Thursday, 23 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: What is a God? (teaching for the new book)

Human beings know gods through mythology and religion. For many humans a god has a physical as well as a light form and he or she is concerned about the lives of the human beings. Human beings can not see that they are part of a living god and this is Earth but they are also part of a high creator and this is the Source. The greatest illusion and suffering that humans experience is their illusionary believe that exist separate from Earth and if Gods exist, they are only concerned about the human civilisation. This belief makes humans receive and transmit illusion, focus on the mind/ego and exist separate from their purpose and path. When you connect to Earth and see how effortlessly she can create and nourish all living beings then you will know that she is a god creator following cosmic laws. Earth is connecting to the cosmos, she is experiencing cosmic growth and she wants all her creation to exist in unity and create a bridge for the cosmic light to enter her energy field. The purpose of humanity is to become creators and experience their divine plan, the godly plan. When you are able to connect to Earth, connect to the cosmos, follow cosmic laws and create effortlessly then you are experiencing the high light of the cosmos transforming your being. Some of you may want to know about the gods of the Pleroma. You may also want to ask: can humans be gods? The gods of the pleroma exist in high light and they are able to connect to the Source and create according the Source's intention. A simple way to explain the Source and its connection to the gods and the rest of the creation is the following: Imagine a being that is fully naked, this being would want to cover himself to keep himself save, warm and protected it. It will also want to develop some tools to help him create. Then he is going to create his home, his garden, his neighbourhood, town or country. The intention of this being is the light of the Source; the clothes and tools are the gods of the pleroma his home and garden is the high planes were gods exist and everything else is the rest of the creation. The light of the Source is guiding the gods to create. This light is the absolute unity and absolute freedom.

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