Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Wisdom of Thoth: What is the source? 

The light in all beings is expanding in order to move to higherplanes and finally connect to the Source. This is how creation grows and regenerates itself. All beings have a natural ability to grow to higher planes and the energy fields and grids support this growth. There is constant communication within your being, between you and your astral body, higher self, and creation code. This communication can be seen as an energy exchange and creates countless opportunities for growth, guiding you on your path. All beings want to connect to the source because they want to renew the starting point of their creation. This can only happen when you connect to your creator and reestablish an energetic communication. Some of you may ask what is the Source? The source is the highest creator light and all cosmic life is sitting on the light of the source. The same way that Earth is supporting her creation. Allowing growth and nourishment to enter her creation, the source creates in a similar way and everything that creates is part of its light. There is no separation between beings that exist in different planes and the source. Some of you want to ask what created the source? The light beings that exist in the astral plane have no beginning or end; they have unlimited opportunities for growth. They can receive and transmit constantly.This constant movement of light that brings life to all beings is the essence of the source. The source is in constant movement, regeneration, and growth and this is why the qualities of its life are constantly being renewed and its existence and ability to create has no beginning or end. People can describe the source as self-created but there is another form of life that is supporting the creation of the source. 

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