Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: The enormous potential of self

There was a time that gods were able to communicate with the people of Earth and sacred wisdom was passed down to them. It was necessary that the Earth should return to her first phase of growth, her golden era. Gods shared sacred knowledge and high light with the priests and wise men of different communities to help people escape survival and return to effortless growth. The priests created temples that had high energies for people to visit and receive healing, acquire knowledge, restore balance and connect to the gods’ energies. The ceremonies and rituals often took place in rural areas in order to heal Earth from her trauma. The teachings of the gods were communicated to people energetically; musical harmonies and dance were also used, imitating the harmonies of the cosmos. Human beings tried to safeguard sacred knowledge in order to protect it from distortion, destruction and death. Many leaders and practitioners of the arts of manipulation were attracted to this knowledge that they thought would help them empower themselves and connect them to high beings. Many expeditions and wars took place on Earth for people of power to acquire sacred knowledge. The place of The City of Shambhala (Tibet) was a mystery school connected to other mystery schools that existed in the areas of Europe and Asia. Many of those mystery schools were invaded and destroyed and their members had to take sanctuary in remote areas that were less accessible. The people who lived there were students and teachers of cosmic truth. They were all connected to the high energies of Earth and this made it possible for them to connect to the cosmos. All people who lived there understood cosmic truths and they all participated in rituals. Wisdom was not a privilege but a gift to all beings who are able to connect to the light of the cosmos and understand their purpose. The purity and connection that those people were able to experience then are now diminished and altered because they accepted visitors who were against growth. You are asking me if there is an entrance in this area that leads to the hollow Earth. Human beings cannot enter the hollow Earth. You can use telepathy to connect to beings that exist there; you can have visions of it. The first living beings that were created by Earth and experienced the Golden age, they now live in the hollow Earth to protect themselves from destruction. Many people are interested in reading about mystery schools and the knowledge and growth they shared with their members. I will advise you not to follow the illusion by fantasizing about what you cannot experience yourself. Do not divide people into masters and students; you can not be a master if you are not a student. Growth is constant and mastery is an illusion. Everything that exists on Earth and the cosmos is in you and you have to focus on the enormous potential of self. Allow the transformation to take place, allow your light to transform others

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