrome and have termed it the "Windago Psychosis" which induces unsettling impulses and delusional cravings for human flesh, blood, and bone. They say that the condition had its origins among the Algonquian tribes of the past and it became a much rarer occurrence as time passed into our modern times.

With all that has been said so far, we shall now investigate how the occult scientist views this ghastly phenomenon without the methods of present day psychology, anthropology, and mythology. The occult scientist views all things within the seven kingdoms(mineral, plant, animal, human, planet, star, and galaxy) of nature existing as different manifestations of energy within forms; not only in the physical realm, 

but also in the astral(soul) and mental(spirit) realms. These three planes of conscious existence are all subdivided into seven sub-planes or different states of the manifestations of consciousness that have varying rates of vibration and functions. In total it is twenty-one different levels of matter and energy that the seven kingdoms of nature have their conscious development. To give actual descriptions of all these states and their functions within the seven kingdoms of nature would require the writing of a book with over a thousand pages to cover this complicated subject.

  • In this subject(Windago) we shall examine the first four sub-planes of the astral plane and its effects on the lowest sub-plane(solids) of the physical plane which is the plane that the five physical senses(sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) perceives the external environment.

The astral plane is a manifestation of seven varied forms of luminous matter that have different rates of vibration and it exists above and within the physical plane. It is not the type of light that is emitted from a light-bulb or how our eyesight is familiar with perceiving daylight, it is a type of light that has a much higher or faster rate of vibration making it invisible to ordinary physical eyesight.* Each sub-plane interpenetrates and has a faster rate of vibration than the one below it and the higher up you go it becomes more subtle and less dense until it becomes undifferentiated.

* the remaining senses also have their astral counterparts that cannot be perceived on the physical plane. This does not mean that it is impossible to perceive the astral realm. The astral senses can be developed with special occult methods.

The occult scientist understands how this light manifests and is capable of applying methods to make this invisible light visible to the eyesight or as well as being able to project consciousness within these planes. There will come a time in humanities far distant future when this astral light will become apart of our perception just like in the far distant past. The unfoldment of these periods in the future is commonly known as Ascension which is now in its infant stages of development. This is a very complicated occult teaching that is not related to the events in this story and that is all that can be said about the Ascension process for now.

When the physical body of a person has died the astral body(commonly known as soul) is separated from the physical body which decomposes and returns to its appropriate sub-planes on the physical plane. The astral body is a luminous copy of the person that had once lived, it is an astral image with its ego, its memories and desires from the life that it just lived,and it is composed of astral matter from all the sub-planes of the astral plane. First the astral body remains in the first four sub-planes of the astral plane and there it experiences its own death as its atomic energies begin to dissolve in the first, second, third and fourth sub-planes. As the rate of vibration becomes faster the astral body dissolves and passes on up into the three higher interpenetrating regions until it finally becomes a form of undifferentiated luminous energy which continues to pass into the higher mental sub-planes and into the heaven world.*

* again we come across another complex occult teaching that is unrelated to this work. The esoteric concepts of the heaven world can be found in the theosophical teachings about devachan and nirvana.

These four lower sub-planes of the astral plane are the regions that contain all the corresponding forms of all things on the physical plane, in other words these regions contains all the scenery of the physical plane. 

The density of these forms is the greatest on the first sub-plane, it looses its density in the second, third and fourth sub-planes and so on. The astral bodies of its human inhabitants(living or dead) are also subjected to this density variation, the more dense these astral bodies of the deceased are the more highly attracted they become to the first three sub-planes(solids, liquids, and gases) of the physical plane.

  • Individuals who became deceased as a result of suicide, murder, execution, or untimely death remain in the first four sub-planes of the astral plane for long periods because the atomic structures of their astral bodies requires much more time to dissolve because they contain much more energy then the astral body of a person who has expired from old age or disease. Eventually they dissolve and pass on up to the three higher regions of the astral plane.
The occult scientist calls them shades, shells, or silent shadows which are commonly known as ghosts or spooks that can be attracted to the first three sub-planes of the physical plane if a connection with those still living is established. Any type of remembering, praising, mourning, suffering, tribute, or even the slightest vapour of blood on the physical plane can attract these astral shades that are slowly dissolving within the four sub planes of the astral plane. 

Eventually their astral bodies will experience the completion of the second death on the astral plane to pass on to the heaven world to continue the complex developments of the cycles of death and rebirth.

Another type of astral shade or shell that remains in the lower regions of the astral plane are those who have lived a very negative physical existence, the ones who have committed all sorts of evil acts while living. 

The evil deeds of the desire aspect of their astral bodies can establish connections with the physical plane which prolongs their stay in the lower astral regions, especially the first sub-plane of the astral plane where their interaction with the physical plane is the greatest. Some of these beings have the most twisted and strangest appearances because they are in different stages of disintegration. 

They feed off the life-substance* of the living who attract them, they are like invisible vampires or parasitic denizens who are constantly seeking a living host that has unfulfilled needs, desires, obsessions, that correspond to their own. In India these astral shells are called Pisachas and they are highly feared.**

*astral substance of the aura and the pranic and nerve energies in the blood of living persons. Modern day science has acquainted these energies with electromagnetic energies.

**there is an historic account in the theosophical archives of a remote village in India whose people paid homage to these types of astral entities on the first sub-plane of the astral plane. The villagers viewed them as gods and goddesses. Each day the villagers would intensely worship them and give them offerings of cereal and fruit. When food became scarce and offerings could not be made mysterious fires would ignite in treetops and in all kinds of unlikely places where it would be impossible for human hands to ignite.

The North American aboriginals and their concepts and experiences of and with the Windago's have been around for a long time period and began to die out as the modernization of the world had greatly and swiftly unfolded in the last century. From an occult perspective the Windago spirits of the ancient aboriginals were the results of many periods through the past centuries when they were faced with famine and hardship resulting in untold numbers of untimely deaths. The Windago spirits were the undissolved astral bodies of those ancient unfortunate peoples who once lived in physical bodies like you and me.

They were the ones who by all sorts of means committed unlawful acts to survive one day more, the worst aspect of these acts was the transformation(murder) of the living into the dead so that they could be cannabalized to purge the great pains of hunger. In return these poor souls in their emaciated physical bodies suffered untimely deaths which prolonged the stay of their desire filled astral bodies in the lower regions of the astral plane to enter the dreams* of the living who were passing through the same trials.

*when we dream while asleep we enter the first sub-plane of the astral plane and it is possible to enter the higher sub-planes while dreaming but this is rare.

The cold* and the starvation that Swift Runner had to face was the great invitation for the Windago infection of his soul to spread and take control. It was the perfect opportunity for a trapped departed soul to gain access to the physical plane to feed of the life-substance of Swift Runner's suffering and carnage to avoid the second death on the astral plane just like it tried to avoid its first death on the physical plane in another period of time long before Swift Runner's incarnation. 

Swift Runner and his families untimely deaths were there first deaths on the physical plane and their astral bodies could be still dissolving on the astral plane, shedding its remaining densities of luminous astral matter to reunite with the luminous densities of the higher astral regions. The Second death for them on the astral plane would be a benevolent outcome for both the living and the dead in this strange tale of events.

* most of the aboriginal cultures share the opinion that the Windago spirits are attracted to cold weather. The occult scientist who possesses astral vision would perceive these astral entities and the cold environments that it had lived in when they were incarnate on the physical plane. The astral plane is much larger then the physical plane. It is a storehouse of images from the past and the present. This is why it is called the Memory of Nature.

It would be wrong to limit the Windago phenomenon to the North American aboriginal cultures because it is only one out of the myriads of similar events that have unfolded through the ages of humanities existence. It is a phenomenon that can have a multiplicity of different manifestations as a result of the conditions that create them. They are the results of the unseen laws of nature that can take place in unsuspecting parts of the globe at any time period. We can see some other strange physical conditions that effect the astral plane in the darker sides of the Voodoo and Santeria religions, as well as in the stories of Adolfo Constanzo's cauldron of horrors or the Hermetic masters and their strange mixtures of plants, metals and bodily fluids that attract and project the vibrations of the astral plane. All these actions were and are invitations for the silent shadows who are trapped in the lower regions of the astral plane who are not ready to traverse around the great circle of life.

The psychologists are right in classifying Swift Runner's condition as a syndrome or psychosis but they have not uprooted the unseen roots of these conditions. How many psychologist's do you know that possess astral vision? Would you expect them to explain to you the seven variations of unseen light that permeates all things along with the complex functions that they perform? It is highly unlikely. There are many occult truths that have been known for thousands of years that have been slowly but surely accepted by science in the past and there will come a time in the future when much more will be revealed and accepted.

The events and topics explained here is the understanding, teaching and warning from an occult scientist* who perceives the multiplicity of life on different levels as being a single unit. This work is his service to humanity in the form of knowledge that will teach those who are at the gateway or are already travelling down the path of the AGELESS WISDOM.


*Dale Manuel Decker

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