Thursday, 17 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The Essence and the Dream of Creation

In this teaching, Thoth explains that one’s essence is the presence of the High Source which nobody can destroy or alter. Intruders and deceivers have no real power over one’s essence and any attempt to destruction would be fleeting and illusionary. Our growth depends on our ability to create and for this to happen we have to recognize and understand our essence and our creation code. The essence of Earth, in the physical plane, can be described as the golden era, a time of high creation. I am Thoth and I wish to speak to you. There is an area on Earth where all elements and energies meet and this can be seen as the seed from where the planet originated. It is a high point on the planet that exists on the surface and its extension is connected to the hollow Earth, which connects the South and the North Pole and all of the meridians both horizontally and vertically. It is a point of high energy; it is the Earth’s essence and is both physical and astral projection. Nobody can enter or come near this point because it is sacred. With this I want to explain to you that those human beings who manipulate Earth’s resources, the ones who have the visitors’ races as their ancestors, have limited power. It is an oxymoron when people try to expose manipulation, yet manage to give it so much importance. Powerful are the beings who balance their actions and thoughts with the creation of the High gods. Beings regain their power when they understand their essence. Nobody can destroy his own essence because it does not belong to them; they have no control over it. One’s essence is the presence of the High Source, created by the High Gods. Therefore you all exist; you were all given a body, mind, heart, soul and spirit to be used as vehicles in order to get to your final pre- destined destination. You were given freedom to choose different paths in order to gain experience and learn lessons from them. Your true life path is a single line without shortcuts and diversions and it is connected to both your essence and creation code. Once this is realized, you will not sway elsewhere. You will know that you have been here all along. All options, questions, uncertainties, dramas and failures in your life will fade. You begin to experience your essence, divine purpose and your existence in all of its forms, physical and astral and you become aligned to your own essence. The sacred area on Earth, where all energies meet, is an unspoiled space of great wisdom and high creation. This is why we know that balance on Earth is already here. We see Earth’s presence by looking at her essence which shows clearly her great potential as a being and a creator god. In the physical plane the essence of Earth can be described as the golden era, a time of high creation. This is the Earth’s dream which is actually a reality and all beings that exist on the planet have the same dream. Gods are also dreaming of the golden era; the essence of the planet, her single line life plan and her creation code connect and begin to exist as a conscious reality, replacing the limited and distorted beliefs that lower beings so often cling to. Gods’ dreams are a creation progress: a dream is a reality/creation in the making. It slowly takes form and finally presents itself alive and ready to follow its path and get to its final destination. Your growth, as a human being will depend on your ability to have dreams of creation. The first lesson in creation is the recognition of our essence and our creation code; they are our driving force and compass which cannot be altered by anything or anybody. When you understand this first lesson and receive the light of knowledge, I will teach you more about cosmic truths.

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