Sunday, 5 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: life on the surface of the Earth during the golden era

All human beings that exist in your current era, should bring Earth's golden era in their being. This is a powerful way to connect to the essence of Earth and purify from distortion that exists on the surface of the planet. Earth is a multidimensional being that experiences constant transformation and growth and everything that she creates carries the same qualities. In the golden era transformation and growth were caused by the high light of the cosmos. 
Earth's body was in constant transformation. The surface of the Earth was the product of this transformation. Earth was created to have an aura or an energy field much greater than her semi physical body. The surface of the Earth was part of the energy field so it was non physical. The beings that Earth created were first appeared in the core and they where light beings having an eternal life cycle, supporting Earth's growth and transformation. 
The beings that were created carried the light of Earth's essence and the high light of the Source and were created to receive and transmit light. Earth's intention has not changed over the years: she always creates receivers and transmitters of light. In the golden era, Earth's intention was to remain in a state of expansion towards the high planes and have a direct and open connection with the Source. Earth was created to be the seed of a new high plane that could support the expansion of the astral plane.

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