Sunday, 10 October 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: Are you able to love yourself and your body?

Are you able to love yourself? Are you able to love your body? How do you experience your love and what actions do you take to make your love a reality? Religions have placed heaven far away from the human being's reality. But the heaven of nourishment, joy, abundance, and growth exists around you and you only need to step in and start experiencing it. When heaven is placed further away from human beings' reality, they are left with limitations, fears, imbalances in the body, and the fear of survival. People experience great obstacles, disease, gear schisms, and traumas. They also become blind as to the ways they can love and maintain a healthy body. When you experience the fear of survival your choices will lead you to darker paths. False and destructive criteria take over and natural ways to nourish your body become a forgotten truth. If you are not looking after your body because of ignorance or other reasons that the mind creates, you are allowing imbalances to be created and affect your path. Human beings who are able to escape this limited state will experience that the heaven of abundance, beauty, and greatness is in their being, it surrounds them it is the creative force that supports their life in this present moment. People in the western world experienced a great distance between themselves and nourishment: It is too expensive, it is not practical, can not be found easily, it requires too much time and energy. People in the western world are living beings and they are also surrounded by nourishment. All living beings can connect to Earth and receive. If your physical location does not allow you to experience Earth's creative forces then move to another location. This is your priority, Life is a precious gift. Human beings can experience heaven on Earth at this moment when they come out from their limitation of the mind, the ignorance of their powerfull being, and their self-destruction.

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