Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The fundamental element of meditation

Human beings in the western world have discovered meditation, exploring old spiritual traditions. They have created many different types of meditation and each type is linked to a specific form of healing, transformation, or a vehicle to guide them to their true path and unique abilities. This plethora of meditation techniques reflects the countless illusionary choices of modern time. Are these meditations leading to the true path of humanity to exist in harmony, peace in unity with Earth and her creation? The fundamental element of meditation is for people to experience peace and maintain this state. Meditation has no time limit but it is a state that you want to grow and experience constantly. Being able to maintain a state of peace will help you see the obstacles, limitations, worry, and other negative beliefs that are constantly in connection with you. There are human beings who completely ignore the blockages and limitations in their mind; they ignore the fear patterns, their mechanical lifestyle. They accept all this as part of their reality; they are characteristics that many people carry so there are part of human life. When people are asked to experience a state of peace and maintain this state all the imbalances and limitations will come to the surface and will interfere. If people are not able to be in a state of peace they have to observe their limitations. Never abandon this great gift, the gift of peace, because when you fully experience it is going to offer you another gift, the gift of truth. When you know your truth you cannot be entangled in illusion.

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