Saturday, 4 April 2020

Wisdom of Thoth: Life in the inner core of the Earth (new teaching)

Earth was created to have a high vibration similar to the astral plane. She is a high creator who has the ability to receive high light and guide her creation to high growth.This is experienced by the beings that exist in the inner Earth. They have their own civilisations that were created when Earth started to experience low vibrational beings entering her atmospheres.
The beings that exist in the inner Earth are experiencing Earth's golden era. Their body, abilities, path and purpose are very different from the human beings that currently exist on the surface of the Earth. These beings carry with them the light of the golden era and making their home in the inner Earth is a great opportunity for them because they connect to Earth's high energies and this shapes their life and purpose.
You may want to ask: do these beings wish to come to the surface of the Earth and are they able to? Human being have the illusion that alien visitors want to invade their lands and interfere in their lives. You must know that the surface of the Earth is a low vibrational part of the planet and if any astral beings wanted to visit Earth they would prefer to enter the inner core.You also have to know that the idea of a spaceship landing on a field or hovering above one of your cities can only exist in your fantasy.
Astral beings can travel to other planes energetically. Their energy is a point of connection and a powerful transformation tool to help them achieve what is important for their growth and the growth of their planet or plane. The beings who exist in the inner Earth are fully aware of their path and Earth's path. They are able to see what is happening in all parts of Earth and they are also able to connect to other astral beings and communicate with them. Your purpose is to get out of your confusion, connect to Earth and focus on your energy to help you create the golden era on the surface of the Earth.

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